Reborn: Evolving From Nothing / Reborn: Evolving From Nothing Chapter 168

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Just an fyi <3 this= note= does= not= affect= ss= price . ]= dorians= enormous= combined= offensive= slammed= into= the= dream= zones= horned= rabbit . = and= instantly= disintegrated= it . = the= poor= horned= rabbit= didnt= even= have= time= to= conceptualize= that= it= was= dead= before= it= was= obliterated= with= such= totality= that= even= the= air= near= it= was= destroyed= as= well,= for= several= dozen= meters . = boooom= rippling= explosions= and= black= fire= shook= the= air= as= the= graceful= white= fogscape= was= ripped= apart,= bolts= of= energy= and= static= flying= in= the= air . = dorians= eyesight= seemed= to= physically= shiver= as= the= world= around= him= shuddered,= unable= to= negate= his= attack . = oh…= he= snorted,= his= towering= draconic= form= shrinking= as= he= entered= his= balance= demon= form= and= released= his= perfect= body= ability . = well…= he= scratched= his= head= looking= down= at= the= damage= he= caused . = a= huge,= gaping= hole= could= be= seen= in= the= landscape,= a= hole= that= was= jagged= and= cut= into= the= air= itself,= like= a= hole= torn= in= reality . = i= guess= i= mightve= gone= a= bit= overboard . = ah= well . = rest= well,= good= rabbit . = he= bowed= slightly= towards= where= the= horned= rabbit= had= once= stood= and= then= shrugged . = guess= ill= go= through= it . = he= began= to= walk= towards= the= rippling= hole= in= reality,= sensing= the= disturbed= flow= of= energy= pulsing= around= it . = = = = = = = = the= shadowy= figure= of= kvoth= looked= down= at= the= dream= zone= trap,= his= eyes= confused . = living= years= dream= zone?= what= is= happening?= he= muttered= as= he= stretched= his= hands= forward,= trying= to= sense= the= energy= within= the= dream= zone . = because= he= could= only= control= roughly= 40%= of= the= dream= zone,= he= wasnt= intimately= aware= of= its= entire= status . = his= master,= the= great= dream= mentor,= had= set= far= too= high= requirements= to= access= his= inheritance,= even= for= kvoth,= his= third= disciple . = let= me= see…= kvoth= muttered,= closing= his= eyes . = it= seems= to= be= related= to= the= lord= class= fool= that= tried= to= save= his= comrades?= he= said= in= surprise . = kvoth= waved= his= hands,= black= energy= shooting= off= from= them= as= he= sifted= through= the= chaotic= energy= flow= of= the= dream= zone,= eventually= managing= to= zero= in= on= the= part= where= dorian= had= been= held . = a= recording= of= what= took= place= appeared= within= kvoths= mind . = hmm…hmm,= ah,= he= was= trapped= just= like= the= others . = everything= is= looking= normal . = hmm…= wait= what?!= he= can= trans-= hes= a= dragon?!= heavens= above!= and= it= sent-= it= sent= a= rabbit,= a= blasted= horned= rabbit,= to= fight= a= dragon?!= wait?!= whats= he= doing= now?!= hes= shooting= laser= beams= too?!= dragons= can= do= that?!= while= charging= and= throwing= up= a= sea= of= dragonfire?!= and= the= dream= zone= sent…= a= rabbit…= to= face= this?!= the= shadow= figure= spat= up= blood . = or,= rather,= it= tried= to,= but= once= more= remembered= that= it= didnt= actually= have= a= physical= body . = and= now= hes= escaping ?= no,= hes= still= in= there?!= well,= attack= him= again!= immediately!= = = = = = = = man,= thats= the= fourth= horned= rabbit= already . = how= many= of= these= things= is= it= going= to= throw= at= me?= dorian= muttered= as= he= casually= slapped= out= with= his= hand,= instantly= killing= the= horned= rabbit= that= had= charged= at= him= from= down= the= corridor . = he= currently= found= himself= in= a= maze . = after= he= tore= through= the= reality= of= the= dream= zone,= he= had= been= released= inside= a= literal= maze= of= corridors,= each= one= coated= in= flashing= fog= and= light . = unlike= the= foggy= dream= area= he= had= started= in,= the= walls= and= ground= of= this= area= seemed= to= be= actually= tough= to= break= through . = even= when= he= charged= up= a= hyperion= beam= and= imbued= it= with= black= flames,= he= was= unable= to= do= more= than= gouge= the= side= of= the= walls . = as= a= result,= he= opted= to= go= through= the= maze= like= he= was= expected= to . = the= white= and= grey= walls,= ceilings,= and= floor= of= the= maze= all= went= on= without= any= change= that= dorian= could= see,= apart= from= the= multiple= twists,= turns,= and= openings . = no= matter= what= path= he= took,= dorian= felt= as= if= he= recognized= nothing . = however,= with= his= jade= memory= at= his= disposal,= dorian= was= able= to= tell= that= every= path= he= had= taken= so= far= was= indeed= unique . = he= had= made= a= total= of= 27= different= turns,= all= without= having= to= turn= around . = this= maze= is= huge…= he= thought,= wiping= the= remains= of= the= horned= rabbit= off= his= hand= as= an= afterthought . = despite= these= creatures= not= being= real= according= to= ausra,= they= still= bled= and= died= as= if= they= were= living= beings . = i= feel= like= im= not= making= any= progress . = while= he= could= utilize= his= jade= memory= to= great= effect,= if= the= maze= was= big= enough,= it= didnt= matter= that= he= could= memorize= where= hed= been,= hed= still= remained= trapped= in= here . = if= only= i= knew= which= way= to= go…= he= muttered= out= loud= as= he= came= upon= an= intersection . = he= paused= as= he= saw= something= new= charging= at= him= in= the= distance,= coming= down= one= of= the= paths . = is= that…= no,= its= finally= not= a= horned= rabbit!= he= exclaimed= as= he= saw= the= beast= thunder= down= the= pathway,= aimed= right= at= him . = the= fog= swished= and= swayed= as= the= creature= rushed,= bearing= down= on= dorian . = its= a= two= horned= rabbit!= dorian= sent= out= a= light= push . = the= two= horned= rabbit= exploded,= killed= instantly . = = = = = = = = why= do= you= keep= sending= out= rabbits,= you= stupid= life= years= dream= zone?!?!= whyyyyyy?!= since= when= is= a= two= horned= rabbit= equal= to= a= maze= boss?!?!= the= shadowy= figure= tried= to= pull= out= his= hair= in= insane= frustration,= but= was= once= more= foiled= by= his= incorporeal= form . = he= screamed= in= frustration= at= the= dream= zone,= tears= of= remorse= and= anger= trying= to= appear . = but= failing . = he= was= still= a= shadow . = huff…= huff…= kvoth= wheezed= despite= not= having= lungs,= or= a= need= to= breathe,= as= he= looked= at= the= glowing= ball= of= light= and= fog,= slowly= regaining= control= of= his= emotions . = its= fine…= at= least= hes= still= trapped= in= the= inner= maze . = he= wont= be= able= to= break= through= it,= and= its= simply= impossible= hed= find= the= one= path= that= leads= to= the= core= matrix . = everything= is= okay . = he= slowly= breathed= a= sigh= of= relief . = wait= a= minute…= what= is= he= doing= now?!= = = = = = = = well,= here= goes= nothing . = dorian= shrugged= as= he= looked= at= the= two-sided= coin= and= then= back= up= at= the= two= diverging= paths . = heads= i= go= left,= tails= i= go= right . = he= said= aloud,= nodding= his= head= confidently . = he= had= no= idea= where= he= was= supposed= to= go . = the= maze= was= insanely= complex= and= huge . = trying= to= find= his= way= through= it= by= looking= for= clues= or= hints= was= probably= the= smart= idea,= but= also= felt= incredibly= boring . = why= not= just= cheat= through= it= instead?= i= command= you= to= show= me= the= right= way . = come= on,= fate!= show= me= that= anomaly= luck!= he= thought= as= he= flipped= the= coin= in= the= air . = he= pulled= on= his= soul= to= twist= fate,= feeling= a= couple= hundred= points= of= energy= vanish . = whoosh= the= coin= shivered= and= flipped= over= several= times= as= it= soared= through= the= air= before,= eventually,= landing= on= the= floor= with= a= resounding= clink . = heads . = left= it= is!= dorian= scooped= it= up= cheerfully= and,= without= hesitation,= began= to= jog= down= the= left= path . = everything= looked= basically= identical= to= him . = foggy= ground,= foggy= wall,= foggy= ceiling . = but= he= smiled= as= he= ran= down= it,= feeling= confident . = = = = = = = = hahahahaha,= to= think= i= got= so= worked= up= over= such= a= fool . = flipping= a= coin= to= determine= which= path= to= take?!= ahahaha!= kvoth= clutched= at= his= sides= as= he= watched= this,= feeling= as= if= he= was= regaining= control= of= his= emotions . = to= let= such= a= small= number= of= events= affect= him= so= much,= perhaps= he= really= was= getting= too= cooped= up= after= living= here= for= so= many= years . = ahh…= that= felt= good . = i= needed= that . = thank= you,= foolish= shade . = he= patted= himself= off,= breathing= deeply . = = = = = = = = hmm,= another= turn= here,= sounds= good!= oh,= this= way?= okay= magic= coin!= to= the= right,= to= the= right!= lemme= drop= it= down= low,= turn= left= on= the= up= row!= 20= turns= later…= oh?= the= passageways= seem= to= have= gotten= a= little= brighter?= dorian= observed= with= a= smile . = better= keep= going!= = = = = = = = what?!= no!= how= can= this= be?!= hes= actually= getting= closer= to= the= exit!= no,= i= will= not= allow= this!= kvoth= sputtered= in= anger,= his= incorporeal= eyes= flashing . = he= began= to= pull= some= of= his= focus= away= from= containing= the= two= king= class= mystic= martial= artists= in= the= trap,= instead= turning= the= free= energy= towards= dorian . = if= i= cant= use= the= life= years= dream= zone= to= attack= you,= ill= do= the= next= best= thing…= he= muttered,= his= hands= twitching . = ill= trap= you!= = = = = = = = oh?= dorian= paused= as= he= looked= at= the= coin= he= had= flipped= and= then= at= the= intersection= he= had= appeared= at . = he= was= making= incredible= speed= through= the= maze,= using= the= powerful= physique= his= balance= demon= form= possessed= to= make= fast= dashing= progress . = it= landed= on= its= side . = he= muttered,= frowning . = the= coin= he= was= flipping= was= a= random= small= piece= of= currency= he= had= obtained= when= picking= up= supplies= before= heading= to= magmor . = it= was= a= simple= piece= of= gold= with= the= head= of= an= old= man= wearing= a= crown= on= one= side,= and= a= large= chariot= drawn= by= a= horse= on= the= other . = but,= instead= of= landing= on= either= side,= it= was= currently= standing= on= its= edge . = what= does= that= mean…= he= scratched= his= head= in= confusion . = abruptly,= his= eyes= lit= up . = ah,= is= this= one= of= those= freaky= mazes= that= can= change= its= routes= on= you,= like= those= staircases= in= harry= potter?= he= thought,= his= eyes= shining . = he= scooped= up= the= coin,= looking= behind= him . = you= want= me= to= go= that= way?= he= flipped= the= coin= again . = tink= the= coin= landed= down= on= the= ground,= flipping= over= a= few= times= before= settling . = once= more,= landed= on= its= edge . = good= enough= for= me!= he= snagged= the= coin= and= turned= around,= starting= to= jog= backwards . = = = = = = = = what?!= how= is= it= possible?!= i= literally= just= started= messing= with= the= turns!= what?!= he= did= it= again?!= wait,= he= went= the= right= way= without= turning= around= this= time?!= how= is= he= doing= this?!= he= cant= keep= getting= away= with= it!!!= = = = = = = = after= about= twenty= more= turns,= dorian= smiled= with= satisfaction= as= he= found= himself= at= a= large,= glowing= white= doorway . = he= was= in= a= large,= circular= room= that= seemed= to= be= the= exit= of= the= large= maze,= one= that= looked= decidedly= different= than= the= monotonous= foggy= walls= he= had= grown= accustomed= to . = good= job,= lucky= coin . = you= really= did= me= a= solid . = he= patted= the= coin= in= his= hand,= giving= it= a= slight= bow . = one= last= flip…= should= i= go= through= the= doorway,= coin?= heads= if= yes,= tails= if= no . = he= muttered . = he= flipped= the= coin . = tink= it= landed= on= tails . = oh?= he= exclaimed= in= surprise,= staring . = he= looked= at= the= glowing= exit,= and= then= back= at= the= coin,= shrugging . = what= should= i= do?= should= i= turn= around= and= go= back= through= the= last= corridor?= flip= tink= heads . = alright,= sure= thing . = dorian= shrugged= a= second= time= and= turned= around,= using= his= lesser= magnetic= manipulation= ability= to= make= it= fly= into= his= hand= as= he= ran= back= the= way= he= came . = whoosh= the= moment= he= stepped= into= the= corridor,= and= out= of= sight= of= the= portal,= his= entire= body= vibrated= and,= abruptly,= he= vanished= from= the= maze . = he= had= managed= to= escape= from= it . = = = = = = = = …= …= …= life= years= dream= zone…= …why= are= you= the= way= that= you= are…= kvoth= looked= at= dorians= figure= as= he= successfully= made= it= out= of= the= maze,= entering= into= the= last= section= of= the= dream= zone . = the= core= matrix . = the= central,= and= most= vulnerable= area= in= the= dream= zone,= where= only= the= controller= should= have= access . = a= place= where= the= two= other= targets,= the= king= class= mystic= martial= artists,= were= currently= being= held . = the= fact= that= he= had= managed= to,= somehow,= impossibly,= make= it= through= the= maze= in= record= time,= even= dodging= every= single= trap= and= illusion= he= placed= down,= somehow= tricking= past= the= maze= itself…= its= not= fair…= kvoth= felt= as= if= he= was= about= to= tear= up= from= frustration . = he= took= several= deep= breaths,= trying= to= gain= control= of= his= emotions . = i= cant= direct= the= core= matrix= area= to= target= him= since= he= came= in= on= his= own…= kvoth= closed= his= eyes= slowly . = his= entire= shadowy= body= shook= as= he= stared= at= a= vision= of= dorian . = dorian= was= currently= prancing= around= the= core= matrix,= humming= to= himself= as= he= looked= around . = the= core= matrix= was= shaped= like= a= large= manor= with= several= rooms= connected= by= short= tunnels . = it= was= only= a= matter= of= time= before= he= found= his= two= king= class= subordinates . = how…how…= how= dare= you= desecrate= masters= dream= zone,= you= filthy= mongrel!= the= shadowy= figures= body= blurred= as= he= shot= forward= into= the= ball= of= light= and= fog,= chasing= after= dorian . = he= temporarily= pulled= back= a= large= part= of= the= energy= he= had= been= directing= to= fully= restrain= the= two= king= class= fighters . = with= that= pulled= away,= the= experts= would= have= a= real= chance= of= escaping= their= respective= traps,= even= if= they= were= ancient= warriors . = after= all,= the= trap= had= no= exact= direction= without= him= guiding= it . = old= monsters= like= those= at= the= king= class= would= usually= be= able= to= escape,= even= with= the= odds= stacked= against= them . = i= will= personally= wipe= you= out!= his= voice= was= quiet,= but= full= of= determination . = and= i= will= steal= that= lucky= coin,= too!=>

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