Sekai No Owari No Sekairoku

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A bold hero Elline left an Encore jewel that was everyone’s salvation. It possessed a piece of information about the world’s end and methods of souls’ revival. All the lands and concords conceived a chase after the Encore. A guy named Ren was resembled Elline but had no skills in sword control. Ren aspires to become a master knight but society finds him useless. People laugh at him, consider his lifestyle inappropriate and call him a “Fake Brave Hero”.

Ren tolerates a bad attitude until he meets an unsurpassed dragon heiress Kyelse. At first, she admires Ren thinking he is Elline but then disappoints. Ren makes effort to prove his intentions, and the heiress soon decides to promote him. She takes Ren on the trip to investigate the Encore treasure together with other members – Archangel Phia and the Diablo-Lord Elise who helped to save the world before. Kyelse formed a band that is enthusiastic to beat any threat of peace. Only one question from the dragon heiress: “Would you like to join us, Ren?” will change the so-called fake hero’s life. He is ready to manage challenges to become a legend.

Sekai No Owari No Sekairoku



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