Shinka no Mi

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Hiiragi Seiichi endured outrageous phrases day by day! Peers called him a fat, ridiculous, nasty guy for his modest look and clothes. Hiiragi was very sad and one day when he stayed alone in a classroom, he heard some whispers and then a loud voice that if to believe, belonged to God. Seiichi was taken to a different world but for some reason with the whole school including Hiiragi’s offenders.

This is a magical world where students have to change themselves. They transmigrated but it isn’t an end. God is still about to fulfill a specific task. For that students were divided into groups but even here Seiichi was the only one with no place or functions. He bore anticipation in a new universe and then was transferred to a third world. Obviously, Hiiragi had to find food to live. The first product he ate was “Fruit of Evolution”. Hiiragi didn’t expect even goods to be magical. One fruit finally and completely changed his life.

This story shows a person who suffered mockery, had no idea about his vocation and talents, passed a thorny path but didn’t forget to believe in the future and give a smile to the world. In the end, he’ll achieve supremacy and becomes a champion. Do you wonder why the first heroine is Gorilla? Join to find an answer.

Shinka no Mi

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