Reborn: Evolving From Nothing / Reborn: Evolving From Nothing Chapter 50: A Calm Night

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‘I got it.’ He nodded his head.

He’d mentally laid out his optimal choices, after consulting Ausra. It was a tough choice.

He could choose the Master Class Black Mantle Leopard, to gain the External Camouflage Ability.

The Fire Imp to gain an innate connection with Fire Magic, and pave his road to studying magic.

The Black Ambian Eagle to gain flight.

The Solar Rock Lizard to gain the Hyperion Beam Ability, and a powerful form to integrate.

The True Vampire to gain another powerful form, and an innate connection with Blood Magic.

Or the Virulent Wolf to increase his survivability.

All the other choices had benefits and possibilities as well, but these were the ones he designated as the most optimal.

In terms of physical strength, his Giant Myyr Dragon form had the best of it, especially in his Condensed form. He had absolutely pummeled that mutated Solar Rock Lizard at the end. Unless he was facing a Lord Class beast that had some level of comprehension of the laws of the universe, he would have nothing to fear.

What he didn’t have, however, was survivability. Even a few Master Class Black Spotted Leopards were able to pierce through his defensive scales and injure him. The Hyperion Beam of that Solar Rock Lizard could have easily killed him if he hadn’t managed to dodge it. Even then, it still blasted through his right wing, injuring him.

Even now, in his human form, part of his back was still tender. The injury on his wing had mostly healed, but the remnants translated over into this form when he switched.

Some of the bloodlines he’d absorbed had some defensive capabilities. The Tayzon Rhino, called the Meng Hao in some regions, was a creature noted for its incredibly thick skin. They were large, tough creatures with a high level of strength and durability, ones that were incredibly annoying to kill. They had the Ability known as Sharp Horn, which let them increase the sharpness and edge of the giant horn they bore on their head.

If Dorian absorbed that bloodline into his main form to create a hybrid, he’d most likely gain a good deal of defensive strength.

But the cost also seemed apparent. The Tayzon Rhino wasn’t exactly the fastest creature, its powerful defenses coming with a steep price.

His newly acquired Heavy Scaled Lizard had a similar problem. It was a great, four-meter large lizard, practically a dinosaur in Dorian’s eyes, with dark blue scales and muscular arms and legs. It was tough, and durable, but relied on thick layers of scales and blubber to keep it safe.

Taking in the defensive prowess of either breed would slow him down immensely.

‘Ausra, Evolve me into the Virulent Wolf.’ He made his choice.

– Virulent Wolf –

A resilient wolf-type creature, renowned for its incredible regenerative properties and its unique healing Ability known as Restore. These wolves have an incredibly powerful life force. Valued for their rare bloodline, these creatures are often harvested and used in magic spells. Virulent Wolves possess incredibly powerful regenerative properties, but weak physical strength, and are easily captured. At its highest potential growth stage, it reaches the Grandmaster Class.

He pulled up the information on the creature, nodding his head.

The Virulent Wolf’s regenerative properties were incredibly strong, and they had access to decent healing Ability known as Restore.

The downsides of weak physical strength could be easily ignored thanks to his already sizable level of power.

-Absorbing Virulent Wolf bloodline-

-Body Reconstruction in progress-

Dorian’s body shifted and began to transform, his human features shifting inward. Black fur began to sprout from his body, covering him from head to toe. His spine pulled downward and his face began to elongate.

In a split second, Dorian transformed into a small, half meter long Virulent Wolf puppy.

-Virulent Wolf – Growth Stage: (1/4) Wolf Pup –

Growth Progress – 96,827/1,800 –

Ausra’s usual message about his soul adapting rang out in his mind.

Dorian began to trot around in his room, looking at everything that had become suddenly giant from his perspective.

He shrugged, a decidedly odd gesture for a wolf pup, and then jumped on his bed.

‘Ausra, this time wake me up before I’m supposed to transform, alright? Don’t just transform me in my sleep.’ Last time he’d broken the bed he’d slept on, and he wanted to avoid a repeat of that. He didn’t know how many more strange glances he could bear from that Innkeeper.

‘As you wish.’

He smiled at the reply, and then hopped up on his bed, settling into sleep.

As afternoon faded to evening, and evening faded to night, a small, petite female vampire could be seen, standing alone atop one of the many palaces in Potor City.

Helena tugged at the hem of her dress, making sure she wore it properly as she looked out towards the west. Her eyes gave off a faint, red glow as she focused, trying to look thousands of miles into the distance.

“Where are you?”

She sighed.

A moment later, an aged, gaunt vampire appeared on the palace roof just a few meters away. He wore a loose set of robes, with short white hair and a pale face.

“Lady Helena.” The skinny Blood Wizard motioned at her.

“What did they have to say?” She responded, shivering in the night air. She wasn’t cold, merely annoyed.

Her mission was to find the odd Anomaly that was on Hasnorth. She’d gotten sidetracked by agreeing to help out Trajan and Probus as they engaged their target, trying to drive it away.

The Blood Trackers she’d brought with her had set about trying to find any trace of the Anomaly that they could. They’d gained reports from intelligence sources that it was supposedly fleeing here to Taprisha. It was most likely to be found here in Potor.

Unfortunately, it felt like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

The closest they’d gotten was suspecting that the Anomaly had transformed into a Titan, and was hiding in the city after killing one of the local Palace Masters. Tracking through Fate had proven useless, and the trail had long since grown cold.

There was the other matter of the Potor City Lord dying. This had made it extremely inconvenient to gather together the local forces as they fought against each other to decide the new City Lord.

“Their target is fast approaching the city. It will arrive by tomorrow.” The man’s report was short. Helena gave him a nod and dismissed him with a wave of her hand. He bowed and then left the roof, vanishing into the night.

“Arrrgh!” She stamped her foot in frustration.

As she did so, the roof of the palace creaked, dozens of meter long cracks spreading out. She looked down at the now collapsing roof in surprise and guilt.

Her form vanished and reappeared atop one of the neighboring palaces. Twelve of them were gathered all right next to each other, making for convenient perches.

She pretended to not see the warrior and Wizards that appeared in half a panic, spreading out around the collapsing palace roof. Yells and shouts rang out as swords were drawn and spells cast, trying to find the intruder.

Her gaze returned to look deep into the distance, completely unperturbed,

“My Anomaly… where have you gone…? Don’t you want to meet me…?”

Time passed, and night swiftly began to turn to day.

‘Your body is ready to transform.’ Ausra’s voice woke Dorian, the early morning light just now gleaming through his shuttered wooden window.

He yawned, stretching his tiny wolf pup body. It felt luxurious, his bones cracking and warming up. He hopped off the bed, walking around in the Inn bedroom.

‘Alright, alright.’ He’d made Ausra wait a little extra to warn him, wanting to get some sleep in.

‘Evolve me fully.’ He intended to completely integrate his wolf bloodline.

‘Evolving to Virule-‘

‘Evolving to Virulent Wolf’s 3r-‘

‘Evolving to Virulent Wolf’s 4th Growth Stage.’ Three quick messages, two of them partially cut off, all appeared in his mind, as he reached the maximum Growth Stage of the Virulent Wolf, expending a huge amount of energy.

-Virulent Wolf – Growth Stage: (4/4) Elder Wolf –

Growth Progress – 48,882/0 –

Dorian’s body expanded, growing to stand two meters in height, and several meters in length. His limbs grew longer, becoming lanky, and covered in even more layers of black fur. His snout elongated, and his claws grew sharper.

As he grew into this form, he felt a powerful feeling of health appear. As if he would never grow sick again, as if every cell in his body was full of energy.

As this happened, he felt the Life Elemental energy he’d absorbed the other day seem to flow into his body, melding with it.

‘Your Virulent Wolf form has undergone a mutation, consuming the Life Elemental energy in your body. Evolving to its newer form.’

-Lesser Life Wolf – Growth Stage: (5/5) Elder Wolf –

Growth Progress – 48,882/0 –

‘What?’ Dorian replied as his body expanded once more, growing to a larger, 2 and a half meters in height. His black fur was replaced with a paler, grey fur. His eyes gained a deep, lustrous green color, and his entire body seemed to take on a slight, white halo.

The feeling of health seemed to grow even stronger.

‘You have gained the Ability Restore.’

‘Your Ability Restore has evolved into the Ability Constant Regeneration.’

Ability: Constant Regeneration

A passive Ability that is found among high-level Life Aspected creatures, as well as Trolls, and other beings with powerful life forces, Constant Regeneration draws energy from the laws of the universe to provide a consistent and repeated level of regeneration. This Ability can fully restore lost limbs, heal destructive wounds, and restore damaged organs at a moderate pace, drawing only a small amount of energy from the Soul Spell Matrix.

‘Awesome!’ Dorian grinned, his eyes opened wide. He took a few steps, feeling the strength in this body.

‘Ausra, what Class is a Lesser Life Wolf?’ He asked, pleased. He’d known it was possible for a beast to mutate, but this was the first time he’d experienced it. Eating that Life Element Golden Apple had proven unexpectedly rewarding.

‘The Peak of the Grandmaster Class.’ Ausra replied.

Dorian shrugged, still pleased. He hadn’t expected it to be a Lord Class, but still. The original Virulent Wolf had maximized its growth at the beginning of the Grandmaster Class. For its new form to reach the Peak of the Grandmaster Class, it was already fantastic.

‘Okay.’ He immediately began to plan, continuing as he ordered,

‘Ausra, run simulations on all forms it can merge with. Discard any weak forms, and show the ones with the most merged bloodlines or the strongest.’

‘Acknowledge. Scanning… gathering data… one moment.’ Ausra replied coolly.

‘Complete. I have found three results.’

-Combining: Titan Bloodline, Human Bloodline, and Lesser Life Wolf Bloodline-

Lesser Life Werewolf – Grandmaster Class (Middle)

Maximum Energy Level: 521

Ability: Condense, Constant Regeneration

A previously undiscovered species, Lesser Life Werewolves are a weaker breed related to the legendary Lord Class Werewolf. While they don’t possess the same genetics as the powerful Werewolf race, their racial similarities are undeniable. Containing a powerful form of regeneration and virile strength, these creatures are not to be trifled with. These beasts have powerful physical strength, but maximize their growth at a relatively low level, hampering their potential.

-Combining: Great Black Bear Bloodline, Lesser Life Wolf Bloodline, and Myyr Dragon Bloodline-

Undying Green Scaled Bear- Grandmaster Class (Peak)

Maximum Energy Level: 922

Ability: Great Strength, Constant Regeneration, Emerald Flames, Long Clawed Strike

A previously undiscovered species, Undying Green Scaled Bears are durable and strong, with powerful regenerative abilities. The faint traces of draconic blood gives them access to the Emerald Flames Ability, making them a deadly foe for any encounter. They maximize their growth at the Peak of the Grandmaster Class. The Ability Long Clawed Strike allows them to launch a long-range attack, making up for their slower speed.

-Combining: Human Bloodline, Lesser Life Wolf Bloodline, Giant Myyr Dragon Bloodline

Lesser Throne Demon – Pseudo-Lord Class

Maximum Energy Level: 2,945

Ability: Constant Regeneration, Demonic Eyes, Condense

Lesser Throne Demons are a rare, mutated offshoot of the mostly extinct race of Demons. Talented at Life Aspected Magic, these demonic creatures were extremely difficult to kill, and hold an incredibly virile life force. Throne Demons originally came into existence from experiments on members of the Draconic Race. As a result of this, and the resulting wars with the Draconic Tribe, Throne Demons, and the Demon Race in general, fell to near extinction.

Dorian looked over the three species listed, his smile growing on each one.

‘Powerful!’ Even the weakest of the three options was at the middle of the Grandmaster Class.

The more and more creature’s bloodlines he absorbed, the better and stronger evolutions Ausra could calculate.

The Lesser Life Werewolf sounded interesting, especially the mention of its relationship to the legendary ‘Werewolf’ which was a Lord Class bloodline that he’d not seen or heard of yet. The long ranged Ability of the Undying Green Scaled Bear had its perks, and the form, in general, sounded like a powerful tank.

But what most delighted Dorian was his last choice. The Lesser Throne Demon.

With a Maximum Energy Level of 2,945, choosing it would make his soul far stronger! Energy Levels, according to Ausra, were a common way to understand the total strength of a creature. The more powerful your soul, the faster and stronger a creature typically was.

A being’s perception of time was tied to the Energy Level of their Soul.

A Lord Class being would have a Maximum Energy at least at 5,000. His Lesser Throne Demon was already more than halfway to that.

The Energy Level of a creature itself didn’t decide everything. Being able to infuse the laws of the universe into a blow could increase the power behind an attack by a factor of ten, or even more.

Still, the stronger his physical form got, the easier it would be for him to last and survive in this world.

Evolving to any hybrid form would cost him a certain amount of energy, and he didn’t want to be wasteful. His choice here, however, was clear.

‘Ausra, Evolve me into the Lesser Throne Demon.’

Author’s Edits:

Made a retroactive change that I forgot to put in. When Dorian made his Giant Myyr Dragon hybrid, it should’ve cost him a large amount of energy, ~2,000 points. Went back and changed this.

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