Reborn: Evolving From Nothing / Reborn: Evolving From Nothing Chapter 53: Meeting

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“Oho? What’s this? My first fire was broken?”

“Not bad, fair maiden. My respect, you’ve earned a token!”

“But wisdom is what I seek, like these words I do share!”

“Please, share your knowledge on perfection, without a care!”

The dragon’s words echoed in her ears, this time in a language she understood.

Helena grit her teeth, her arms held up in a guard position as the massive, orange dragon landed on the ground in front of her, a long trail of flames searing the air behind it. Its head turned to focus down on her, at a slight angle. Its form seemed almost incorporeal, a mixture of energy, flames, and flesh that was almost indistinguishable.

Not only that, the air around it vibrated with a raw sense of almighty power. The Aura of a King Class beast.

The Lord Class and the King Class. The two levels were both insanely strong, in comparison to weaker creatures.

But between the two Classes, there lied an incredible gap.

A Lord Class being was one that had gained enough of an understanding of the laws of the universe to imbue at least one Law into their Aura.

Helena had gained an understanding of the Law of Might. A Universal Law that focused entirely on massive strength, on achieving the ultimate source of power, by imbuing one’s attacks with the very essence of Might.

She studied Impact Magic, one of the three Great Physical Magics, apart from Sundering Magic and Piercing Magic. She had gained her understanding of the Law of Might from her studies and from live combat.

She was a powerful vampire that had trained her body to the very limit, practicing 14 hours every single day against countless powerful opponents and foes.

As a child, she was hailed as a genius, a prodigy without equal in terms of physical prowess.

She’d trained every single day of her life for the past 47 years, a young age for a vampire, with a singular goal in mind.

To become strong enough to fight for her hero, Highlord Marcus. A man who’d sacrificed everything to protect her, and her Family.

She was a powerful, Pseudo-King Class Wizard and warrior, with the elite Aurelius Family blood running through her veins.

And as she stood looking up at the ephemeral face of the dragon before her, she truly realized the difference between the Lord Class and the King Class.

Achieving the Lord Class merely required one to be able to imbue the laws of the universe into one’s attacks. In Helena’s case, the Law of Might. Her understanding had reached a point where she could borrow certain aspects and energy from this Universal Law, integrating it into her attacks. The more she practiced, the stronger her soul would grow, and the stronger her Energy Level would become.

Achieving the King Class was a little different.

Instead of just being able to borrow strength from a Law…

One had to completely master it.

‘With the Demonic Eyes Ability, my scanning capacity has been greatly enhanced. Scanning the creatures before you now…’ Ausra’s voice rang out in Dorian’s head.

Before Dorian stood a female vampire, with rather muscular arms, wearing a slim, tight fitting black dress. She had short, black hair, and the air around her seemed to distort slightly, a hazy red aura surrounding her.

Not too far away from her was a giant, several meters tall dragon, dwarfing the small vampire fighter. The dragon had bright, orange scales and was covered in writhing flames. The air around the leviathan seemed to on fire as well, a strange Aura covering it.

Species: True Vampire

Class – Lord Class (Pseudo-King)

Maximum Energy Level: 98,235

Species: Transcendent Flame Dragon

Class – King Class (Middle)

Maximum Energy Level: 847,395

“Oh my god, are you freakin’ kidding me?!” Dorian’s mouth fell down in shock as he stared at the energy figures.

He had just been celebrating reaching an Energy Level of almost 3,000.

Yet even the weakest of the fighters before him had an incredible Energy Level of almost 100,000.

And the even larger dragon had a mind-boggling Energy Level approaching 850,000.

He was standing on the western wall of the city, breathing slightly hard from exertion. After coming up with a general plan, he had dashed in the direction of the fireball, moving as fast as he could. The entire city was thrown into chaos at the moment, and no one paid attention to a slim, scaled humanoid running across the city.

In his Lesser Throne Demon form, jumping from house to house continuously was no problem. he was far faster and more agile than he was in his Giant Myyr Dragon form, though he missed the wings he’d used for gliding.

It had taken him only a brief period of time to cross the miles wide city and arrive at the wall.

The guards and fighters that normally patrolled the wall had long since fled, as had most of the wizards in the face of the seemingly unblockable attack. It made it rather convenient for him to stand here, though, so he wasn’t complaining.

“Woah!” A rippling explosion tore through the air as, a few hundred meters from Dorian, the female vampire warrior began to engage the dragon.

Even with his vastly enhanced visual acuity and enhanced body, Dorian could only just barely make out the movements of the warrior. She moved incredibly quickly, in extremely fast bursts, unleashing a deluge of blows towards the huge dragon.

Every time she punched forward, two glowing white circles would appear, near her arms.

Dorian couldn’t actually see anything leave her hand as she punched, but he could sense and hear the shockwaves created from each attack. A dozen large craters soon formed in the ground, dirt and rock exploding outward up into the air.

Blow after blow rained down upon the dragon, colliding with the layer of flames protecting it. Several of these punches actually forced the drake back several meters.

A deep, thundering voice rang out,

“Your strength is good, it’s true, but its perfection is lacking.”

“Allow me to show you true fire, embers that are cracking!”

The mighty dragon flapped its large wings, causing it to soar backwards thirty meters. As it did so, its chest heaved.

The air shook for the briefest instant.

A moment later, a pure, white beam of light bast forth from the dragon’s mouth. This beam was at least three meters across, and shot forward at a blurringly fast speed.

The female vampire, meanwhile, seemed to have guessed the dragon’s intent, and had dodged to the left just in time before it unleashed its attack. The beam moved so quickly that by the time Dorian was able to register its existence, it had already passed.

It slammed into the ground, melting through rock and stone, and pierced through the entire, roughly 80 miles wide plateau that housed Potor City. A long, smooth tunnel of melted rock and air formed, completely seared through. The female vampire was sent tumbling through the air before stopping herself, turning to face the dragon.

“Hahaha, my beam fire is strong, is it not?”

“Created from my study of flame, it is quite hot!”

The dragon’s odd, rhyming way of speaking washed over Dorian as it paused, looking at the vampire expectantly, as if waiting for something.

Just a few moments earlier:

Helena’s chest heaved, her entire body trembling. Every single sense in her was yelling at her to scream, to run away. That if she stayed, only certain death was left for her.

It was the same feeling she got when she had faced General Carus.

‘You can do this! You need to!’ Her inner voice rang out as she forced herself to dodge the side, to keep moving and not let the dragon lock on to her.

It was extremely powerful, yes, but it was a known fact that the larger you were, the harder it was to move fast or agilely. Her small, lithe form gave her a big advantage in terms of pure, raw speed.

She knew, right here and now, that she needed to stop this dragon for as long as possible. If she didn’t, it would almost certainly continue its attack on the city.

‘Should I go lower in the Royal Series?’ She thought, her mind perturbed.

The Royal Impact Series was a series of spells created by the forefather of Impact Magic, Immanuel Hope. Each number in the series was a unique and powerful spell that carried massive amounts of force.

‘No.’ She shook her head. Grand Meteor, the 6th Impact, was already her limit. Her arms were already throbbing from having unleashed it, and half a dozen other Impact Spells.

As she was thinking this, the giant dragon spoke aloud,

“Your strength is good, its true, but its perfection is lacking.”

“Allow me to show you true fire, embers that are cracking!”

Its head zeroed in directly on her as it leapt backwards, its great wings fluttering. It began to raise its chest and head.

As it did so, the sixth sense that Helena had trained from over 40 years of practice and combat came into play. A deepset premonition overtook her.


If she did not move now, she would die.

“Impact Magic: Royal Impact Series Twelve.” She cast a spell that she had already stored up the energy for, able to release it with a single thought.

“World Waterfall Impact.”

The force of a vast, miles wide waterfall concentrated just to her right as she let the spell loose. Immediately, her body jerked in the opposite direction, a sonic boom echoing out as she forcibly dodged, moving almost instantaneously. Several of her ribs cracked at the impact, unable to bear the blow.

Not a split second later, a blinding beam of light shot into where she’d been standing.

A virtual wave of heat washed over Helena, melting through her innate barrier. She felt her skin burn as she covered her eyes, protecting herself.


Her body rolled and tumbled on the ground, sliding for a good dozen meters before she managed to smash her right leg down, planting it a foot deep into the earth, stopping herself. She coughed up blood as she forcibly hauled herself to her feet, her eyes watering.

‘Crap.’ Her injuries were severe. Her entire body had been burned, the flesh seared red. She’d protected her eyes, but her arms, legs, and torso were in constant pain. She almost fainted at the agony, but forced herself to stand, raising her hands in a guarded position.

A snarl appeared on her face as a crazed light appeared in her eyes.

If she was to die, then she should give it everything she had, even her life. She would not fail the Highlord.

“Hahaha, my beam fire is strong, is it not?”

“Created from my study of flame, it is quite hot!”

The dragon spoke yet again, its voice deep and powerful. Helena listened to the words, and then shook her head angrily. It sounded like it was mocking her struggles against its vast, overwhelming strength.

As she looked up at its arrogant, draconic face standing far overhead, she made a mental decision.

Her body was currently trying to shut down, the severe damage she’d suffered almost fatal. The situation looked hopeless.

She would need to give everything she had.

“Impact Magic: Royal Impact Series Number 3.” Her hands shook as she clasped them together, preparing to unleash a spell she knew her body couldn’t survive.

Energy began to gather in her arms as she readied herself.

Before she could fully cast the spell, prepared to sacrifice her life and perish, another voice yelled out, full of cool confidence.

“Ho, my fellow brother! Fair tidings to thee!”

“Your flames contain powerful might, I do there see!”

Dorian’s voice echoed as he finished yelling and walked up to the side of the city wall.

He clenched his fists nervously as he jumped through the air, landing down hard on the ground outside the city wall. He cleared his throat, almost tripping as he did so. The ground near the city wall was cluttered with rocks and debris.

The air here was almost unbearable, the ungodly heat washing over him like magma slogging off a volcano. He felt his entire body seem to shrink together, his scales merging to shrug off the heat.

The hulking brute of a dragon turned its attention away from the female vampire, its head cocking to the side as it looked at Dorian’s diminutive figure. Dorian felt that a similar innate connection he had felt with Mello coming off of the dragon before him, though one that felt very slightly different.

“Ah hello! Greetings fellow brother!” The dragon’s massive figure shook, the powerful layers of flame around it expanding slightly. Abruptly it began to transform, shrinking inward.

In just a scant moment, its massive, 50 meters long form shrank to a much smaller, 8 and a half meters long form, only around fourish meters high. About the same size as Dorian’s regular Myyr Dragon form.

The hazy Aura of orange fire stayed around it, however, giving off a feeling of raw, dominating power.

“I’ll shrink, lest my flames do smother.” The dragon’s voice was higher pitched now as it flew forward, landing a half dozen or so meters from Dorian. It continued its rhyming speech, not giving him a chance to respond,

“I’ve come with a question, fair brother, to ask.”

“Wisdom I do seek, a most difficult task.”

“We search and journey for perfection, to achieve the unachievable.”

“But what is perfection? I look to conceive the inconceivable.”

The dragon’s head nodded as it paused, its eyes growing distant.

Dorian stayed focused on it every movement, listening to every word its spoke. His plan was growing more and more solid as his understanding of the dragon grew.

The Eleventhborn continued, his words growing louder and louder. Every line he said conveyed a certain degree of power, authority, and importance, as if they held incredible meaning and passion.

“In my short life, I’ve heard certain words of wisdom.”

“That perfection is in fire, conveyed deeply with rhythm.”

“So I ask you, to now, speak words in return.”

“Is perfection found in that which must burn?”

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