Parallel World Pharmacy

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He was a Japanese scholar who aspired to cultivate medical skills, discover new ways of treatment, and more. He might become a successful pharmacologist if he didn’t pass away from exhaustion. However, destiny carried on him, not to heaven but Medieval Europe. As it’s known the medicine of the previous centuries was poor and corruptive.

The ill don’t have money for remedies, and the rich give bribes to acquire the best things. The main hero is enthusiastic to assist the Europeans but what can he do while being – 10 years old and a royal court pharmacist’s pupil? Only to learn and grow as a specialist! He’ll be distinguished, promote contemporary methods of healing, and serve as a hero for the weak.

But the more fame he gets, the more enemies he obtains! When the guy becomes a national savior and builds a drugstore to help people, his life will change again. Join the story to see how the so-called swindler becomes the last hope for the whole country and perhaps receives something more than gratitude.

Parallel World Pharmacy

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