Ototsukai Wa Shi To Odoru / Ototsukai wa Shi to Odoru Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: A Gentle Pressure

Note from Bento-bako (Lunch Box): In order to reduce the length of the training arc/book, I will cut out the survival part. Please tell me in the comment section if you wanted to read it.

Note from Nana: Even if we wanted to read it, it’s too late. But we still get a summary of what happened, so it’s all right. ;D




Ten days have passed, but I managed to return to the camp house.

My clothes looked like those of a vagabond.

My entire body was covered in mud, and I looked completely changed.



I finally returned.

Thank goodness…….

These past ten days I felt like I was in hell.

With tears in my eyes, I remembered the things that happened during these ten days.

It all started when a Jim King Spider chased me and I dropped my compass, but then, when I thought that I somehow managed to escape, I found myself almost dragged into the nest of a Sand Worm, which normally only lives in the desert. Afterwards, I was lured by a sweet smell and I very nearly became food for a Devil Plant, a Flash Monkey stole my backpack and when I finally got it back, I ended up inhaling the scales of a Poison Butterfly, so I was forced to search for and make myself an antidote, a Cutter Bird tore my entire body to pieces, so I had to endure the intense pain and stich up all my open wounds, I fell into a swamp and almost drowned, and I mostly slept in a cave full of White Blood Bats, while concealing my breath……….I ate magic beast dead flesh, I experienced a threatening battle with roaring Thousand Gorillas, a Cannibal Kangaroo licked my face, I almost ended up electrocuted by a Thunder Fish, and I very nearly got swallowed whole by a Basara Snake………

There is an endless number of occasions when I was very close to death.

If I were to talk about everything that happened during these do-or-die ten days, just how many books would that fill……!?

I truly did my best to return here alive.

Someone please praise me.

……..Now, don’t you think that I need some kind of reward for accomplishing such a great deed?

I believe I do need one.

It wasn’t just because of luck that I managed to return here in one piece.

It was in my mind.

I had a clear objective.

My objective, right from the beginning of this survival challenge, was to return safely and peek at Tameiki-san while she takes her bath.

However, before long, I realized that this didn’t even begin to compare with what I was going through, so my objective continued to be adjusted upwards.

And so, in the end, my objective changed and was now to return safely and rub Tameiki-san’s voluptuous breasts.

I was already more than prepared for her beating.

At this point, if I don’t at least get my revenge with this, my heart won’t resist and I will break.

Burning with this fierce stubbornness, I rapidly approached the camp house.

Timewise, it was toward morning.

It was the time when birds start their cries.

Maybe Tameiki-san is asleep.

I know. In this case I’ll just have to attack her in her sleep.

I’ll rub her breasts while she sleeps.

Currently, my mind was filled with polluting thoughts.

This wish of mine was the only thing that kept me alive in this hellish survival training.

I erased any sounds I was making and I began to twist the doorknob to the camp house.

However, the moment I touched the doorknob, I became aware of the presence behind the closed door.

Then, at almost the same time, the door opened violently aiming at hitting me. I quickly took a step back and dodged the attack.

Then I put myself on guard.

Tameiki-san stood in the opened door.

Her hair was ruffled and she looked like she just woke up.

She then looked at me and opened her mouth to speak.

“…….Ten days? You sure took your time.

Where did you wander about?”
Where did I wander about, you say?

This is all your fault!

Rage bubbled out inside of me, filling my entire existence.

Because she dropped me in hell.

“……Do you want to know?
All the cruel things I endured!?”

“No. I will check it myself.”

Tameiki-san said and then threw a knife at me slowly.

I easily dodged it by moving my body to the side a little, then I rapidly charged at Tameiki-san.


I don’t intend to play right now.

I’ve been through some outrageous moments. I need at least one pay-back!

My eyes became bloodshot as I rapidly advanced.

Tameiki-san took out another knife and threw it at me again.

I immediately drew out my pal, the survival knife, from my waist and I blocked the incoming knife, repelling it.

I blocked all the other knives, which came at me flying in succession and I advanced even more.

However, the next knife which she threw at me had a strange weight and it repelled my survival knife.

I fell back at the same time.

Approaching someone without any weapon is too dangerous.

I put some distance between us, but the knives continued to be thrown at me.

Spinning rapidly, they were precisely aimed at my vitals.

However, I weaved my way through the space between the knives, dodging them very closely.

That’s when I finally realized it.

Hm? How comes I can dodge this well?

Are the knives too slow?

No, it’s an optical illusion. The flying knives are absurdly fast.

I know. I know it now……

What I need to do in order to avoid the incoming attacks.

The moment I realized this, Tameiki-san’s attack stopped.

It seems like she ran out of ammo.

Tameiki-san kicked the ground and quickly approached me.

Then she rushed towards my right side and unleashed a punch from outside my field of vision.

I bent my body and avoided the impact, then I backflipped and distanced myself from Tameiki-san.

Then I glared at her.

That’s when I felt a shock running through me.

The reason why was because of Tameiki-san’s delightful smile.

Yes, she was smiling.

What’s with that innocent smile on her face……..

For the me who only knew Tameiki-san’s sour and sluggish expressions, this sweet smile of hers confused me so much that I couldn’t hide it.

Besides…….., this Tameiki-san is way too adorable when she smiles…….!

However, it wasn’t the time to think about this.

Tameiki-san kicked the ground again and the knives scattered around began to float about gently.

There were about twelve knives.

All the knives were sucked in towards Tameiki-san and, before long, they aligned themselves neatly in both her hands.

Will she throw them at me again?

Thinking about this, I put myself on guard, but Tameiki-san put the knives away and started to slowly walk towards me.

Then, she was soon in front of me raising her right hand…………and she gently stroke my head.


Involuntarily, I let out a strange voice.

“That’s amazing, Shion. It is a tremendous growth.

I never imaged you would improve this much upon your return.

These are some wonderful results.”

I was bewildered by Tameiki-san’s unexpected behavior.

Eh? Eeh?

What’s this……

I somehow…….felt incredibly happy.

If I were a dog, I would wave my tail and run around Tameiki-san.

Why am I this happy?

“…….Right? I recklessly tried my best, after all.”

I suppressed the effeminate expression that was about to show on my face as I said those words.

I wanted her to praise me more. I wanted her to caress me more.

What is this charm of hers!?

I lost sight of my previous goal and didn’t know what else to do, so I looked around restlessly.

Having done so, Tameiki-san gently embraced me.

I felt another shock.

Just what is going on?

“Wh-what are?”

“I know it was tough.

You did great, Shion.

I was worried that you might have died.”

I remembered the harsh things that happened to me during the last ten days.

Damn it! If she speaks such gentle words now, my tears will……

“Today you should take your time and rest your body.”

She gently brushed my hair and I gradually dozed off at Tameiki-san’s chest.

It felt so comfortable…….

Ah, how should I put it…….I’m glad I did my very best.

And so, my carrot-and-stick strategy got used for a different purpose, and afterwards I thoroughly became Tameiki-san’s obedient apprentice.


Translation: Nana

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