Soudana, Tashika Ni Kawaii Na

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This romantic story retells about the development of two teens’ relationships. Watase Kairi is 17 years old fresher whose life was under the menace of death. He woke up after 24 months coma. Despite that Kairi looks weird, he has a girlfriend. Koori Nano is – 1 year younger than Watase. She studies in the same educational institution but is more enthusiastic to follow fashion, go shopping and aspire to luxury. She is a typical pretty school star who selected a strange guy among others. Here is their ordinal date:

– “I look so attractive today, am not I? Senpai, rate my current outfit or better compliment my appearance.”
– “Yes, you are, sweetie.”
– “Mmm…”
– “Do you mean Koori?”
– “It certainly does, buddy. Listen attentively!”

No, the story won’t be about breaking up, tears, conflicts and so on. There is no risk to feel depression or sadness while reading as it’s a romantic comedy.

Soudana, Tashika Ni Kawaii Na