Ototsukai Wa Shi To Odoru / Ototsukai wa Shi to Odoru Chapter 36

Mido Tsurugi. Although we missed him, I had accomplished my duties and returned to the hideout.

The time is 18:30. With the withdrawal of the enemy, I was able to come back quite early. On the way home, Utado-san’s ability returned us quickly.

I am in the boss’s room now. Utado-san is also with us.

I informed Roll that I came back by e-mail, but also that I can not return to the room yet because there is a meeting with the bosses.

It was a mission debriefing … … No, should I say that information is being organized against Mido?

The boss sat on his usual chair, he placed his elbow on his office desk and looked over the document. Utado-san quietly stands next to him.

Meanwhile, I was sitting on the sofa and listening to them.

“Name unknown, origin unknown, rank is Lieutenant General.

There are several battle histories, but everyone was killed that went against him.

… There is little data “

“That skill is strange, is it because he is new?”

“There may be that, but it is possible that the Self-Defense Forces had hidden him.

Anyway, our members must be aware of him. That ability … …, I do not know the details yet but the danger is high. “

“Well … Finally he slipped through the wall … with that, I knew the identity of the ability.

Permeability …… It is extremely troublesome not to be limited to objects, but also having abilities pass through. “

“No, it is impossible to decide that so quickly, there are many points that can not be explained with permeability.

For example, it is impossible to that permeability explains the trajectory of the knife being distorted.

Besides, there were many times that he dared to be attacked. “

“Oh, I could not confirm it.

Well that withdrawal means he does not have an unbeatable ability. “

“That’s right.”

I think while listening to the conversation between them.

That Mido was strong. At least, in my eyes, he seemed to be while in battle with the boss.

And I was thinking.

Whether or not to talk to the bosses about Mido.

Unlike the way we were when we actually trying to kill each other, I can think slowly and calmly now.

If I tell the bosses that Mido is at the same school as me, we will be able to surprise him.

Information collection using Roll and I may be possible.

However, I am at a loss as to whether I should talk.

If I’m thinking for the good of Anonymous, I should talk. But before I entered Anonymous I got along well with him.

There are parts that I do not like, and where we have fought or quarreled. Sometimes I wanted you to disappear honestly, but he is still my best friend. He did a variety of things for me.

I know I’m not talking about selling him out.

But I wonder if I can say something that would be disadvantageous for Mido, my mind is stopped/broken.

It will not be easy for him to hide his identity, and after all, he could not talk to his best friend about it?

To me, who knew nothing, he could not confidently tell me he was a lieutenant general of the self-defense army. I mean what kind of reaction would I have had if he had done so?

He probably thought I would be disappointed to lose the common point of not having abilities.

Originally I had a lot of differences from Mido. There is no inferiority complex at the moment and there is absolutely nothing to be disliked by this surprise.

But if it is Mido, he may think that I feel bad.

Since he is kind, he probably can not help but think so.

Well I guess I do not feel bad at all.

Since I’m supposed to join the self-defense army in that year, there may be a problem if we both “develop” abilities. (Taking about features being balanced between them, i.e. both having abilities is my guess.)

I have something to hide.

Everyone has secret affairs. It’s the same for both of us.

“… ….”

But whatever ……

This feeling of being betrayed … ….

Even if you know with your head, that kind of feeling will spring up somehow.

I can say that I’m betraying him too.

“Shion, what’s wrong?”

With the voice of the boss I raised my uneasy face.

“No … … nothing,”

I was pretending to be a calm and said so.


“I just was working hard today and am a bit tired.

It’s bad, but I would like to leave the reflection session early.”


Shion, you can return home. “

Boss and Utado-san said so, I got up after thinking a little.

“I’m sorry to be so rude and leave.”

I left the room of the boss and headed to Roll’s room with a quick pace.

Physical fatigue is not that much, but spiritual fatigue has been flooding me.

I was deciding to talk to Roll before speaking to the bosses.

It seems a bit difficult to think about alone. My partner is there for me at such a time.

If it’s Roll, she should be kind.

I quickly opened the door of Roll’s room and went in.

Roll lined up the knife on the desk and was working on something, but stopped moving and looked up as I was entering the room.

“Welcome back, what’s wrong … ….”

Sensing my uneasiness, Roll said with a slightly impatient look.

“Roll, listen”

“Did something happen?”

I told the role about the incident on the previous mission.

It was that he was a Lieutenant General of the Self-Defense Army, his capability, that he was strong, and that he had escaped after interacting with the bosses.

I talked it all over as much as possible.

“…. It’s true, you didn’t tell the bosses, did you?”

When listening to my story, Roll said so.

I answer with a very serious face.

“I did not tell the boss, I thought that I should consult Roll before the bosses.”

“Sure, that’s nice, but it’s a severe problem, is not it?”

Roll said with a hand against her chin.


“Or rather, If Mido is part of the enemy self-defense forces, isn’t it possible that Oohashi and Rin are part of them too?”


“Isn’t it the case, that those three people always act together and sometimes they are absent from school at the same time.

There is a synchronicity there that can not be explained with excessive affection.”

I see. Might be so.

“It’s got endless possibilities,”

“Then I was completely outrageous … ….”

What was the incompetence alliance.

It’s like I was there to hide them like this ….


That’s not it. It seems unlikely that they have such a way of thinking.

I know well that they are not guys who are pleased with looking down on people.

Therefore, it is not so … ….

When I tried to enter the infinite mind spiral again, Roll softly took my hand.

“It’s all right, I’m with you Shion”

Listening to her, I raise my head in spite of myself.

Oh yeah, Roll looks like a goddess … ….

“What is that face, are you dissatisfied?”

“No, can I hug you?”

“Yes, why?”

“It’s a trust hug”

“You just said an execution worthy phrase … ….

Fine, just a little bit.”

I listened to her reply, and embraced Roll.

It does not mean that I’m mindless. It is safe to do this.

There is a nice odor from Roll coming from her neck as I rest my head on her shoulder.

When I have hugged Roll and cuddled for a while, I forget everything else. I always wanted to do this.

“Well, that’s enough, right?”

“A bit more”

“… It can not be helped”

I close my eyes and think.

Tsurugi is an enemy, but he is a close friend. I have something else to think about.

He is not aware of my true identity.

I wonder what will happen if Mido were to know my true identity.

No, he was saying to kill me whatever the reason … ….

“Well, what if Roll was me and in the same situation?”

I broke the silence and I asked Roll.

Her voice came back after a while.

“Well … ….

For me, maybe I will not talk to the boss. I would let it be like it usually is.”

“I see……”

“But as Mido is in the self-defense forces, I think that I will kill without hesitation when I came around as Anonymous again.”

“… ….”

Because Roll has been at this for a while, she can think that way?

I still can not do it … ….

“Roll, Thank you”

I’m sorry but said that as I left Roll.

“It’s because your my partner.

Because it is the summer season, the face of the roll was red.

“Your face is red … I’m sorry, it was hot,”

“This, that … …. Yes, it was hot.

…… I did not dislike it. “

Roll turned her face, patting it.

Because I was too shy, I could not see the face of Roll directly.

“Well, why not you think about it little by little by yourself?

I gave a consultation, but I do not know what to do. “

“Roll, thank you.

But after all I, I will tell the boss. “


“If there is damage caused by the absence of this information, then it may be that I will feel bad again.

Also, the boss is supposed to think about my circumstances.

So I will tell him and leave it in his care.

If so, maybe then he can respond when something happens? “

“That might be the best.

But Mido might be beaten to death in secret?

Because that old man is unrelenting.”

“Talk to him after considering that.”

“Well, if Shion is fine I will not complain.

For the time being, I’m hungry, do you want some dinner? “

“That’s right.”

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