Reborn: Evolving From Nothing / Reborn: Evolving From Nothing Chapter 42: A Future of Possibilities

‘Ausra, list all the bloodlines I’ve fully grown. List their normal max growth levels too.’ He mentally commanded.

Any creature, technically, could grow to any Class. However, that was only through studying magic and experiencing the baptism of the laws of magic, or through rigorous mystic arts designed for physical combat. Both options were extremely difficult to pursue, and required intensive knowledge, time, talent, and training.

Lacking that, most creatures depended on their bloodlines to grow powerful. And every bloodline naturally had a physical limit in which their growth could not exceed, not without outside stimulus.

Fully Grown Bloodlines

Red Salamander – Sky Class

Myyr Dragon – Grandmaster Class (Middle)

Titan – Grandmaster Class – (Peak)

Human – Earth Class

“Four, huh?” He muttered, rubbing his chin as he looked them over.

‘Let’s see a list of the unused bloodlines, but sort them by Class, and limit it to Master Class at the lowest.’ He continued.

Immediately, a long list of bloodlines appeared.

Stored Bloodlines

Grandmaster Class

Virulent Wolf – – – True Vampire

Black Ambian Eagle – – – Midnight Bladetiger

Ester Ground Dragon – – – Giant Bore Snake

Tayzon Rhino

Master Class

Golem Wolf – – – Black Mire Wolf

White Rain Wolf – – – Fire Imp

Azure Finned Shark – – – Irontooth Horse

Gorrack Troll – – – Black Bellied Tiger


The number of quality bloodlines he’d managed to obtain over the past few days had risen quite nicely. He smiled with anticipation as he looked over them all, ideas already appearing in his mind.

Master Class bloodlines would be easier to grow to completion, but Grandmaster Class bloodlines would work better in combining to make stronger forms, from what Ausra told him. The higher the Class, the stronger the results.

Few bloodlines below Master Class would have anything significant or special about them. He’d gone over the lower level bloodlines with Ausra, and none of them had anything that stood out, apart from the Brown Treasure Clam and the Great Black Bear. He’d consider growing the clam later, when his strength was a bit more stable.

For his Master Class bloodlines, however, he didn’t need to grow all of the bloodlines to completion. Some bloodlines he planned on growing just to nab their natural Ability or Abilities.

‘Ausra, simulate combining my Red Salamander form with my Myyr Dragon form.’ He ordered, waiting. Ausra could simulate hybrid combinations for any bloodlines he’d fully grown.

Immediately, the world around him shifted as his vision was transferred to his Evolution Space, a misty fogscape where he could preview any form before he chose it, if he wanted to.

Two images popped up in front of him. The physical form of his Red Salamander, the powerful looking lizard, and the hulking draconic form of his Myyr Dragon.

These two figures began to slide towards each other.

‘Calculating the optimal blood mergence level… Running total scan through stored data… Biometrics are in effect, graphing and tracing cross-species transmutation…’ Ausra’s voice in his head ran through what sounded like a bunch of specialized measurements, though to him personally it sounded like nonsense.

‘New species simulated. Applying cross-referenced typical naming sense to this and all future species. Estimates of a creature’s physical appearance, strength, and the logged Abilities it will learn have been predicted with virtually 100% confidence.’

Soon, a new form appeared in front of Dorian.

Giant Green Scaled Salamander – Grandmaster Class (Early)

Maximum Energy Level: 109

Ability: Flame Claws, Bulk

This new species has tough defensive scales while a powerful inner and tensile strength. Its durability is its strong suit, as is its powerful size and strength. It is sorely lacking in speed, however. Thanks to the increase in growth potential, this creature can enter the Grandmaster Class, increasing its perception of time. It will learn the Ability Bulk, an active magical power that enhances the outer defense of a creature.

Dorian looked at the new species, a bit disappointed. It was big and tough looking, but not nearly as strong as just the base Myyr Dragon, though the Bulk Ability did sound useful.

‘Simulate the combination of a Myyr Dragon and a Titan.’

A few moments later and Ausra came back with a response,

‘There are two possible permutations, both new species. I will show the data for both.’

Draconian Titan – Grandmaster Class (Peak)

Maximum Energy Level: 894

Ability: Condense, Emerald Flames

An offshoot of the Titan breed, combined with an ancient species of dragon, Draconian Titans have stronger defensive capabilities when compared to regular Titans thanks to their tough scales. Their sharp claws offer them a stronger piercing power, and their energy levels are a small amount higher. Their draconic bloodline leaves them with the powerful ability to breathe Emerald Flames, while maintaining the Condense Ability all Titans possess.

Giant Myyr Dragon – Pseudo-Lord Class

Maximum Energy Level: 1,452

Ability: Emerald Flames

A previously unseen breed of Myyr Dragon, Giant Myyr Dragons stand a towering 6 and a half meters high. Their increased size folds over into a vast increase in strength and durability. The energy level of a Giant Myyr Dragon is much larger than that of a regular Myyr Dragon.

Dorian’s eyes lit up. His Myyr Dragon form transformed into a Giant Myyr Dragon that was Pseudo-Lord Class! He knew that his normal Titan form reached the Pseudo-Lord Class when Condensed, gaining a huge amount of strength.

What would happen if he Condensed this giant draconic form?

As he considered this, he asked Ausra a question.

‘Ausra, what is so special about the Lord Class?’

‘The Lord Class is a very large divide between beings of any kind. Lord Class beings are able to gather the energy of the world around them, forming an Aura. To reach the Lord Class, a being needs to gather a certain understanding of the natural laws of the universe, allowing their soul to reach new peaks.’ Ausra continued,

‘Beasts with Lord Class bloodlines are exceedingly rare because for one to naturally grow into the Lord Class, one needs to be born with an innate connection to the laws of the universe. Any blow from a creature containing the natural laws of the universe will be exceedingly powerful.’

‘That said, even if one has an innate connection to the laws of the universe, that is no guarantee that you will reach the Lord Class.’

‘The Soul Spell Matrix you have can allow you to evolve your physical form, but manipulating the laws of the universe will require your own personal understanding.’

Dorian frowned.

It seemed it was possible he could reach the Lord Class, at least in terms of his Soul Spell Matrix, but if he wanted to effectively use that level of power, he’d need to gain an understanding of the laws of the universe.

‘Is it possible to match up to attacks using the laws of the universe using just physical strength?’ He asked, rubbing his chin. He had little faith in his chances at understanding the laws of the universe. It was possible he might be a natural at it, especially if he could find a bloodline with an innate connection to the laws, but still…

Ausra was quiet for a moment,

‘Technically, it should be possible, yes. Enough physical strength could completely overwhelm even King Class beasts using the laws of the universe in their blows, though I have no record of any creature with such unrelenting physical prowess.’ Ausra replied, almost hesitating.

Dorian smiled. If that was the case, he had no worries. All he needed to do was focus on getting stronger and stronger.

If he was able to ‘master the laws of the universe’ then he would, but if not, he would just focus on becoming overwhelmingly physically powerful. He would work on both at the same time for now.

He considered testing what his human bloodline could combine with before scrapping it for now.

‘No offense to humans,’ he thought, shaking his head, ‘but their bloodline is kinda trash. The fact that they were able to pull themselves up to be the dominant species in the 30,000 Worlds just speaks of their incredible determination and ingenuity.’

‘I need to grow more bloodlines.’ Dorian felt an overwhelming urge to grow more and more bloodlines, to create more and more new species. He saw a path for himself right now, to true power.

He would create a being so physically powerful even other creatures that used the laws of the universe to attack him would be unable to scratch him. His eyes shined at the mere thought.

He would have the power, then, to live by the morals and rules he chose to live by, without fear.

And anyone that stood in his way… His eyes flashed darkly.

Dorian took a brief moment to look over the current growth energy he had stored in his soul.

-Human – Growth Stage: (2/2) Human Adult –

Growth Progress – 3,229/0 –

‘3,229…’ He thought, nodding his head. It was enough to evolve a beast, at the least, to the Sky Class.

‘Ausra, Evolve me into a Great Black Bear.’ Since he had the time, right now, the first thing he would do was start racking up useful Abilities.

The Great Black Bear bloodline he had stolen from one of Mello’s clones had the Ability Great Strength.

Ability: Great Strength

Description: A widespread Ability found in a variety of beasts. Actively boosts the physical strength output a being can expend by a moderate, but significant, amount through the mystic laws of the universe. Uses a low amount of energy, and can be passively activated for beings at the Grandmaster Class or higher. For those below the Grandmaster Class, it can be activated at will.

The reason he’d been hellbent on getting the bloodline of those bears was due to their Ability.

Specifically, the fact that it could be passively activated. Once a being entered the Grandmaster Class, the rate at which they would restore energy to themselves was much faster than, say, a Sky Class beast or Earth Class beast.

A passive Ability like this was absolutely one he wanted to add to his repertoire.

-Great Black Bear – Growth Stage: (1/3) Bear Cub –

Growth Progress – 3,229/40

Dorian’s body began to shift, his human form condensing upon itself downward. Black fur began to cover his skin as he shrank in size, falling to a mere third of a meter in height. His human hands were replaced with small, adorable bear claws, his human nose turned into a short bear snout.

The Spatial Ring he had received from the now dead vampire Wizard Ralf was a special one that would adapt to its user’s finger size. That, apparently, included beasts too, he noted, as he stared at the small ring that gleamed on one of the tiny claws on his right hand.

If nothing else, he was a fashionable bear cub.

He smiled. The bear’s bloodline maximized its strength at the Sky Class, it was only natural that its growth stages would require a pittance of energy. He would probably be able to fully Evolve it and gain its natural ability all in a single night.

‘After Evolving, your Soul requires a short period of time to adapt to a new form. Your Soul is currently at the Grandmaster Class Stage. Therefore, you will require roughly 6 hours for your body to fully adapt to this form. The stronger your soul, the less the adaptation period.” Ausra’s voice appeared in his head, predictably.

Dorian nodded. He then waddled over to his bed, and hopped on it, snuggling up in the blankets.

A future of possibilities was just now opening up to Dorian, and he was ready to greet them.

But first, he would sleep. He needed to wear off the 6 hour adaptation period, anyway, and doing so in private was his best bet.

Tomorrow, he would go out into the wilds of Taprisha, and test out his Giant Myyr Dragon form. Testing it inside a room in an Inn seemed… rather inadvisable. He’d also check the other possible hybrid forms he could make, just in case anything rare or interesting popped up. For now, though… rest.

Soon, the light snores of a bear cub softly rang out from Dorian’s room as the evening quickly turned to night.

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