Ototsukai Wa Shi To Odoru / Ototsukai wa Shi to Odoru Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Sound of a New Encounter



Midou Tsurugi was dashing through the night sky.
He was as late as he could’ve been. And it wasn’t because of his best friend’s birthday party.

If it were not for the fact that he had to go grab his uniform from the headquarters, he would’ve been one of the first persons to arrive at the crime scene and exterminate the target.

No matter whether it it’s a state of emergency or not, the SDF has a general rule: the soldiers must only take action when wearing the SDF uniform.

Because he also had his student life, it was difficult for him to act quickly in case of emergencies during weekdays.


Tsurugi approached the location where the manifestation took place and where the SDF personnel assembled.
When he found Rin, who was writing down various things in some documents, he walked towards her.

“This is awful……. For the time being, inform me about the damage the ‘target’ has done.”

“It’s as you can see……

The number of citizens who fell victims to this incident is unfathomable…….
The ‘target’ is currently missing. And there are no eye witnesses.”

Rin said, her eyes cast down. However, she didn’t let her emotions show on her face.

“I see…….”

There was a huge fissure in the ground right in front of his eyes.
Although it was an above the norm manifestation, the damage it inflicted could not be compared to anything from the past. It was utterly huge.

Suddenly, his phone started to vibrate.

The name displayed on the screen was major Oohashi.

“Hello, Hitomi.”

After doing some investigations, it seems that Anonymous interfered. There’s a high possibility that the ‘target’ is being protected by them, so the higher-ups ordered you to pull off for now.’

“Understood. Thanks.”

He hung up and put his phone in one of his white uniform’s pockets.

In case Anonymous is really offering protection to the ‘target’, then chasing him further will only result in even more damage taken.
With all the evidence collected and sent to the SDF headquarters, Hitomi’s work load would only continue to grow.

Still, is there even a meaning in protecting an ability user who had such a manifestation?

Tsurugi questioned himself, as he touched the fissure in the ground.

“……..I wonder what ability was it.”

A research division staff, working close to Tsurugi, spoke out.

“……….Wave motion type…….? No, I actually have no idea…….”

With no eye witnesses, finding out the precise ability of the ‘target’ was too difficult.

However, it was very clear that this manifestation was indeed above the norm.
As well as the fact that joining Anonymous and becoming the SDF’s enemy would make this person a very troublesome individual.




Suddenly, Tsurugi remembered his best friend, Kazato.

He was most likely safe…….. That’s what Tsurugi was hoping.

He sent a message to Kazato from his private phone, and returned back to work.



His lieutenant general 3-stared silver badge was shining suspiciously.






The elevator was going down towards the basement, making a monotonous sound.

I looked at the Boss, who was sitting next to me.

I was thinking about that when I realized that my phone suddenly rang, so I looked at its screen.
It was a message from Tsurugi.

‘Are you all right? What just happened was terrible.’

I answered his message with: ‘I’m ok. I’m at home, sitting still.’
At any rate, I was amazed that I could get a phone signal here.


I was currently led by the Boss to where Anonymous’ hideout was located.

The SDF could never imagine that Anonymous’ hideout would be located in such a place.

There are several entrances that lead to the secret base, and they change at fixed intervals.

My body was hurting.

The Boss said that once we got to the hideout, a healing ability user would cure me. Therefore, I had to endure it a little longer.


The other Anonymous woman who came here together with us, left some time ago.

As for how will she do that, I have no idea.


“Kid, do you know what your ability is?”

The Boss’ voice suddenly resounded inside the elevator.
I was surprised, but I answered him.

“……..I do, sir, but only vaguely.”

“You don’t have to humble yourself this much. I don’t mind you talking casually.”

Now that I was informed that this man was in fact Anonymous’ leader, could I really do that?

He’s also the person who saved my life.

“I cannot do that.”

“I see……Well, never mind then.
Leaving this aside, your ability…”

I gently rubbed the ring I now had on my middle finger. Maybe because I wasn’t used to this sensation of pressure on my finger, I was feeling uncomfortable.

This ability restraining ring was a trial product developed in secrecy by Anonymous’ researchers.

I regained my composure considerably, but since we didn’t know when my ability could run wild again, I was told I had to wear this ring until I would be able to control my own ability.
But since this ring was classified as a trial product, its desired effect was rather weak.


My ability. I understand it clearly now.



“My ability is…….., maybe, the sound.”


“Yes. Your ability is the sound.

This is a super high-class ability even among the natural types manipulators.”

I, as well, have never heard of a person being able to control sounds.

I wonder what ability the Boss has.

I tried to ask him that, but he interrupted me.

“Now that I think of it, I still haven’t heard your name, kid.”

“It’s Kamiya, Kazato.”

“I see. That’s a good name.

In short, I will be the only person who knows your real name.
Therefore, I shall give you a new code-name.”


And then the Boss continued.

“From now on your name will be Shion.”


Shion 1. Simultaneously with me hearing my new name, the elevator announced its arrival with a ding.
The elevator door opened.

“Let’s go, Shion.”

“Roger that, Boss.”

I gave a rather cheeky answer and stepped forward.





After I received medical treatment, I went to the Boss’ room.
Now that the Boss took off his mask, he looked like a man in his latter 20s, but in reality he was older than that. Obviously, he didn’t inform me about his real age.

“Well, for the time being, welcome to Anonymous. It’s good to have you here.”

He said, sitting in an extravagant swivel chair.

“Now that you’re a member of Anonymous, naturally, you’ll have to work for us too, Shion.
However, you must first learn to control your ability.”

“Yes, sir.”

“So, I will appoint you a partner.
Here, take this.”

The Boss turned to face me and threw something at me.
I caught that with one hand and immediately realized it was a key.

“It’s the key to your room. You’ll share a room with your partner.
They’re quite selfish, but strong. Their age is similar to yours, but they were longer in this world than you.”

“Please wait a second. Do I have to live here?”

“Oh! Did I confuse you?

I’ll have you go to school, Shion. But, certainly, you must hide your ability.

“Since you’ll be working for us, you’ll also receive a salary. For the time being, you’ll get 450,000 a month.
It actually won’t stop at that, if you accept missions that offer individual rewards.”

450,000 a month……..
This is much higher than my father’s salary……….

“Do you have any questions? There are many questions I can’t answer, but if I can, I will, so speak up.”

I do have questions, and a lot of them.

But it was actually enough for this occasion.
I was already an Anonymous member.

In order to keep on living, I decided that I will start fighting. Since I already killed a lot of people, I can’t possibly wish for the same life style I had before.
If it all comes to light, I will have to take the blame after all………

I don’t want such an unreasonable death.


I could feel a light buzzing in my ears again.

Calm down, me!

“I don’t have any particular questions.”

I said.
The Boss lifted up the corners of his mouth a bit.

“I see. If there’s something you don’t understand, you should ask your partner.”

Then, excuse me.”

I said and left the Boss’ room behind.





The Anonymous hideout was quite big. At least, it was big enough for someone to get lost in it.
It also contained various facilities and it really felt like a secret base of operations.

And so, I was now standing in front of my room, holding the key that the Boss gave me.
It seems I somehow made it here.

I could hear sounds coming from inside.
Most likely, my partner was inside the room.

I gulped down my saliva.

I was a little nervous.

Since there was no point in sitting there looking at the door, I used the key and entered the room.

First, I was shocked by the scenery unfolding right in front of my eyes.

And, similarly to Rin’s room, a girlish scent was tickling my nostrils.

“Hey, who’s that!?”

I heard a voice coming from somewhere inside.
The one who came running with rather heavy steps was a blond-haired girl.

“Who the hell are you?…….. Why do you have a key to this room!?”

The blond girl was glaring at me.

At any rate, her face is rather cute.

She’s supposed to be the same age as me.

“The Boss told me to come here……. Aren’t you my partner?”

“What? That guy, he did it his way again…….. I don’t need a partner.”

The door closed with a thud.
This is troublesome. What should I do?

Moreover, my partner’s a woman…..Will this turn out all right?
And, honestly, I don’t want a partner like her.

It seems like she wasn’t informed about becoming my partner anyway, so maybe the Boss made a mistake or something.

While thinking about that, I heard the sound of a ringing phone from inside the room.
And the sound of answering. Most likely she had a call.

Will you please stop doing selfish things?”

“That’s impossible, I definitely can’t do that.”


“Ah! Understood. It can’t be helped……..”


Nevertheless, my hearing got considerably better.
Even though I was wearing this ring, if I were to concentrate, I could pick up various sounds.

Isn’t it really suited for doing espionage activities!?

“Yes, yes, I understand.
I understand already!”


The sound of hanging up.
It appears that the Boss’ phone call has ended.

After a short time, the room’s door opened.


“You can enter.
Since I have no other choice, I’ll become your partner.”


It appears that a rather troublesome person is now my partner.

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