Reborn: Evolving From Nothing / Reborn: Evolving From Nothing Chapter 208 Rescue

The world of Moria had come back to life, all around him. The Laws of the Universe pulsed powerfully in the air, a rippling return that ran flush with energy. The previously dead trees, plants, and ground were starting to revitalize, strands of life returning. Grass began to flourish, trees truly grew, the air itself seemed to come alive.

The Demonic remnants that roamed this world retreated, hiding away in the Inheritance strongholds or retreating towards the dead zone at the center of Moria.

It was a miraculous sight for a world that had been dead for centuries.

A sight that Dorian ignored completely as he soared across the world, his mind bearing a singular focus.

Save Helena.

Dorian made fantastic progress. In just a few minutes, his Sun Eagle form managed to blast all the way from the center of the world to the first World Bridge they had originated from. His Jade Memory had let him memorize the makeup of the world when he saw it while removing the Sealing Tubes, letting him find it with ease.

He happened to pass by several figures on the ground below giving off King Class Auras. The members of the Demonic Council, slowly starting to investigate the aftermath of the battle between Fifteen and ‘Lord Obelisk.’

As soon as he reached the World Bridge, he immediately flew up it. His body transformed into a blur of golden light as he shot forward, speeding past everything.

A journey that took multiple hours by flying ship was cut down to a couple dozen minutes in Dorian’s frantic rush, his speedy flight ignoring everything else. He didn’t encounter any spatial storms or wild beasts, managing to cross the World Bridge in uneventful safety.

When he emerged from the World Bridge and moved officially back onto Shaptle, his heart dropped.

‘What is happening?!’ Air wheezed in and out of his chest as he flapped his wings, staring.

Above the city of Cracktyl, explosions of light and energy were shaking the air. Dorian could sense huge waves of power lashing back and forth, hundreds and hundreds of meters above the ground. None of the attacks shot downward or damaged the city, but the explosions themselves were horrifying in strength. They also appeared to be gradually rising upward, away from the city.

‘That’s at least two Late King Class experts, and extremely strong ones at that… Maybe even Pseudo-Angelic.’ Just from the rippling Auras alone that he could feel, Dorian instantly knew he was outclassed. Either one of the two beings that were fighting up there was strong enough to wipe him out in his physically exhausted state.

If he was operating at full energy, and given a bit of time to gain a better understanding of the Law of Original Sin that he had gained, it might be another story. But the one thing he didn’t have right now was time.

Dorian dived down towards the ground near the city, his body a blur. He transformed back into his Shade form just as he reached the ground, knowing he couldn’t exactly show off his transforming abilities in the city itself.

Back in his Shade form, he sprinted towards the city, moving at top speed. While he ran, he changed into a set of clothes, a white silk shirt and a set of black pants and boots, donning a presentable appearance. His previous outfit had been destroyed back on Moria. This was his backup outfit, one that could stretch or be stored when he shifted forms.

In just a few moments, he managed to reach the city gates.

They were manned, but no one was currently moving in or out of the city. Instead, everyone was fearfully crouching, watching the explosions above.

For a battle of this scale to continue without any of the rulers of Cractyl stepping in… it was definitely a major occurrence that no one wanted to be caught up in.

Dorian frowned slightly when he saw this. As he ran up to stand in front of the gate, he blinked.

He then kicked his feet off the ground, activating one of Yukeli’s movement techniques to send himself blasting off into the air.
He flew up more than 5 dozen meters, easily enough to clear the wall and gate.

“And the- oh, hey?! Did that person just-“

“What was that-“

“Hold on!”

Dorian faintly heard some of the guards and onlookers yell out as he soared over them and rushed towards the inner city, ignoring them completely. By the time they fully realized what had happened, his figure had already vanished into the distance.

Dorian navigated through the city, using the rooftops to avoid the gaping crowds. Most people had turned out to watch the explosive battle above. Apparently none of the attacks had landed in the city at all, giving people the courage to watch.

As he reached the spot where he had left Helena, a horrid look appeared on his face.

The entire street her Inn was on looked to be in ruins. Several buildings were on fire and the paved road had been ripped apart, giant chunks of rock impaling multiple nearby buildings. It was like a war scene.



As he reached this area, he heard a few explosions.

‘There’s a battle happening still?!’ His heart pounded, adrenaline pumping in his Shade veins as he sprinted forward.

In an instant, he found himself looking upon a full-blown battle, situated right in front of Helena’s Inn.

‘It’s my army!’ Butterflies of happiness exploded in his stomach as he saw the Moria Liberation Force bravely defending Helena’s inn. They had managed to protect her!

The inn was badly damaged in several parts, but the section that held Helena’s room was completely unscathed.

“Don’t think about… it, Kanto Ren… As long as I stand… you shall not pass…” A wheezing, but powerful voice, echoed in the air, catching Dorian’s attention.

A bloody, beaten, but brave fighter stood directly front and center defending the inn. This figure was currently engaged in holding off a ferociously powerful looking Shade that was lobbing bolts of darkness and attacking with twisting blades of shadow.

The two were closely matched, but the attacking Shade was clearly stronger. Both of them had powerful King Class Auras, though nowhere near as fierce as the Auras up above. Both of them were also somewhat constraining their power, trying to avoid causing massive damage to the city around them.

In the defending Shade’s hand was a rather familiar, enormous cauldron…

‘Warrior-Alchemist Bayran?! And he’s Late King Class now? Did he just break through?!’ He recognized the Shade, his heart abruptly swelling as he heard the conversation between the two fighters continue.

“You betray your people for a traitor!” The attacking Shade was one that Dorian didn’t recognize, but a Shade that carried himself with a sense of authority. That, combined with his fearsome strength, meant he was clearly someone important. He had a weak chin and a weak looking appearance that were completely at odds with that, but at his level, appearances were often deceiving.

“You will die with him!”


The Shade clasped his hands together. Immediately, energy flowed in the air as two giant hammers made of darkness appeared, striking the Warrior-Alchemist directly in the chest.


The impacts knocked into his cauldron before they could reach him. The resulting blow sent Bayran back a couple of meters, cracking the earth beneath him.

‘The attacker is a Wizard. Is that… Shadow Magic? Darkness Magic?’ Dorian wasn’t sure which.

“I have made my choice, Kanto Ren. I will stand up for what I believe in. That man is no traitor, and you ought to be ashamed for using such vile tactics, targeting his wife of all things!” Bayran’s voice boomed and echoed as he shrugged off the attack.

Behind Bayran, Dorian made out several other members of the Moria Liberation Force. Several of the Captains of the force, including Fabian, were injured and trying to recover, standing guard in front of Helena’s inn. A dark, depressing air hovered around them, wavering between hopelessness and hope. He also saw several unknown Shades that appeared to be with Kanto Ren, standing opposite the inn. Many of them were injured and recovering as well.

The battle between Kanto Ren and Bayran had taken center stage, causing the other battles in the street to come to a pause. Everything hinged on that battle.

‘You… I forgive you for everything, Warrior-Alchemist!’ His heart blazed with emotion as he saw this.

“His words are true, foolish lackey of the Southern Duke!” Fabian’s voice shook the air as he stood up, recovered enough to fight. A King Class Aura of Might burst around him,

“You will not touch a hair on her head!” Fabian took a few shuddering steps forward, a broken spear trembling in his hands as he held it out in front of him.

Dorian took a deep breath.

Then and there, he made a promise that no matter what, he would live up to the expectations of Fabian and his Moria Liberation Force. His heart felt incredibly full, gratefulness and pride filling him.


Dorian entered the fray.



He slammed onto the ground between the two parties, his Shade body keeping his Aura tucked in close. He had so many Laws he was drawing upon, including many that were Demonic. He felt it a better idea to keep his Aura constrained, not letting it emanate freely.

The moment he appeared, there was a brief, stunned silence.

An instant later…




Hope-filled yells of adoration filled the air, the murky fearful air that had previously existed vanishing completely as everyone did a complete 180. The downed Shades all became ecstatic, several of them forgetting their injuries as they hopped up and down in excitement.

“Holy Highlord!!” Tears appeared on Fabian’s face as he saw Dorian. The King Class warrior immediately pounded his chest, bowing.

“We have protected your wife!”

Dorian nodded at him, maintaining an air of cool and complete power.

“You did well, Fabian. I will take it from here.”

Tears streamed down Fabian’s face as he heard this response, his body shuddering as he bowed again. He took several steps back and then collapsed to one knee, popping a Light Pill into his mouth as he nearly fell unconscious from exhaustion and his injuries. The fighter put his full focus into healing, his faith in Dorian absolute.

“Lord Inigo.” The Warrior-Alchemist Bayran gave Dorian a pensive nod, his expression slightly troubled. Just as he was about to continue, Dorian held his hand out,

“Our differences are in the past. Your actions today have gone beyond all measure. You are a brother to me now.” He preemptively spoke, meaning every single word that he said,

“I will take it from here.” He repeated himself.

The Warrior-Alchemist looked at Dorian for a moment before bowing his head. He took a few steps back and joined the celebrating warriors from the Moria Liberation Force. He wiped a stream of blood from his mouth, taking in medicine of his own as he sat down to heal.

Slowly, Dorian turned his attention to the Shade known as Kanto Ren.

“Lord Inigo.” The Shadow Captain stared at the other Shade, swallowing slightly. For some odd reason, he felt the faintest hint of nervousness. The way the Shade carried himself, his confidence and posture… it felt as if he was facing someone that was in absolute control of the situation without a hint of worry.

“You are hereby under arrest for violating the…” His voice trailed off as he crossed gazes with Dorian.

Dorian had taken several steps forward. He gave off no Aura, seeming like a rather regular Shade.

Despite that, his gaze felt colossal to the Shadow Captain. As he looked into Dorian’s eyes, he felt a sensation he had not felt in a long time.


Dorian took several more steps forward, till he was only a couple of meters away.

“The Southern Duke has determined that your so-called ‘wife’ is none other than a vile vampire!” Kanto Ren found his bravery as he swallowed hard, speaking up.

“By order of-” He cut himself off as Dorian held up a hand.

“Kanto Ren.” Dorian’s words were soft, his voice calm. Despite that, a terrible, fierce anger could be sensed, simmering behind those words. The air around him trembled from his presence, energy wanting to burst free and crash about chaotically.

“Do you believe in Fate?” A small smile appeared on Dorian’s face, a smile that failed to reach his eyes.

“Huh?” Kanto Ren stuttered back, not expecting that question.

“I have successfully cleansed Moria. The chains that Sealed that world are broken, bringing it back to life from the dead.” His words took on a certain level of grandeur, informing the entire world of what he did.

Behind him, all the celebrating Shades grew even more ecstatic as they heard that. However, at the same time, they all grew hushed. Dorian’s words carried a strange power in them, one that demanded respect.

“And yet when I return, I find that you are threatening my wife. My vulnerable, sick, dying love.”

The air seemed to quiver between Kanto Ren and Dorian, the tension beating almost unbearable. Everyone was staring at Dorian at this point, the Shades from both sides paying him complete attention.

“You don’t seem to understand something.” Dorian blinked,

“I am a Shade that is beloved by Fate. I do not bend to the will of reality, reality bends to MY will.”


Despite Dorian not releasing even the slightest hint of an Aura, Kanto Ren felt a bead of sweat form on his forehead, pressure slamming onto his shoulders.

“Do you think, Kanto Ren, that if I willed it right now, your heart would stop beating?” Dorian’s voice took on an odd tone.

The Third Shadow Captain’s eyes were locked into looking at Dorian, as if he was unable to look away. The Shade’s heart pounded erratically, his breathing becoming ragged.

“Through a… string of luck or… a twist of Fate. A series of coincidences that all fall into line, ending with your heart… stopping.” Dorian’s small smile grew a little wider.

“Do you believe I could do that?” He tilted his head slightly to the left, gazing into Kanto Ren with eyes that seemed to pierce into his very soul.

“I… I…” Kanto Ren stared at Dorian, a look of horror appearing in his eyes. The man’s hands twitched, stepping back half a step in fear.

In Dorian’s eyes, Kanto Ren saw a darkness that he had never seen before. An almighty, all-consuming, deathly darkness that was overwhelming in power, impossible to stop.

In that moment, he knew that if he said a single thing wrong, he would die without question.

“You have a single second.” Dorian’s voice was cold,



The Shadow Captain gave up on all pretenses and immediately fled. At the same time, all of his allies booked it, beating a fast retreat. Not a single enemy Shade was left remaining by the time Dorian’s words finished echoing.

With just a few spoken words, Dorian completely ended the fight, forcing a complete and total victory. His claims on reality bowing to his will wouldn’t necessarily give away that he was an Anomaly, but even if they did, it would only come out later. There were various types of Magic and unique dispositions that could cause Fate to ripple or twist, his words held a certain level of logic. By the time anyone figured anything out, he would be long gone.

A hushed silenced lasted for only an instant before the Shades went back to celebrating and cheering. Dorian’s heart still wasn’t steady, however. The battle up overhead was still ongoing, though the explosions were so distant now as to almost be inaudible.

With that thought in mind, he raced up towards Helena’s room, pushing aside his exhaustion once more, his thoughts only on her safety.


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