Ototsukai Wa Shi To Odoru / Ototsukai wa Shi to Odoru Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: An Invisible Sound

Let’s reconfirm this mission’s details.

There are two big tasks we got to handle.

The first one is to destroy the huge box sitting on the Sadinta’s back seat.

Inside this solid box there’s a ‘broken thing’ imprisoned, the result of human experimentations.

Moreover, this is a ‘broken thing’ that normally the boss or Tameiki-san would dispose of in person. For us to destroy this thing is rather difficult.

And the other task is to exterminate the SDF troops dispatched here, in this town.

The boss said that no higher ranks than colonels are coming here, but even so we can’t let our guard down.

Or, how should I put it, for the boss these colonels are nothing but small fry. However, for me they’re more than formidable enemies.

Well, depending on the battle circumstances, I am confident that I can kill my opponent with my ability.

Our strategy meeting was fairly simple.

Roll and I both told our plans then we searched for flaws.

We gave up the plan to throw the box into the sea for the SDF might find and retrieve it.

We also thought about forming two groups, with Roll getting rid of the box and me getting rid of the SDFs, but because it was too dangerous and our team coordination was not yet complete, we abandoned this plan too.

Our strategy meeting ended in less than 5 minutes.

And the conclusion was that we had to continue escaping in this modified Sadinta.

With this flight, we had to buy time, about 50 minutes, until the reinforcements arrived.

We also gave up changing cars because transferring the box would take too much time and effort.

And because the SDF might have gained control of the branch office here, we could not hide in one of the bases spread in various parts of the town.

Since we didn’t know how much of an end chain was the guy who got captured, we also didn’t know how much information the SDF had.

The boss said not to worry about it since an end chain guy got captured, but I wonder how much of the organization’s functions in this town has been lost already.

In case the locations of the bases were really compromised, this would be a substantial blow to us.

………But well, these are just my thoughts.

At any rate, we chose the escape plan since it was the safest one.

Completing the mission was our utmost priority.

We were yet incomplete as partners in order to stick to quality.

That’s why Roll made the appropriate decision and opted for running away until the reinforcements arrived.

“Next, turn left.”

“Roger that.”

The jet black Sadinta. The Anonymous masks.

Both of us wore identical garments as we drove the Sadinta on the night streets.

An evacuation order was already officially announced so there were not many people on the streets at this point.

Abandoned cars obstructed our way.

The SDF’s net was slowly chasing after us, but we managed to somehow evade them and hold on thanks to my sound mapping.

Because I managed to pin down where and how the SDF was moving, even in this trapped state, we avoided contact and, therefore, combat.

However, the SDF was getting faster at blocking the roads.

I wonder if they found out about my ability. In order to prevent being led outside the city area, Roll occasionally scattered the SDF troops with a rotation.

It was just a matter of time until the battle started. If they come at us, we can’t avoid combat.

Still, they want to attack us in the perfect circumstances. We also want to hold back as much as possible from damaging civilians.

A little bit over 30 minutes were left.

It would be great if we could buy all this time…….

It happened right at that moment.

Roll’s ears bounced up in an instant.

I also turned my head to look behind us.

A sound.

The sound of cutting through the wind.

Something is approaching us at great speed.

“They’re coming at us.”

Roll said and gripped the steering wheel.

She stepped on the acceleration even more.

My body started to suddenly shake.

“We’ll blow them off like this!

Shion, listen to the sounds!”


My reply stuttered a bit.

These circumstances and the high speed made my heart pound violently.

“Combat is our last resort!

30 more minutes! We’ll hold on!”

If we engaged in battle now, we had to stop the Sadinta.

And if we stopped it, we would get trapped before long and they will open fire at us.

We would not resist the battle until the reinforcements arrive.

Besides, 50 minutes of buying time is a general estimation.

The reinforcements might be delayed for all I know.

I guided Roll through the enemies’ movements.

When the intersection with the main road came into sight something was shot at the Sadinta.

The car shook violently.

“What the!”
The sound of tires screeching.

Roll stepped on the break.

The Sadinta stopped very close to bumping into a skyscraper.

“Shion! Get off!”

I was shocked by the suddenness but Roll’s voice woke me up.

I unfastened the seat belt and quickly got off from the opposite side of the car.

As soon as I stepped on the ground, I listened closely to the sounds in our surrounding.

Two sounds were approaching us.

The floating ability user who chased after us was approaching from behind.

And the other one was coming from the opposite direction. He’s most likely the one who attacked the Sadinta.

At this short distance, even Roll could hear them.

Furthermore, I could also hear the SDF troops assembling in groups somewhere in the distance.

“The worst case scenario.

We have a bit over 20 minutes left.

We can’t fight and protect the box during this time.

These guys are so unmindful, attacking in the town area. This means they’re serious.”

“……..That… that’s right.”

My shivering reply made Roll turn over.

“What, Shion? Are you nervous by any chance?”

That’s obvious. We might die after all.

To begin with, my ability is not suited for one to one close range combat, and in case of a non-ability close range fight, I’m inferior even to a private.

However, I can’t admit being nervous for I would be embarrassed.

But I’m also worried about disillusioning Roll.

That I don’t have the confidence I could fight against an excited, wild assault from a colonel class.

Without answering Roll’s question, I alternatingly glared at the directions these guys were coming from.

“You’re not too honest.

It’s all right for you to stand aside, Shion. I’ll take on the two of them in the vanguard.”

“I’m good. I can fight.”

“It’s not a good plan for you to stand out here, Shion.

I want you to use that when the troops are closing in on us.”

Roll said and stepped in the front.

All I could do was keep quiet and step back.

It’s not like Roll was considerate of me, but I still could not be pleased with her protecting me like this.

However, if someone lacking skill like me would butt in, it would mean more trouble for Roll.

Kuroinu-san and the others would get mad at me.

For now, I’ll hide behind Roll’s shadow.

Still, I want to get strong enough to be able to protect her one day.

But I can’t even imagine getting stronger than Roll.

As my thoughts quickly floated inside my head, the two assassins coming from two opposing directions got close enough for us to see them with the naked eye.

Both of them were dashing through the sky, flying towards us.

Two SDF white uniforms.

Roll took her stance, waiting for the two.

Her golden cat ears bounced up, her position was low.

Roll stood right between them, alert, preparing herself to counter.

These two attackers had a shiny silver badge of a hawk on their chests.

They were colonels.

Both of them were wary of me as they approached Roll.

The battle that seemed to start with the encounter was quietly waiting for the curtain to rise.

Tension ran through all my body when one of the colonels opened his mouth quietly.


Roll didn’t wait for him to continue. Quickly, her nails scratched the colonel’s throat open and petals of blood bloomed in the air.

Before his body could collapse, she turned around.

Roll moved her target to the other colonel and seized his face, moving with such a speed that the sound could barely pick it up.

The next instant, the colonel’s head got removed from his body.

Instant death.

Roll threw away the twisted head of the colonel.

Then she finished off the first colonel, who was bathing in a sea of blood at her feet, with a knife. After that, Roll took out a handkerchief from her pocket and started to wipe away the blood from her mask and hands.

When she finished, she slowly returned to where I was standing.

Because the battle finished in an instant, all I could do was gap, my mouth wide open.

Roll didn’t even break a sweat.

“It’s good they were newbies.

The SDF’s ranks are as unreliable as ever.”

Roll said this with a cheerful voice when she came back.

“Weren’t you just too strong for them…….?”

“That’s not true.

The SDF rank examination is solely dependent on the strength of the ability, so training and combat experience are not really taken into consideration. That’s why people like these are born.

Especially the wind ability users, the floaters, there are many easy marks among colonels.”

“I see.”

I’ll remember this, for the future battles with the SDF.

“Anyway, it’s not too good to make decisions based on their ranks. There are many strong fighters who are lower in rank than those colonels. This is nothing but reference for us.

There are various exceptions, so you can’t fit them all in one category.”

“Understood, master.”


Roll said this and opened the Sadinta’s bonnet.

The approaching sounds were still far enough.

“Roll, don’t we have enough time to take off again?”

“It’s impossible. They damaged the tires.

All we can do is wait for them here in an ambush.

For now, Shion, can you give me the water flask that’s inside the car?”

She told me and I brought it to her.

“Will you help me?”

I see. She wants to wash the blood off.

I did as she told me and slowly poured some water from the flask on her hands.

Roll washed her hands then she snatched the flask from me and brought it at her mouth.

“Thanks. Want some too, Shion?”

“I do.”

“You can drink it all.”

I drank all the water that was left and threw the empty flask inside the car.

“Well, it’s about time.

Now it’s your turn, Shion.”

A short time later Roll said this and stopped leaning on the Sadinta.

I strode past the dead body and through the sea of blood and slowly walked to the middle of the main street.

The SDF was going to be here any moment.

They were approaching from behind a tall building, from four directions on the main road and from the air.

I can already confirm those in the air by sight.

I guess I am a nice target.

However, I attracted them enough to enter my range.

Victory goes to the one who makes the first move.

I glanced at Roll.

She noticed my signal, covered her ears and opened her mouth widely.

Then, I used my ability.

140 decibels.

If you hear this volume directly, you’ll faint.

Naturally, it was a huge roar.

I can not produce this volume alone, but I can probably amplify the sound even more than this.

The greatest output that I managed to produce was a sound so violent that it released a shock wave.

I didn’t give my all, but it was a huge sound in itself.

The skyscraper’s windows broke and started to fall down.

Roll already took shelter inside the Sadinta.

The floating ability users in the air fell on the ground, making an unpleasant sound.

The SDF was almost……..annihilated.

I can’t kill people with this level of power. At the least, they’ll die from shock.

However, if almost all of them are knocked out, they shouldn’t continue to attack us.

This way, if we wait for the reinforcements and bring the box back to the headquarters our mission will be complete.

Must we destroy the box here by ourselves?

Not necessarily. The boss said that if we can bring the box back, then it’s the same.

What!? Now that we’re doing it, this mission is easier than expected.

I smiled behind the mask as I walked towards Roll.

………No, wait.

Almost annihilated?

Doesn’t this mean that some of them are still alive and conscious?

This wasn’t a sound that they could resist because of luck or physical constitution.

This means…….

“You’re the rumored above the norm boy, right?

So, Anonymous collected you after all.”

My heart jumped up and down.

Without any warning, a man appeared behind my back.

I took out a knife from the holder at my waist right away and was about to turn around to thrust it into this man.

However, before I could do it, he griped my wrist and I was down on the ground before I knew it.

A late shock ran through my body.

I don’t know what he did to me.

All I know is that he threw me to the ground.


I had trouble breathing.

With a passive attitude, he slapped me onto the concrete ground.

I somehow span my neck to see that man’s appearance.

What I saw there was the smile of a rather old man and the silver badge with three stars, shining on his chest.

“It is my style to name myself even to villains.

I am lieutenant general Shiranui 1 from the SDF.”


Translation: Nana

不知火/shiranui; it’s an actual word in Japanese which means ‘phosphorescent light’ or ‘mysterious lights on the sea’ or ‘sea fire’. ↩

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