Ototsukai Wa Shi To Odoru / Ototsukai wa Shi to Odoru Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: The Sound of the Sea

The test results were tolerable.

For now, let me just say that entering the top 20 was not as easy as I thought.

But still, I managed to get the 27th place.

Even the teachers were astonished by the sudden rise in my results.

It is now the period when we must think about our future careers, so my classmates started to feel a little pressed by my sudden improvement in grades.

But well, when I realized that I got the 27th place instead of entering the top 20, I received quite a shock.

I thought that Roll would get angry at me.

However, she didn’t get angry; she, instead, congratulated me.

It seems that Roll considered my entering the top 20 to be a little too extreme.

This made me want to enter the top 20 even more, just in spite of Roll, but well, truth be told, it was a bit extreme.

And by the way, Roll took the 3rd place. As one would expect of her.

Anyway, a month and a half passed since I entered the Anonymous.

It’s the summer vacation now.

My most recent activities include lots of field training.

My skills with the wire emitter are getting better and better, but I am far beyond Roll.

There’s a difference in our abilities. Since she can use rotations, she can control the wire emitter half freely.

It was a bit unfair, but well, it’s the privilege of her abilities.

Now, what the two of us were doing at the moment was the summer vacation homework.

In Roll’s air-conditioned room, all you could hear was the crisp sound of pencils running on top of paper.

However, my pencil stopped unexpectedly.

Roll noticed this and looked at me. Our eyes met naturally.

“Huh, another problem you can’t solve?

Which one?”

Roll was sitting on the opposite side of the desk, but now she moved next to me.

Her nice scent tickled my nostrils.

“This one……..”

“Ah, this one. Here, you do like this and then…….”

Roll explained me the problem that I couldn’t solve in an easy to understand manner.

My eyes moved from Roll’s fingertip to her arm, then, before one knows, I was looking at the side of her face.

Roll’s pure white skin was a little sunburnt, making it look darker.

During these midsummer field trainings, no matter how much sunblock lotion you use, your skin still gets sunburnt anyway.

I moved my eyes on my arm.

I am quite roasted too.

And since my muscles are already starting to show, I’m turning into quite a handsome young man, am I not?

As I thought about this, my vision caught sight of Roll’s hand, and she pinched my arm rather strongly.

“Ouch! Hey, that hurt!”

“You didn’t listen at all, right?”

Damn it, I didn’t listen at all.

“I….I was charmed by you……..”

I uttered an excuse that was in part true.

The fault lies in the difficulty of the summer vacation homework in the first place.

“Stop saying stuff like that.

I’ll explain again so you better pay attention, all right?

We have to finish this today by all means. We’re going on a mission tomorrow.”

Roll sighed and told me.

“Ro….roger that.”

We worked on our homework until 3 in the morning and managed to finish half of it.


The sunlight blazed down on us and the breeze coming from the sea was comfortable.

A boat was floating on the horizon, fishing boats were lined up in the harbor and seagulls were crying all around us.

“It’s hot!”

Roll said as she walked along the coast, feeling refreshed.

She wore a pair of sweltering jeans and a rough shirt that exposed her shoulder.

The straw hat looked good on her.

We were in Dealbell, a city facing the sea.

Roll drove for about 3 and a half hours to get here from our town.

Since it was the summer vacation, I predicted that the road would be more crowded, but we arrived unexpectedly early and we had too much free time now.

So why did we come here in the first place, you ask?

To put it in one word, it’s a date.

That’s just my wishful thinking. In fact, we came to this town for a mission.

It’s an easy one. In terms of difficulty, this is a D rank mission.

All we had to do was to take a certain ‘luggage’ from our branch office here and transport it to our headquarters.

Tonight at 9, the luggage will be moved to a specified location.

The SDF’s net is already untied, so the transfer is supposed to be safe.

That’s why the degree of difficulty for this mission is so low.

Anyway, all we got to do is take that luggage and go back home, but it’s only 1 in the afternoon.

I haven’t even had my lunch.

We planned to eat the lunch inside the car, but since we had enough time, we walked along the coast in order to search for a great spot to have our lunch outside.

By the way, when I say lunch I refer to the sandwiches that Roll prepared for today.

The basket was rather heavy as I held it in one hand.

Just how many did you make, Roll?

I thought about this right when we arrived at our destination, near the lighthouse.

The lighthouse was standing on a breakwater structure.

The scenery up there was as wonderful as expected.

The cloudless sky, the south wind.

Still, it’s too damn hot…….

Honestly, I actually preferred to have our lunch inside the car where we had air conditioning.

Even my appetite is boiling inside this scorching heat.

Roll sat down on the side of the breakwater and stretched her legs towards the sea.

The lighthouse provided us with its shade, and I sat down next to Roll.

“Let’s eat now.”


We opened the basket and started eating the sandwiches.

The taste was as delicious as always.

If I am to force myself to say something, they were a bit too healthy for my taste.

“The wind feels really good……*yawn* It makes me sleepy…….”

After we ate all the sandwiches, Roll said this and stretched her body.

“Really? Even when it’s this hot?”

“I wish you could feel what my body feels like after the long drive……..”

Roll pressed her fingers against her forehead as she said.

Come to think of it, I slept in the passenger’s seat the entire road trip.

I’m sorry, kind of.

Because of the homework, we almost pulled an all-nighter yesterday.

I looked beside me and saw Roll desperately trying to fight the sleepiness, as she dozed off repeatedly.

“Wanna go back to the car and sleep? We do have time.”

“Hm……..Let’s do that then.”

She said, but she was rather reluctant to stand up, so I stretched out my hand.

“It can’t be helped. I’ll carry you on my back.”

“It’s okay. I can walk by myself.”

Because of the drowsiness, Roll had a low tension.

I half-forcibly made Roll stand up and was about to carry her on my back.

However, I realized too late that a sluggish person is unexpectedly heavier than usual, so I lost my balance and fell off the breakwater, together with Roll.

The sound of a splash could be heard accompanied by the roar of waves.


“Really now, what the heck are you doing?”

“I’m truly sorry.”
“Haa, my hair is all sticky.”

“Sorry, really.”
“It’s all right.”

We brought a change of clothes just in case, so we changed into them, and were now sitting inside the car, cooling ourselves.

The air conditioning was a bit too effective as I got a little chilly.

“Now, I’ll be sleeping until 7.

You should sleep too, Shion.”
“I might do just that.”

Just in case, I set my phone alarm to go off at 7.

I’m so grateful that today’s mission is a quiet one.

I looked at Roll and she wasn’t tense at all.

It appears like it really is an easy mission.

Anonymous’ private car no. 162. The Sadinta model 1.

Since we ended up using this car, which has a spacious interior, it means that the luggage is quite large too.

What is this luggage, I wonder?

Since the mission’s difficulty grade doesn’t reflect the importance of the luggage, perhaps we’ll transport some terrible thing.

They didn’t tell us anything about the contents and I probably won’t find out about it anyway……

Maybe Roll knows.

I moved my eyes on Roll. She was sleeping on the side, with her back facing me. I listened to her quiet breathing.

She was covered with a blanket up to her lower back.

She fell asleep so fast.

Because we stopped the car at the beach’s parking lot, playful voices could be heard coming from the seashore.

Listening to them, I gradually started to doze off as well; before one knows,  my consciousness got interrupted.


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