Riot Grasper

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Agatsuma Seiji didn’t have a diverse life but he also didn’t expect to suddenly pass away. As he hasn’t been happy on the Earth, he selected to reincarnate in another universe. When he wakes up, he receives a unique ability, Thief’s Godly Skill (Riot Grasper). This signifies that Agatsuma can thoughtfully robe other people’s talents.

Seiji searched for pleasures in the previous world. What does he aspire to find now with his specific feature? Will he change his values?

“People are too predictable. It’s annoying.”
“I disagree with your point.”
“Please, make it for me!”
“I want to flee from this place!”

Will Seiji follow morality and act honestly or he will utilize the function of burgling others?

Riot Grasper

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