Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan

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If there is a witch in a crowd, people are often envious or scared of her knowledge as she can destroy others’ lives if they make her angry. This story is different. It constitutes a Mage-Knights academy that promotes talented wizards, but Kurogane Ikki isn’t appropriate for the educational system. Nobody takes him seriously as he tries to stay invisible and passive for the collective. His position in witchcraft is “Zero” or “Epic fail”. Kurogane is pathetic as he starts again every year to pass the same exams. However, when a new coach appears in the academy, rules also change. The teacher separates students into classes according to their skills and level. They visit libraries, audiences, share rooms, and aspire to reach the top.

Kurogane’s neighbor is Stella Vermillion, who is an experienced magician. She is an exchange student and heiress. When Ikki noticed an undressing lady in his room, it made him confused. When Stella saw a guy staring at her, she became irate, thinking he was a perv. Misapprehension led to a scandal in which a winner had to dominate the second partaker – the classical outcome.

The subjugation can last a decade or more. There’s no chance to change the roles… Or is it? What happens with Ikki and Stella, who spend 24 hours per day in one room?

Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan

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