Ototsukai Wa Shi To Odoru / Ototsukai wa Shi to Odoru Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: An Absurd Pressure

“In the process of getting stronger, there is something that everyone can easily do.

That is to not talk during battle.

Don’t open your mouth.

Those guys who talk continuously during battle are not strong enough and they’ll die a useless death.

However, Roll talks a lot, doesn’t she? Why do you think she does that?”

That’s true.

During the last mission, while in battle, Roll talked to me quite a bit.

I wonder why.

“…….I don’t know.”

“If she doesn’t talk, she can’t convey the things she wants to convey to you.

What does my partner want to do, how will she move next?

Feel these things without the need for words.”


The first day of my training started with a lecture.

Tameiki-san was a great teacher.

She talked in a manner that was easy to follow and understand.

I frantically took notes of everything Tameiki-san said.

Because it’ll be troublesome if I forget these things later on.

Tameiki-san said that it wasn’t necessary to take notes since she’ll talk to me again whenever she notices something, but in order to always be able to remember her words, taking notes was essential.

It seems that she felt a bit embarrassed because of me taking notes of her words, so she kept on glancing at my notes sheet for a while now.

It appears that she has a shy side as well.

The heartless and cruel image I had of Tameiki-san was already cleared away.

She’s difficult to understand but she has quite a lot of emotional ups and downs.

Tameiki-san’s lecture finished after a short while then we took our luggage and walked towards the lake.

The lake was in about a five minutes reach if we walked.

Timewise, it was now close to sunset.

The sun was gradually setting and we were walking towards the horizon.

But we obviously couldn’t see the horizon.

When we came close to the lake, Tameiki-san lowered her stance as she continued to advance.

She then turned her head to me and made a gesture for me to carefully walk next to her.

Is there something around here? I couldn’t know since my hearing sense was now below that of a normal human.

I felt like my eyes were covered.

I moved next to Tameiki-san and, in the same manner as her, I peeked ahead through the thicket.

Having done so, a huge lake spread as far as I could see with the naked eye.

It was so huge that I couldn’t see from one shore to the other.

This lake was beautiful, with the rays of the setting sun shining on its surface though the dense forest.

Tameiki-san poked me with her elbow and I change the direction of my look.

Thereupon, I saw a magical beast drinking water on the lake’s shore.

That is, if I’m not mistaken…….a Crimson Puma……..!

It isn’t a massive magical beast but it is extremely dangerous.

The Crimson Puma is a carnivorous magical beast, one that has a superior position in the Basara Woodlands’ ecosystem.

Perhaps because this thing is here that the lake is actually peaceful.

Since it is a waterfront, this place should’ve been flooded with magical beasts.

“What is important is that you see through what means danger and what not.

There are many things that are not as dangerous as you think they are.”

Tameiki-san saw how I stared at the Crimson Puma and said this to me in a low voice.

In this case, the Crimson Puma is certainly a dangerous being.

“…….Look crosswise behind the Crimson Puma. Can you see it?”

I moved my eyes towards where she pointed.

However, there was nothing but thicket……

No, there’s something there.

There was something behind that thicket which surveyed the area with glittering eyes……And they were more than one magical beast.

Those were higher ranked magical beasts in this ecosystem which aimed at the Crimson Puma……!

The Crimson Puma was drinking water as it stayed alert at its surroundings.

However, the next time it bent to drink water the Crimson Puma’s life ended.

Four Basara Wolves jumped out of the thicket.

The Crimson Puma reacted agilely but it was outnumbered.

It died immediately accompanied by a loud shriek.

The Basara Wolves dragged along the corpse of the Crimson Puma and disappeared behind the thicket.

That’s when Tameiki-san stood up.

I was overwhelmed by the scene from moments ago, so I couldn’t stand for a short while.

“Now that I saw this spectacle, I really think that this woodland is the most suitable place to improve oneself.

In a battle between high ranking ability users, one’s life can basically end with only one killing blow.

This is a world in which the first one to find the enemy is the one who wins.

Don’t give way the lead in battle. You mustn’t hesitate.

You attack with a serious blow from the absolute beginning.”


Then, Tameiki-san continued.

She got out of the thicket and put down the small backpack she carried in one hand.

“Take out all the contents inside this backpack.”

“Eh? Why?”

“Just do it.”

“……..All right.”

As I’ve been told, I took out the contents of the backpack in order.

The first which came out were three survival knives and one wide blade knife, similar to a machete.

Among the survival knives there were small ones and a large one.

They all had leather holders.

The next which came out were tin cans.

Food. An amount that would last for about two days.

The next was a small box. I opened it and inside was a sewing kit.

The rest of the contents were the illustrated encyclopedia that I read inside the helicopter, another illustrated encyclopedia for Basara Woodlands plants and vegetation, a lighter, salt and a compass.

All of these were casually thrown into the backpack.

And, after I investigated the backpack thoroughly, I found another book in a small side pocket; “Survival life starting from scratch”.

I already came to understand what she’s going to do to me.

“Good, now put them back.”

As Tameiki-san said, I put all the things back inside the backpack.

“Put the backpack on your back.”

I, again, did as I was told.


I have an extremely bad feeling about this.”


To be honest, I am worried that you might actually die.

However, please understand. I want to make you stronger.

I suppose you didn’t think you could become strong without taking any risks, right?”
“I’m sorry, but what are you talking about……?”

“Ideally would be four days, but I’ll even wait for an entire month. I wish you good luck.

Then, see you later.”

Tameiki-san kicked me in the buttocks.

It’s not like she kicked me hard or something.

Still, my body took off right away.

Yes, I was flying.


I was flying above the lake at a tremendous speed.

Four huge fish jumped up from the lake, aiming at me. I barely passed through them and continued to fly.

I saw splashes in various places on the lake.

“AAaaaah!! Don’t come!! I’ll die! I’ll die!”

A flew for a while and I crossed the entire lake, but my flight didn’t stop.

I covered my face.

I was assaulted by vegetation and was cut on various places on my exposed skin.

That woman, she actually did it.

She did say she’ll do everything possible to make me stronger.

Her motivation was high as well.

But this is wrong whatever the circumstances may be!?

There’s no point in training to get stronger if I end up dead!

As I shot through the sea of trees, I dispersed the sound of my amplified screams all around me.

For now, if magical beasts attack me in this situation I’ll be certainly done for.

I continued to disperse my shouts filled with anger and threat.

Most likely even Tameiki-san, who was already at a long distance away, could hear these shouts as well.

The tuxedo that Roll proudly gave me was already in tatters.

I felt like crying.

After I advanced for another short while, the strong force that sent me flying finally lessened.

I was approaching the ground now.

Once I touched the ground with my feet, I landed quite cleanly.

“Haaa……., haaa……”

I got tired from all the screaming, so I placed my hands on my knees and tried to catch my breath.

This is terrible. My feet are trembling.

I hit my thighs several times with all my strength and I somehow managed to stop the trembling.

For now, I took out the compass from my backpack.

I came flying from that direction. From east.

I did fly for a long distance.

Just how far am I?

I don’t know.

Damn it, can I even go back?

The sun will set very soon. This is bad, this is very bad.

During nighttime, in this state, I’ll be fully under the attack of magical beasts.

It’s impossible to keep shouting all day, and I’m already fairly tired from using my ability.

My throat is dried-up too.

For the time being I’ll just drink some water. I have to calm down.

Thinking about this, I searched through the backpack, but I realized there was no water inside.

“Damn you Tameiki-saaaaaan…….!!”

Tameiki, that bitch, she didn’t think water was necessary!


Before considering putting salt in the backpack, she should’ve thought about water first!

Damn it! Damn you Tameiki-san……


I will aaaaabsolutely pay her back.

I will absolutely peek at her while she baths or something!

In order to not let despair overwhelm me in these awful circumstances, I burned with tenacity.

If I motivate myself with the thought of going back to the camp house and peek at Tameiki-san as she baths, I can persevere through all challenges.

I took a huge breath.

Calm down for now…….I have to calm down. I must regain my composure.

I don’t want to use up my physical strength pointlessly.

Think about how to survive in this place.

For the time being, since I continuously shouted a few moments ago, I’d like to believe that the magical beasts in this area were driven away to some degree.

I took out the “Survival life starting from scratch” book from the backpack’s side pocket. I’ll call it the survival book for now.

First, I wonder what I’m supposed to do in case of disaster or accident.

As I looked through the survival book’s table of contents, I felt my surrounding getting darker and darker.

I thought it was strange, so I looked up at the sky.

Having done so, there was a five-meters long, crappy huge spider building its nest.

That is a…….Jim King Spider.

That is the only spider type magical beast inside the Basara Woodlands which builds itself a nest.

It is a rowdy magical beast which, apart from the ones already caught in its nest, it can easily chase its prey on the ground as well. This is a magical beast regarded as very dangerous.

I saw a few magical beasts inside the spider’s nest, all of them rolled up in thin thread.

Four pairs of cold eyes seized me.

This is very bad.

Before I could think about it, I put the backpack on my back and started running.


Translation: Nana

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