Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me till, Wait For Me

The vehicle team stopped at the carpark. A few people who looked like local officials at first glance pushed open the doors and got off the cars by themselves. Next, their followers exited that van too as the group of ten plus people walked towards the crowd.

The locals were naturally most familiar with their own authorities.

Having been full of smiles earlier, the five all began to panic, not knowing where to leave or stay as they looked at Xu Tingsheng.

When this youngster had said that he wanted to wait for the higher-ups of the county to arrive before discussing things, they had treated it as a joke. Still, they saw now that almost half the county’s officials had come. Also, the most important ones were all here.

While they wanted to run, they were well aware…they could run now, but they wouldn’t be able to avoid the eventual consequences.

“Bro, what should we do? How about we hide first and avoid the storm?” A loafer who still had not grasped the situation asked.

“Hide? I’ve even shown him my police ID…no wonder they say that scholars are crafty…his mother, really too sinister…” That policeman wanted to cry but lacked the tears for such.

Standing behind Xu Tingsheng, Wu Yuewei relaxed as she asked softly, “How did you know that they’d definitely come? Did you contact them before?”

“It’s probably my Dad’s friends who came,” Behind them, Young Master Zhao said this excitedly from amongst the crowd as he stepped forward.

Xu Tingsheng and Wu Yuewei exchanged looks and smiled before the former said, “I’ve never contacted them. If possible, I’d actually like to avoid them. Still, I knew that I’d definitely not be able to do so.”


“The primary industry of this county involves the chemical handling of coal. Also, this place is neighbouring to Bingzhou. Did you know? In the eyes of those paying attention to coal mining, Bingzhou’s Jin Shengxing and Huang Yaming are definitely the most resplendent names right now. Also, my relationship with them is no secret. So, since I’ve come, they definitely wouldn’t miss this chance, much less dare to let me suffer any setbacks here.”

“In order to establish good relations with that Jin Shengxing? Also, Huang Yaming is so awesome now too.”

Xu Tingsheng nodded, “They may also be seeking to secure an investment sum through me. If Old Jin and Huang Yaming are willing to enter this industry themselves, setting up a factory over here, these officials basically won’t have to worry about political achievements for the next ten years. Taxes, employment…”

“Oh,” Wu Yuewei smiled and said, “I suddenly recalled the past. You…with how hooligan-like you were, I really couldn’t imagine that you would know all this one day, having changed so quickly too…”

Xu Tingsheng did not reply to that, even though he actually very much wanted to tell her: Junior, put it behind you. Senior is really already very, very far from that Xu Tingsheng of the past.

As the two were conversing, Young Master Zhao had already enthusiastically gone to meet the officials.

“Hi, and you are?” A local official asked as he saw Young Master Zhao popping up in his face.

“Oh, hi. Well, my Dad’s in the neighbouring county. He is…” Young Master Zhao reported.

“Oh,” The other party glanced at him and directly maneuvered past him, his face clearly expressing: No idea.

That employee from the team of experts hurried over to greet them.

The two sides reported their backgrounds.

“Thanks for coming, thanks for coming,” The employee was so emotional that he was almost crying, “Right, let me introduce. These are Professor Xia, Professor Yan…Professor Zhang…”

Facing the team of experts, since they were already meeting them, these local officials dared not be disrespectful as they at least dispensed with all the surface courtesies, making them feel like they had come just for them.

“What’s up with your area? This is a national excavation project…in the end, we just got here, and people came to extort us, policemen even!” The hot-tempered Professor Zhang gave no face at all as he broke out scolding.

The local officials who were being courteous as they searched for the figure of the wealthy Xu Tingsheng amongst the crowd heard this and checked the situation…their hearts sank at once. Which fools below them had done this dumb thing?

“May I ask who is Boss Xu, Xu Tingsheng?”

“Hi, I’m Xu Tingsheng,” Xu Tingsheng extended his hand.

“Hello, Boss Xu. You see…I was going to say that we’d already arranged dinner to welcome you all, but in the end, this sort of thing happened,” The local official said while shaking hands.

“Nah. This sort of thing happens everywhere. You needn’t be too concerned about it,” Xu Tingsheng smiled.

Now, some accompanying aides had already looked for those two policemen. Having asked them who their direct superiors were, they whispered into the ears of the high officials. Like they had thought, some minor subordinates at the lowest level were even more audacious than their superiors, thinking themselves to be clever as they did not know the immensity of the heavens.

“Thank you, thank you for your understanding. Rest assured, Boss Xu, we will definitely handle this matter strictly.”

Xu Tingsheng hesitated for a moment, and thinking about how the excavation project would last a long time, smiled, saying, “Actually, it isn’t a major issue. How about this? When we’re having dinner later, invite that higher-up of theirs over as well. I’ll speak with him when we’re eating to get the misunderstanding resolved, bringing an end to this matter. In the future, we’ll have to depend on their support for our work here.”

Xu Tingsheng was very clear on the principle that Yama was easy to meet, but minor ghosts were hard to mess with. If he really were to pursue this matter, causing all these locals to harbour hatred in their hearts, while he himself wouldn’t fear it, it would also be a very troublesome matter if the other side frequently came looking for trouble during the excavation…

In this society, those possessing a certain amount of power had countless ways to make things difficult for others even without going against the law.

Hearing Xu Tingsheng’s words, the officials sighed in relief too, feeling rather grateful. In truth, it would indeed be rather impossible for them to lock up and take care of the entire batch of locals and policemen because of this matter.

At most, one or two would be fired and the rest made to have a bit of ‘reeducation’.

At the end of the day, they would still be doing the excavation work on the territory of this group of people. That might cause a whole group of people to bear grudges, the repercussions of this being who knew how much trouble in the future.

“On what basis? What right have you to decide to deal with it like this? We were clearly extorted earlier…also, let me say it again: It’s people like you who abet this kind of culture!” Xiao Yanxu appeared with his camera again, yelling this at Xu Tingsheng.

The officials all looked flabbergasted.

Had vinegar entered his brain? Feeling a headache coming on, Xu Tingsheng inhaled deeply and suppressed his emotions. He turned and removed the camera on Xiao Yanxu’s shoulder with one hand, putting an arm around his shoulder and walking him to the back of the crowd with the other.

“What? You’re so rich and powerful, but you’re still afraid of some minor local officials, Boss Xu?” Xiao Yanxu attacked in a mocking tone as it was fortunate that only those around them could hear it.

“Yes, I’m very powerful. When one is as rich as me, many things can be resolved without using money,” Xu Tingsheng said, “Still, even if I were a hundred times richer, I would still need to use my brain when encountering problems, understand?”

Xiao Yanxu was taken aback as he did not react for a time.

“There are many things which aren’t as simple as you think, Student Xiao…while being upright and unbending is laudable, the few thousand years of bureaucratic culture in this country and our way of handling affairs are not things which can be changed in a short period, get it?” Xu Tingsheng said in a hushed tone, “Don’t you have evidence in your camera? Let’s first ensure that the excavation work and your reporting work can proceed smoothly, waiting till the official matters are over before anything else, alright?”

“Please, do what you’re supposed to be doing to the best of your abilities. Leave the rest to me.”

Xu Tingsheng patted Xiao Yanxu on the shoulder and turned, returning to where the officials were. He explained things to them and set their minds at ease.

“That’s good then. In that case…for the remainder, we can talk as we eat. Tonight, for Boss Xu…and the various experts, professors and students, consider it as our welcome plus our apology for what happened.”

“Thank you. We’ll kindly accept it then. There just happens to be a few matters which we hope that the locality can provide help with. I can only trouble everyone here,” Xu Tingsheng agreed on behalf of the entire team.

At this point, having witnessed the entire process of Xu Tingsheng handling matters, even the professors knew full well that it was better to leave these things to him to handle.

When it was time to get on the bus, several professors patted Xu Tingsheng on the shoulder to express their approval when they passed by him.

“Do you always have to consider so much?” When Wu Yuewei passed by, she stopped and asked, “Also, sorry about our leader…”

“Why do you have to apologise for him? Sill…” Having originally wanted to say silly, Xu Tingsheng suddenly realised that that would make them seem too close as he stopped.

“Actually, I’ve already changed a lot, a lot…do you get what I mean?” Xu Tingsheng finally said it, just a step away from: I’m already no longer that senior in your heart.

While he had not said it expressly, being the intelligent girl that she was, how would Wu Yuewei not understand what he was trying to say? She raised her head to look at him, seemingly wanting to nod yet finding it very difficult to bring herself to do so.

Having called him senior for eight years…how could she say that it just suddenly wasn’t him anymore?

The atmosphere was subtle for a bit. Fortunately, Professor Yan Zhengyu appeared in a timely manner.

“This was my first time seeing this side of you. It looks like your success is not without basis. We are inferior to you in these aspects!” Professor Yan brought Xu Tingsheng a few steps forward and asked in a hushed tone, “Didn’t you say that you already have a girlfriend? You’ve even decided to get married with her.”

“In that case, you can’t get too close with that young lady anymore.”

“I’m worried that your charm is too great. So, I’ve decided to keep an eye on you a little,” Professor Yan smiled and said.

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