Solo Leveling

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There was peace, until a decade ago the Gate between human beings and beasts’ world suddenly opened. Some people were ego to finish monsters to rescue citizens, however not all the hunters were strong enough. I am Sung Jin-Woo, and I belong to the weakest E-rank. I wanted to be useful for people but faced a life risk while staying in a dark dungeon. I was ashamed as I didn’t own either knowledge or richness. I barely existed for some money I earned due to battles in the lowest underground. I was stuck in a crisis until I found a covert cave. There I could manage challenges with the D-rank subterrene. I was injured and about to pass away when I perceived a sudden force flow. Noone else could discover my current secret. If I fought with beasts and participated in confusing quests, my level would increase. Can I grow from the worthless hunter to the top S-rank champion?

Solo Leveling

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