One Sword to Immortality

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A decade was under a single sword’s domination after furious thunders and disasters. Covert fangs and claws were transferred to a different space to rise and become closer to forefathers. Nomadic Toad publishes a new Chinese online romance with the name One Sword to Immortality. In a rating, it came after ISSTH on the Qidian monthly chapter. The volume consists of more than 170 pages.

A short brief about TL’s

The Chinese are passionate to read the One Sword to Immortality story. It indicates a plump guy who is kind, honest with people, shy with girls but one day finds the spirit to admire his feelings to one lady. As he isn’t fit and needs to lose kilos, groupmates laugh at him thinking he has no chance. One night the guy receives the unbelievable capability to penetrate via walls. There he introduces himself to a covert world that hides many secrets.

One Sword to Immortality

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