Science Shall Prevail Over Magic / Science Shall Prevail Over Magic Chapter 14

Helium, 14th Chapter: What Power is 

With the sun completely set, the area was illuminated by the meagre light of the shining moon and the light of some burning twigs.
White smoke was wafting into the sky. The stars in the night sky were clearly visible through the widened interstices of the trees.

“The cosmos is as usual…”

‘Is Earth somewhere among these stars? Or somewhere beyond?’ Shin mused, deeply moved.

Because a fire would attract beasts and monsters, they decided to take turns at night watch.
There would be plenty of spots where he could sleep if he were traveling by himself, yet he was now here gazing at the usual sky and thinking of the Force Hacker members he had left behind on Earth.

Suddenly, rustling sounded from behind. Frey must have woken up.
It was the sound of a rug made of some beast’s hide rubbing against gravel.

“I can’t really sleep after all. It’s been so long since I last slept out in the open with someone else.”

“Are you uneasy because it’s me? If some big monster comes out, the first thing I’ll do is wake you up.”
“Fu… I’m not too worried about that; but yeah, wake me up when that happens.”

Exchanging those frivolous words with Shin, Frey sat on a somewhat large rock facing him.

Troubled for where to look in the presence of such a sight of Frey, Shin withdrew his gaze and turned his face to the riverside.

“Shin, you won’t come ‘attack’ me, right?”

Hit so suddenly with such crazy words by Frey, Shin unintentionally turned his head.

“No, I mean… traveling together with a man, and sleeping out in the open… those kinds of things tend to happen.”

“I see… and what would, er, you do?”

Shin didn’t comprehend as to what Frey’s words implied.
‘Is she really seeking insurance against an ‘attack’? Or is she a woman with ‘that’ hobby?’

Even on Earth, such occurrences were not uncommon.

It could happen regardless of gender. This might also be a natural providence called the law of the jungle.

“Frey would be fine. Well, I would beat the crap out of them.”
“…Well, well. You’re not just pretty, you’re strong, too.”

“You think I’m pretty?”

‘What’s her aim? I don’t get it at all.’

“Well, you fit the bill. Without a doubt.”

“You think I’m strong?”
“I guess…”

“But it’s something I was born with. No matter how great, it’s not mine.”

He couldn’t get what she was saying at all.

If anything, Shin’s power, which was something that could only be achieved through the technology that exceeded the bounds of science, was not his.
Nevertheless, if what Shin had cultivated through training that burned his sweat and blood, and through countless battles with his life on the line was not his, then whose was it?

“What do you mean? So, you’re saying that your… Frey’s swordsmanship and body movement is the talent you were born with?”

“…Right. If I weren’t born with this talent, there wouldn’t be the me now. Just this can’t be called my power. To say that I want to obtain everything with my own hands, with my own power… Is that selfish of me?”

Frey seemed to be feeling alienated because those men, whom she considered her companions, told her that she was different from them. If someone told you that what you were was all because of the talent you were gifted with, of course you would feel bitter.
However, be it looks or talent, whether one leveraged it or left it to rot, it all depended on the person in question. No one knew that better than Shin.

Every member of Force Hacker was knowledgeable in science and technology. Every one of them knew how to program. And it was not like they were fighting a lump of metal by themselves anyway.
They only did what they were capable of doing. They made the most of it to their best just to live as much as they could.

There’s a saying about how the things one wants grow more, but it is fine as it is.
No one can obtain everything. What a mere human being, that is nothing but a mass of protein, could do by themselves was limited.

Therefore, Shin would now do what he could do here. The moment he started living, he would be destined to die.

“…It is selfish of you. Selfishness knows no bounds. You must know how far you would fall if what you desire was beyond your reach.”

“What does that mean?”
“Exactly what it seems to mean. Before you try to get what you want, you must be able to get what you want. If you lose sight of your goal because of greed, you will destroy yourself… so be careful. So said an acquaintance of mine.”

Shin quoted one of the many remarks he received as scolding from the man who taught him ancient sword techniques.

“Hmm… I see. I have been unyielding since young, brimming with a sense of justice. But it was just pride.”

“Fu, sense of justice?”
“D-Don’t laugh.”

What was called sense of justice, everyone had it even if only just. However, when it was put into words, it sounded indescribably cheap. Hence, Shin burst into laughter.

“Usually, no one says that themselves–that they have a strong sense of justice. But well, there was someone who was saved by that pride.”

“…You mean you?”
“Well, so to speak.”

He could not say for sure that he was saved.

However, he did not know the way, nor did he have money.
‘Alone, one might not even be able to live.’ Shin was made to think it over.

“You’re a mysterious man, Shin. I feel like I’m talking to someone out of this world. I have realized how small of an existence I am.”

“Well, that’s because I’m practical… don’t belittle yourself too much. I’m a tiny existence, too, but I live in the moment.”

Upon Shin’s words, Frey momentarily had a wondrous expression about her face. As if refreshed, she stood up from the rock she was sitting on and stretched herself.

“…Alright, I’m wide awake now. It’s my turn to stand watch. Shin, get some sleep.”

Even if she said that, he was not sleepy. But the fact remained that his body needed rest
Shin turned his body toward the beast hide which Frey had previously been lying on.

“Aa, thanks.”

Frey blurted a small thanks out from behind him, but Shin shrugged it off, implying there was no need.

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