Ototsukai Wa Shi To Odoru / Ototsukai wa Shi to Odoru Chapter 39

Forgot it was the Superbowl so didn’t get as much time as I wanted to work on this series. I do want to catch up on the missed releases at some point, but at least I’m still getting a release a day so far. Maybe I’ll get a couple of light chapters that will let me speed out a couple in a day.

The next day. When school was over I was gathering in Roll’s room as usual.

After school there are times to play, but basically we usually go to Roll’s room to hang out.

I am sitting in the air conditioned room in a chair with my feet up.

Roll groaned when she saw the paper listing ‘What I can do’ written yesterday.

“Well, well … ….”

I was looking at the profile of the groaning Roll, her elbow on the table.

I feel my hair grew quite a bit longer than when we had first met.

Roll basically does not tie her hair up except when going to the mission. So it’s still straight.

Well that’s my favorite thing.

By the way, there are many times that Tameiki-san are tied by mission.

It seems that the Tameiki-san’s hairstyle will change depending on her child-like mood, but I have never seen a ponytail or a straight style for now.

I would like to see another hair style. Would she show it if I asked?

When thinking about such a thing, Roll glared me with half opened eyes and said it.

“How about telling me what you meant about harassing Roll”

“Oh, it’s playful”

“I do not need that kind of playfulness, because that makes me feel awfully bad”

“I did not do it on purpose.

But you can use it for cats.

When I said so, after Roll looked disgusted, I returned my eyes to the paper again.

“So, can the sound of “sound hit” be erased?”

“I think I can do it if I try …. It’s like generating shock waves only, right?”

It is more accurate to say that you do not hear in the surroundings rather than extinguish it.

I can do it. Although it is somewhat troublesome.

“Yeah, if it is “ability to generate shockwaves” there will be no problem. If you can prove you have a high power you can skip the campus tournament as well.”

The campus tournament skip is very attractive. It is the case that you do not want to fight so much, so you do not have to bother to stand out.

Rather it should not be conspicuous.

But …

“There is no problem, there is a possibility that the sound hits were used twice against Mido, so no matter how much I say I am turning off the sound,

As I said, Roll kept saying “It is not that”.

“You certainly did not think Tsurugi was self-defense army, did you?

It is the same as that, and he should not doubt his best friend just because you used a slightly similar technique. Even thinking from his personality “

“… Well, that’s right.”

I do not think that he suspects me as Anonymous but I am a little worried.

No, can we say it?

It is subtle when it is “the helplessness of the self-defense army” ….

“If you’re worried it may be better to pick another one,”

I should try raising other candidates once.

I’m not worried about being messed up, but I still want to choose the best from a number of candidates.

When I tried to tell her, I talked as Roll remembered.

“I tried to find it, but there seems to be a “privatization system” as a system to support students aiming to enlist self-defense forces in our schools.

People who are under this system seem to be carefully thought of from the school side. “

“Well, I have never heard of that,”

“Oh yeah, it’s a system that does not make any sense when publicly known”

In terms of what Roll was talking about I understood the real intent of the system.

To be informed means that you can set up countermeasures.

It is convenient and easy to move if the ability is not known by those around us.

Does anyone who seems to be useful in the future need to hide the ability from now?

“I tried to investigate enforcement, and the Tsurugi also received this system.

If you use it, you may not need to do a weak performance.”


Can we seem less skilled if we receive this system?

The guy who is receiving that system isn’t just Midou alone, there must be a few self – defense forces that mimic students.

It is horrible.

“So, I’m going to ask a strange question from the content I talked about now ….”

The voice of Roll changed, so I uncrossed my legs.


“This long-term mission, are you troubled?”

When Roll said such a thing, I got confused for a moment.

Of course it would be troublesome, if asked if it was a hassle I would say yes.

But, why does Roll ask this?

It’s rather a role that I like troublesome things. (I think he’s referring to his own role and not Roll, but I could be wrong.)

Although I was talking about how to perform in reality, the words to deny that fundamental.

…… I do not feel like that is Roll’s real intention.


Some expectation is attached as to what something will be said, but I ask back for confirmation.

“Self-defense forces are always looking for skillful persons who are skilled. If you take a test once in two months, if you pass it you can enlist.”

As expected.

“I know that, but … are you going to let me do that?

Or rather it’s boss’s proposal anyway “

Considering my growth in a year and a half, enlistment from the front should have been judged as dangerous.

And those who enlisted in this exam are naturally starting from the bottom and have a long restraint time.

Activities at Anonymous will also be limited.

In the first place, the problem is that we must submit quite personal information to prevent invasion of spies by this enlistment method, and that it will be monitored irregularly from accepting the exam to enlisting.

According to the rumor there are many colleagues who were caught by this.

Disguising will be difficult.

…… No, in my case is it unnecessary to disguise?

Just convert ability only to lower level, just break the relationship with Anonymous for a while.

Indeed I’m also qualified for that ability.

“I am glad that you noticed that.

…… I honestly do not want to let you go, “

I thought that would be such a thing. After all it is a person who asks for unreasonableness, that person.

“It’s up to you to go on schedule with the long term plan, but your growth speed is pretty great. Even if you misrepresent your ability you have enough power to join the Self-Defense Forces … I suppose….”

“The words of the boss?”

“Yes, what are you going to do?”

As for this story, conclusions came out within me at once.

If you think about ease, break through the front. Competition rate is lower than getting the recommendation form for the self-defense army in high school.

It also has a lot of chances. If you do not get it the first time, you have the following time.

I feel that the proposition is better than the way I act at school and deceive others.

Or, I guess I want to do it like boss would.

“Let’s go with boss’s plan in that case”

As I said, Roll’s arm slipped and she fell face-first on the desk.


I got out. Roll “Eh”

Even though my judgment is wrong, it is an attitude to take when Roll is disgusted.

To put it briefly, selfishness.

“In this way it will mean that it’s meaningless for you to enter with me, and support as a partner will be unnecessary”

“It can not be helped if the boss judged that we can go even this way.

There is no meaning to it.

I enjoyed having Roll coming to school and managed to manage it thanks to Roll. “

To be honest, I would like to discontinue support of Roll in this mission as soon as possible.

If I do that, I do not have to worry about troubling Roll. I understand that Roll is not inconvenienced, but if by any chance it makes Roll stumble, I am in trouble.

It feels cocky for me to worry about such though.

If I say this to Roll, it will be final

“… but …”

“Because it seems that it is not likely for me to take the exam soon, so if I do this, you will be able to enjoy being an ordinary high school student.

Actually I can work in self-defense army after graduation. I hope the enlistment can be done so far, don’t you? “

“I think that it is better to be as early as possible though …. It is because of the existence of Mido and the plan of that old man who saw our current situation and presented it.”

“Oh really”

“Okay, let’s go with that … huh ……”

Roll stood up from the chair and settled down on her bed.

Although we were emphasizing on a long term mission since five months ago, is it that shocking to change it?

I think that I am insane because it is only the obligation as a partner, but when she feels so disappointed, I feel responsible.

“You can leave today, okay?”

The lifeless voice of Roll sounded in the room.

I searched for something nice to say, but now I feel that it is counterproductive so I quietly left the room.

After that, the date changed unexpectedly when I was having a bit of a practical battle in the training room.

Today’s training was exchanged between Hakunetsu-san and Kuroinu-san as each took part as my opponent.

Recently these two people often are my opponent.

I am asking for them to help train me.

Why I don’t ask Rolls and Tameiki-san,

Tameiki-san is gently restrained for the day, and Roll was badly hurt.

So I am avoiding practical battle with these two people.

There are others he could ask, but if you were to go with who is easiest to ask, it is the two of them.

Well, if he did not properly determine the timing to ask for, he will have a problem as they will be dating until they have duty.

“Ao … …! Today it was a much more practical experience! I’m going to have a good bath, Shion-kun!”

Ah, this is another problem.

Two people are inviting me to take a bath. I forgot, but this is pretty annoying.

“I will withdraw, because I will take one at home.

Thank you for training with me today. “

I try to leave the heated training room while wiping the sweat with a towel.

But as soon as I try Kuroinu-san grabs my arm.

“… Please let me go, I do not feel like that today.”

I glanced at Kuroinu-san and said it.

I have decided that I will never enter the bath with these people.

“Ooooi! It can’t be! After training you have to have a bath. Isn’t it natural?”

“Even if you do not get out of the sauna again until you have fainted again, do not hesitate to persevere!”

“Not going to do it, I absolutely don’t think so this time”

“My heart has not stopped at all in the second half!

I rage to shake off Kuroinu-san’s hand.

But, I was knocked down by Kuroinu-san , and then he got on top of me.

“Have you heard him? This guy is getting quite mouthy !!”

“I heard it !! I can not forgive you! It can not be forgiven!

Alright, lets make him faint and take him to the bath! “

“Cha … … Stop … …!”


I cried when I saw Kuroinu-san winding up a fist.

This is the last resort.

“Tameiki-san! Please save me!”

I asked my teacher for help.

“Hey! Stop it! Because we do not get involved with Tameiki-san, it will be awkward!”

“Even so noisy we are disliked … …!”

“Well then please release me! I’m concerned for my life when going in the bath with Kuroinu-san!”

“Kuroinu-san! Do not ask questions! Do it!”

With guts.

Several stars danced, my consciousness ceased.

“It was terrible … ….”

After all, the regular “all fainted ☆ durable sauna” was killed and we were indebted to Mr. Chihiro. (Not sure if this is referring to an actual person or medicine.)

As I was supposed to wake up sleeping Mr. Chiaki, everyone was supposed to have a rough treatment …… (Same as above, might be medicine, might be an actual person.)

In any case the time is past 2:30 AM.

Since it is a bad time unless I go back to train, I was on the way back.

Even if I return at such a time, my parents never say anything.

Although there is a certain freddom … …, but recently my grades are steadily increasing and I am not getting any problems in particular, so my parents have no complaints.

It used to be incompetent, so I was often worried that I was not loved, but now I am thankful for my parent’s laissez-faire attitude.

While thinking about such a thing while walking home I heard people’s voice from a scrapped building a bit ahead.

A voice from such a place … …? Is it a mistake in my hearing?

It is a condemned building that is supposed to be demolished and barred from entry, but it seems it will remain that way forever.

There is almost no traffic and I often use this road to go to the hideout.

Since the atmosphere is uncanny and scary around here, I often turn my ability on and go, but it is the first time I heard a voice from there.

Even though it is not a place to hang out at.

I felt sorry and picked up the sound there.

Then, there are three heart sounds heard from it. Three people on the rooftop.

They were talking.

…… Do I want to eavesdrop on it for a moment?

I thought I should do so and I listened to the conversation of the three people.

“How much have you gathered …?”

“About 1 / 3. It’s only 100 of my capacity, it’s not enough yet.

Do you girls think you will have enough water three days later? “

“Wow, mind you, the bait … ….?”

“I can not secure such a large amount of food”

“A human here … …, if you let him eat …?”

“Huh, are you understanding the instructions of the leader?”

“I am doing … ….”

“Talking to Anonymous, it hurts … ….”

“Yes, if you stand out now, did you think about it properly?”

This is … reported to the boss.

As soon as I heard their conversation, I decided so, I took out the organization terminal and called the boss.


The boss immediately answers the phone. I told the contents of their conversation.

But the boss hung up after saying “Please keep away.”

“… ….”

Is he serious?

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