Ototsukai Wa Shi To Odoru / Ototsukai wa Shi to Odoru Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Conflicting Rotation

Since we can’t go shopping until Roll gets back, after I cleaned the room, I went to grab my lunch.

Truth be told, I wanted to eat together with Roll, but I’m hungry so it can’t be helped.

After I sent Roll a message, just in case, saying that I went to eat, I started walking towards the cafeteria.

The cafeteria was rather crowded.

This place and the café at the entrance are the gathering spots for members with free time.

I heard this from Roll that the noisiest guys usually come to the cafeteria.

Come to think of it, this was the place from where Tameiki-san abducted me too.

Thinking about such things, I walked to the cafeteria’s reception desk and, for some reason, I heard a high-pitched shout coming from somewhere in the back.

Thinking about what it was, I turned around and, just as I thought, there was Destroy-san.

That person……Wasn’t she supposed to run away from Roll?

No, she’s here precisely because Roll gave up or something.

“Soo! The mafia guy who abducted me persuaded me gently, you know, and he even pressed me with marriage!”

The person she was talking to was Tameiki-san.

Tameiki-san, probably not having any interest in Destroy-san’s story, sat on the sofa, looking dead tired.

“Neee, Tameiki, are you listening? What do you think I did next?”

Destroy-san shook both Tameiki-san’s shoulders and Tameiki-san closed her eyes looking extremely annoyed.

“I don’t care.”

“You should care!”

Demanding something impossible, Destroy-san grabbed hold of Tameiki-san’s chest.

Immediately following, Tameiki-san hit Destroy-san and sent her flying, only stopping in one of the cafeteria’s walls.


I looked at Destroy-san as she slammed into the wall and dropped to the floor, then I turned back towards the cafeteria’s reception.

I felt that nothing good will come out of getting involved with that person.

I want to greet Tameiki-san but, since Destroy-san is there as well, I have the feeling that something unpleasant will happen.

Mainly having to do with Roll.

That’s because Roll was unhappy with my summer vacation training and I felt kind of guilty too.

Anyway, because of what happened, Roll probably doesn’t think too well of Tameiki-san, so I thought that maybe I should keep my distance from Tameiki-san for the time being.

And I also think that, while Destroy-san is there with Tameiki-san, some weird trouble will spring forth.

Also, I don’t want to interrupt a discussion between partners.

I rubbed the scratch on my neck.

I then sent Tameiki-san a fleeting glance.

Having done so, our eyes met.

Tameiki-san, with a collapsed posture, watched me intensely.

She was wearing a suit, and in front of her eyes, on the table, was an empty bowl of rice.

I hesitated whether to pretend I didn’t notice her or not, but, as one would expect, I felt bad about it, so made a light bow.

She had no reaction whatsoever and kept on fixing me with her eyes.

Was this perhaps a calling order?

I felt like she was signalizing me to go to her.


I left out a sigh and walked towards Tameiki-san.

“Good day, Tameiki-san.”

“Yeah……., how do you feel?”

“I feel great.”

I rotated my arm a few times in order to show her.

“…….What’s with that neck scratch?”

“A cat scratched me.”

Such a trivial wound was nothing when compared to the ones I received while training with Tameiki-san.

If I were to add in the mental damage, nothing would beat that.

“I see. Did you eat?”

Tameiki-san said, after she looked like she thought about something for a very short while.

“No, I was about to do just that.”

“Is that so? I’m going to work in a bit, so do you want to come too?”


My voice was in disarray when someone jumped at Tameiki-san from behind.

Naturally, it was Destroy-san.

“Wait a minute! I am your partner! I have all the reason to come with you, so why!? Kiiiiiiii, I can’t forgive you!!”

What’s with this person? She’s in so high spirits even with Tameiki-san…….

I was dumbfounded when Destroy-san turned around to smile at me coldly.

“Shion-kun, what do you say? Is this amusing? Something like this? I’m only imitating Roll though.”

This is awful.


Tameiki-san let out a sigh reflexively.

Still, when Destroy-san saw Tameiki-san sigh, she approached her with a jerk.

“You know, Tameiki, I am like your family. Still, you shaded Shion-kun before even inviting me. I am not Roll, but I do want to question your self-awareness concerning our partnership.”

“You dare telling me this?”

Tameiki-san asked with a shocked expression, but Destroy-san’s mouth didn’t stop moving.

“Also, there’s that too! Did you perhaps fall in love with Shion-kun?

Well, if that’s the case, then it can’t be helped! I’ll forgive you!

At any rate, I envy you, Shion-kun! Even this adorable Tameiki likes you!”

“Please stop joking, Destroy-san. It’s true that Tameiki-san is incredibly charming, but I’d never rise to her level.”

“Oh, Shion-kun, you have a way with words, don’t you? This is good.

Only Shido and I knew about Tameiki’s true adorableness, but there’s one more of us now.

As you know, Tameiki is quite hard to communicate with, so there aren’t many people who can shade her either. Ain’t this pitiful!?”

“Is that so? I actually thought that no one approached her because they’re afraid……”

“You’re wrong. The truth is, Tameiki really wants to get involved with everyone. She looks like she hates noisy guys, but the reality is she wants to meddle in. That’s why she often comes to this cafeteria.”

I see. If Destroy-san is saying this, since she can read minds and everything, it must be the truth.

I can’t say this was……unexpected. Besides, I have the feeling that this discussion shouldn’t take place in front of the person in question.

“Hee? If you know these things, then you can really read minds, can’t you?”

“Right. That’s why, I know everything there is to know about Tameiki.

If you want, I can tell you what she’s thinking about right now.

Hmm, let me see…….Oh, this, again, is……”

Destroy-san peeked into Tameiki-san’s eyes, drawing air circles with her finger.

Tameiki-san turned away, not interested even in the slightest. Destroy-san murmured something and looked into Tameiki-san through that circle she created with her finger.

“Shion-kun. Do you respect Tamiki?”

“Of course I do.”

“I see, but that’s unfortunate…….. Because your master’s mind is full of polluting thoughts.”

“What does that mean?”

“Shion is so cuuuuuuuuute! I want to hug him! I want to kiss him! I want to caress him, I want to sleep with him, I want to always be with him!! Ah, Shion is way too cute!

Things like these, you know, Shion-kun.”
“……You’re lying, right?”

I said as I looked at Tameiki-san. Having done so, Tameiki-san raised her dead tired body, stood up and said.

“Shion. Don’t believe anything this woman tells you.

Desko can read minds, but she often tells lies too about what she sees.

Besides, it’s not like Desko’s mind reading ability works at any time and in any conditions.

She also has restrictions. That’s why, she couldn’t possibly read my mind right now.”

“Aaah! Tameiki, you’re too impatient! Is that because your true feelings got exposed!? Moreover, your face looks a little red! Your face is red!”

Skipping, Destroy-san was making fun of Tameiki-san.

If you turn this person into an enemy, she won’t even amount to being annoying.

But apart from that, was it all right to talk about Destroy-san’s ability so selfishly……..?

As I thought about this, Tameiki-san’s hand stretched with remarkable speed and grabbed ahold of Destroy-san’s forehead.

I was able to see that Destroy-san tried to run away, but she was too slow.

“It huuuuuuuuurts! I’ll die! It hurts! Sorry, sorry, sorry! I won’t do it again! I said I won’t do it again!”

Destroy-san struggled violently.

Tameiki-san punished Destroy-san for a while longer, then let go of her forehead and sat down on the sofa again.

“Hey, go easy on me! Can’t you do that!?”

Destroy-san sat down on her buttocks and rubbed her temples, as she shouted.

Tameiki-san was in a completely exhausted mood again.

“So, Shion. Are you coming?”

“A mission? I would like to come, but I kind of made other plans for today……”

“That’s unfortunate, Tameiki! Today, Shion-kun has a date with Roll!”

“I see. In this case it can’t be helped.”

“Wooow! Tameiki feels extremely disappointed…….! What are you doing, Shion-kun!?”

Bang. A thick sound could be heard and I saw Destroy-san being forced to prostrate herself on the floor.

It was Tameiki-san’s ability.

“Tameiki…….I give up…….I give up……..”

“Shion, come to think of it, I told you to send me your schedule. Did you forget?”

Tameiki-san asked, her voice being a little rough.


“So you did forget?”

I forgot. Still, it’s only been two days since then, and it’s kind of impossible to make up a schedule this quickly.

Besides, for some reason, Tameiki-san seems to be in a bad mood all of a sudden. Is this because I declined her shade invitation?

“Forgive me……”

“……Well, it’s all right. Come to think of it you will start school soon, right?”

“Yes. Tomorrow.”

“I see. That’s harsh.”

“Yeah. But when I think about that training, this is really nothing……”

“Was the training really that intense?”

“Of course it was. But well, I did get my reward and I am satisfied with the end results too.”

I don’t want to do it again though.


“You know, during that Poisoned Butterfly incident…….”

“Aah……Don’t ever talk about that.”

Tameiki-san averted her eyes, looking embarrassed as she said this.

Since her reaction was adorable, I wanted to press this matter longer onto her, but I managed to endure this urge.

“What’s that……!? I want to know! I want to know about it too!”

Destroy-san, who was still restrained to the floor, suddenly got her teeth into our conversation.

However, right at that moment, Tameiki-san stood up and moved her eyes from me to Destroy-san.

“Then, I’ll go to work now.”

“All right. Please be careful.”

“Yeah, see you.”

Tameiki-san said, showing me a faint smile, then she vanished from the cafeteria.

Finally liberated from the gravity power holding her down, Destroy-san stood up and seized both my shoulders.

“……What was that? What did you do, Shion-kun, to make Tameiki behave that way? It’s the first time I saw such a lovestruck Tameiki!”

She didn’t really look lovestruck to me, but since her partner says this, it might be true, or not?

Also, everyone treats this person coldly precisely because she only says and does unnecessary things.

“Are you perhaps envious?”

“I am! It’s not fair!

So, what did you do?

Since Tameiki doesn’t have any immunity against men, if you praise her looks or kiss her, I have the feeling that she’ll unexpectedly become very obedient.

Did you perhaps bring her to that state, Shion-kun?”

“No. I actually think this is different.

If I am to put it in words,…….this is master and apprentice love! The master and apprentice bond has already been tied between me and Tameiki-san. That’s why, this isn’t what you’re thinking about, Destroy-san.”

I said and Destroy-san looked at me with moist eyes.

“Humph. Tameiki really looked that way, so I wonder if you’re telling me the truth……

Ah, you can call me Desko-chan.”

“Understood. Desko-san.”

“For the time being, Roll must know about this. See you.”

“Eh, heey……”

Desko-san left the cafeteria so quickly that I didn’t even have the time to stop her.


Translation: Nana

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