Reborn: Evolving From Nothing / Reborn: Evolving From Nothing Chapter 222 Impending

Much stronger.

Dorian called up his status.

Dorian – Soul Status

Soul Stage: King Class (Incomplete)

Health: Perfect

Energy: 2,003,920 / 2,018,810

‘2 million?! My energy level has reached 2 million?!’ When Dorian saw the statistics, his jaw dropped.

It was an incredible gain. Most Early Stage King Class experts had an energy rating of around 500,000. With a rating of a bit more than 2 million, Dorian had become a true-blue powerhouse among the King Class.

While his Empyrean Vampire form did boost his base strength a large amount, it was Dorian’s abnormally powerful soul exploding forth with strength as soon as he hit King Class that resulted in the largest direct increase in power. That increase was a result of the huge number of Laws he trained in as well as the constant increases in power to his base soul, vastly boosting his energy beyond expectations.

With this much energy, and a King Class Soul Spell Matrix, Dorian’s overall power had jumped significantly. The number of Hyperion Beams he could handle, the power behind his blows, the amount of Law Energy he could use… everything would go up because of this.

With all of his Abilities and the multitude of Laws he could access, Dorian had instantly become one of the most powerful King Class experts in the 30,000 Worlds.

‘It says ‘Incomplete’ as my Stage?’ He frowned as he saw that. After a moment, however, he understood.

His Soul Spell Matrix had reached King Class. He was inarguably at the King Class. However, the only normal way to reach King Class was to completely master and understand a Law.

Dorian had not done this.

Because of this, he was both at the King Class, and also not at the King Class. No matter how strong his soul got, he would always be stuck as a sort of fake King Class state until he mastered a Law to Completion.

‘Still…’ Dorian grinned, feeling ridiculously pleased.

He clenched his fists, feeling an incredible sensation of strength.

‘With power like this… No, it’s not enough.’ He cut off his thoughts, his eyes flashing as he called something else to mind.

Laws Progress

Virtuous Laws (4/7) – ???

Demonic Laws (7/7) – Law of Original Sin – 7%

“My body and soul have become truly powerful. Now it’s time to increase my understanding of my Laws.” He nodded sharply.

He couldn’t let himself slack off.

Dorian could sense that, despite the fact that he had reached King Class, it was still possible to increase the base power of his soul.

For regular King Class experts, the maximum strength of their soul was limited by how powerful their soul was when they reached Completion and broke into the King Class. Dorian, however, was an exception, due to the multitude of Laws he possessed, as well as the unique way he reached King Class in the first place.

Dorian looked over at the magical waterfall of Gworen Ice. His body shifted as he transformed back into his Balance Demon form. While his Empyrean Vampire form was now his strongest body, his Balance Demon form was still the best for meditation on the Laws of the Universe.

He took a few steps forward, over to the edge of the Giant’s shoulder. He then stepped onto its arm, his feet crunching on a thick layer of ice.

He looked back at the frozen shoulder, a small smile forming.

“I suppose you could say I was standing on the shoulder of giants. Well, at least a Giant, anyway, hahaha.” He couldn’t help himself as he thought up an old, rather famous saying from Earth.

He shook the merriment away as he walked forward onto the ice, moving till he reached an optimal position. His Balance Demon form could handle the brutal cold far better than it could the overwhelming heat of Taprisha’s Molten Core.

Once he reached a spot close enough to the Gworen Ice waterfall, he sat down and began to meditate.

After a few moments, he smiled.

‘It’s just like on Taprisha, but the opposite! Some of my Laws are enhanced, while others are weakened! I was right!’ When he reached out to sense the Law of the Universe, he found that the Laws of Wrath, Gluttony, and Sloth had all become easier to sense. His other Laws, however, had become more distant and hard to feel.

Once he found that out, he made his decision instantly.

‘I can take turns moving back and forth between Taprisha and Blizzaria as I get all the Laws to progress up a Stage, and then more.’ His Law of Original Sin would only make progress if all of his Laws were at a similar or greater level of comprehension.

He shifted slightly as a layer of ice began to cover his body. He then began pouring all his focus into strengthening his understanding of the Laws of the Universe.

.. .. .. .. .. ..

Meanwhile… on a planet far away…

.. .. .. .. .. ..

Sun Wukong looked out at the setting sun with a small smile on his face. The sunlight reflected in his eyes, glowing with light that didn’t seem to truly land on him.

“My time has finally come.”

The words he whispered aloud echoed around the large branch he sat on, jutting out of the lower side of the World Tree. He sat alone, leaning up against a large clump on the branch. His staff lay across his lap as he sat, resting quietly.

Time passed silently as Sun Wukong watched the day die.

Soon, night was upon him. Various creatures could be heard, chirping or growling. A bustling ecosystem of life flourished, creatures hunting creatures, animals finding rest. The lonesome light of a single moon fluttered into existence above, dimly lighting the world around him.

The night continued its inevitable march forward.

Hours flew by.

Still, Sun Wukong sat, looking to the west.

Gradually, the night began to slip away. The light of the sun once again began its gentle creep over the horizon, back behind Sun Wukong on the opposite side of the tree.

A small smile appeared on Sun Wukong’s face as he spotted something else, however.

A group of figures had appeared in the distance, walking along one of the large roots to the World Tree that was directly adjacent to him.

“Wise Lady… have I made you proud?” Sun Wukong muttered as he gazed out at the distant group that was approaching him.

“The Free School of Thunder has begun to take action. The free-spirited Anomalies have left, with a guardian far more powerful than he understands, while my Beast Generals stand guard over the others and this Source World.” He talked to himself.

“Everything I have done, everything I have achieved in this life… I have made all the preparations I could.” He reflected quietly.

He was Sun Wukong.

The Monkey King.

The Almighty Ruler of the Graal Alliance.

An alliance he helped forge with blood and steel, conquering huge amounts of territory and pouring vast amounts of resources into it. A vast empire that spanned thousands of worlds, controlling trillions of lives.

All for a single mission, preparing for a single moment across its thousand-year history.

A single purpose.

To stop a single man.

A man that had become a God.

“I always knew you would make it back, my old sparring partner. The Divine Realm would hold little charm for you.” Sun Wukong shook his head, a sad smile appearing.

“Even if my eyes couldn’t see that far… I always suspected. Alas… it truly has come to pass.” He sighed.

“And yet… before we can truly meet, my time has come. Perhaps you and I can meet in the next.” Sun Wukong slowly began to stand up.

He took a look up at the early morning sky, his eyes growing distant.

“I… I have done my best, Wise Lady. I am but a simple monkey. I have done all I can for these 30,000 Worlds.” His gaze wavered as his shoulders hunched.

For a lone moment, it seemed like he was bearing an enormous burden upon his shoulders. One that had haunted him for a thousand years, one he bore silently, freely, out of love for life and its inhabitants, and a desire to do what was right.

Sun Wukong’s hands began to tremble. He clutched at his heart, his chest shivering. A few drops of blood appeared on his lips. His eyes flashed with light, a moment later, as he instantly regained control. He wiped the blood off on his hand and then looked at it, his eyes calm.

“But before I go… there is one more thing I must do.” He looked away from his blood, burning it off his hand in a flash as he began to walk towards the group of figures that were approaching him.

In no time at all, he intercepted them.

The group was not unfamiliar to him.

“Greetings, Lord Wukong!” Mello’s respectful voice echoed in the air as he nodded at Sun Wukong.

Behind Mello stood Xaphan and Aron, as well as three other unique looking beings. One looked as if he was made completely out of glowing, translucent crystal rocks, with a face carved from that rough crystal, towering 3 meters high. Another seemed to be half-woman, half-plant, with green eyes that glowed ominously. The last had dark red skin and looked vaguely like a Titan, except one that was much smaller and leaner, with stark blue hair, of all things.

Mello’s comrades that he had introduced to Sun Wukong before. Number 29, Number 40, and Number 83. At the time, they hadn’t picked names for themselves yet, according to what Mello claimed.

“I have come here to ask if there is any way we might be able to help you. While we might not all be the strongest, all of us have successfully broken into the King Class now and are-” Before Mello could finish, however, Sun Wukong cut him off.

“Hello, Mello, and company.” The Monkey King gave them all a somber smile as he continued,

“There actually is something you all can help me with.” Sun Wukong didn’t beat around the bush.

Mello’s jaw dropped open slightly as the extremely direct and abrupt response. He blinked for a single moment and then wiped away the expression of shock, giving Sun Wukong a strong nod.

“It has to do with one of your brethren. One you are familiar with. An Anomaly that goes by the name… Dorian.” Sun Wukong began.

Mello nodded quietly when he heard the name, giving away nothing. Aron and Xaphan, on the other hand, both seemed to freeze up, turning their full and complete attention over to Sun Wukong.

“I happen to know that he is soon to be in danger. Grave, mortal danger that cannot be avoided.” Sun Wukong paused for a moment.

In that pause, the usually silent Aron jumped forward, the metallic armor that covered him clanking.

“We must rescue him. We cannot allow our brother to die! Not him.” Aron’s words shook the air, full of conviction. Aron had never forgotten all that Dorian had done for him, back when Dorian had saved him on Magmor.

The other Anomalies seemed taken aback, especially the three newer ones, as they all turned and stared at him. None of them spoke, however, as Mello held up a hand.

“I know of him. What danger is he in?” Mello asked back quietly, his eyes flaring up.

Mello didn’t like humans. He didn’t like Shades. He didn’t like Aethmen. He didn’t even like monkeys.

He did, however, care about and like his fellow brethren. Those that came into this world, just like him. The ones he considered true family. Dorian even more so, given their alliance in the past.

“What danger… mm.” Sun Wukong turned away from the west, his gaze soaring out to the east, beyond the World Tree behind him.

“A being of great power has set off to kill him. If you all come with me, we will make it there in time. If you all do not… then we will be too late.”

“What being? Who is coming for him?” Mello cut in, a sense of urgency coloring his tone.

Sun Wukong turned to look back at Mello and sighed,

“A misguided fool.”

.. .. .. .. .. ..

“I can sense it. Finally, after all this time.” Zero’s laughter filled the air as he stood on the highest peak of the restructured planet of Hani. Lightning and wind blasted all around him, the erratic weather of the planet running roughshod over the atmosphere.

Time had passed quickly for the Secondborn. He had focused purely on meditation and thanks to that made great progress.

He was now fully restored, healed at a pace that exceeded his hopes. His boosted regeneration seemed to come about because of the current state of the now Exotic World of Hani.

This World had just undergone a huge change. Everything here was chaotic, with huge tracts of land and space suffering annihilation.

That change seemed to have even caused an effect in the Laws of the Universe itself.

Zero had found it easier than ever to draw upon the Law of Annihilation, especially so in his Angelic Class state.

His recovery speed has been greatly enhanced thanks to that.

And now…

Restored back to his prime, Zero made a discovery.

His soul had been purged of HIS presence. The soul remnant of Yukeli was no longer present. However, by removing that piece, his soul seemed to have gained an inherent draw to all of the other soul remnants, as if looking and seeking to try and become whole again.

His soul had grown used to that attachment, and without it, it felt like he was missing something.

This inherent draw pulled him in multiple directions, along invisible lines of Fate. Because of that, he found that he could sense these remnant souls, able to pinpoint almost exactly where he felt them, and transposing that on a mental map of the 30,000 Worlds.

But beyond even that… Zero found that he was able to distinguish between all of the remnant souls, by a simple factor.

He could roughly sort them by age.

He could detect how long each fragment had been in the 30,000 Worlds for, the remnant souls distinguishable by minute amounts. While Yukeli’s soul had obviously been in the 30,000 Worlds long ago, the traces of age Zero could sense covered only their time from their recent re-arrival.

And of all the soul fragments he could sense…

Only a single one felt older than the age of his own soul.

“Firstborn. The greatest achievement of HIM. The being that HE put most of his hopes into.” Zero clenched his fists.

A rippling, blood red Halo appeared around his head.

The air around him shivered, bright red light appearing and, just moments later, causing a small explosion. The mountain peak he stood on was obliterated into shards of dust as a huge, gaping hole in reality appeared. This tear in space itself was jagged, with black lines that shivered ominously.

However, instead of black nothingness caused by the tear, another world appeared within Zero’s vision.

By using his Law of Annihilation and Angelic Class Soul Spell Matrix, as well as all the Abilities of his various forms, Zero had had an epiphany.

He had discovered a way to rip through reality, gaining the ability to teleport from World to World, vastly increasing his travel speed.

“He is far to the east. If I travel as fast as I can, I should be able to reach him in just a couple of days.” Zero’s words cut through the air, the red light staining the world around him like blood.

“My brother… the only way HE can be killed is if I free all of his remnants and then kill him personally.” Zero’s chest heaved as he talked out loud to himself, causing the world around him to distort slightly, due to the sheer, massive amount of energy he was concentrating.

“I will put your Bloodlines to use against him. And I will kill him, no matter how difficult, no matter how painful, no matter how impossible it may prove to be. I will bear that burden.” The words boomed in the air.

Zero was silent for a moment, his eyes gleaming as he exhaled slowly.

“Forgive me. This is the only way you or I will ever truly be free.” Zero’s voice was somber.

It held a hint of anger, but also a hint of guilt and self-hatred. Beyond all of that, however…

It carried a tone of absolute determination.

“He must be stopped.”


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