Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me SWFM 124

Chapter 124: A woman in the house


Fang Yunyao had never been a courageous person. The most courageous she had been was when she had told Fu Cheng ‘Come tell me again when you’re about to graduate’.

While this sentence had made it seem like she was waiting for Fu Cheng to grow older, she had actually primarily just been giving herself more time. She had never been a courageous person.

Huang Yaming tugged at Xu Tingsheng, sneaking a peek from outside. Fang Yunyao’s hand was currently brushing across Fu Cheng’s face.

“Awoo,” Huang Yaming released a lascivious howl, “I’ll be off to find my Sis Nurse.”

Xu Tingsheng sent a kick flying his way. Xu Tingsheng was personally much more moved than any other person by what had just happened, because he had experienced much more before.

He had seen that draggy relationship in his previous life which might be destined not to have any ending. He had seen Fang Yunyao’s tragic life story, her fear and her escapism, also having seen Fu Cheng’s fervent stubbornness…

Currently, how good it was.

On the day of Yanzhou University’s welcoming party, in having hastily answered the emcee’s question, Xu Tingsheng had christened the band ‘Rebirth’. That day had seen the most important step of Fu Cheng and Fang Yunyao in this rebirth in extricating themselves from that tragic destiny that loomed before them…

Rebirth transcended the cycle of life and death. In having walked between life and death in her coma, Fang Yunyao had finally broken past that tragic destiny of before their rebirth.

In the hospital ward, Fang Yunyao asked, “Fu Cheng, are you confident?”

Before Fu Cheng could answer, as if she had never really expected an answer at all, Fang Yunyao continued, “You don’t have to be confident. You don’t, really. Don’t be scared, I’m just staking on it against myself.”

This gamble of Fang Yunyao’s staked all the youth that remained in her life, staked her reputation, even staked her fate.

Fu Cheng was not like Huang Yaming with his pleasant, comforting words. He appeared to be helplessly at a loss for a time.

Fang Yunyao smiled at him, continuing, “Have you asked my Mum yet?”


“Ask my Mum-would it be fine if her daughter likes a guy who’s seven years younger than her?”

“I, I’ll go ask Auntie right now.”

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Fang Yunyao shook her head, smiling as she said, “No rush. I also heard from Song Ni about those words that you said back on the school stage. What do I do now? I can’t go back there.”

Indeed, due to Fu Cheng’s words, if Fang Yunyao were to go back to teaching in Libei Senior High, the gazes directed towards her and the pressure she would face would be unimaginable.

“I’m not going back to Libei anymore. Actually, I wanted to tell you that day. I reached an agreement with a senior high school of Yanzhou City. I’ll be going to Yanzhou next semester.”

The ‘that day’ Fang Yunyao spoke of referred to the day when the incident had occurred. While it had been delayed for so long, she had fortunately still had the chance to tell him about it now.

Spring had finally arrived for Fu Cheng. Huang Yaming was always amidst spring. He currently had a thing going with the young nurse.

Xu Tingsheng wanted to return to Yanzhou. Asking Fu Cheng about it, he said that he wanted to stay on for a few more days to take care of Fang Yunyao. Asking Huang Yaming about it, he said that he wanted to stay on for a few more days as well, to wait for Sis Nurse to ‘give’ her body to him…

Asking Song Ni about it, there was finally someone who was willing to accompany him back.

Xu Tingsheng drove Song Ni back to the academy city, sending her over to her dormitory. Next, he returned Fang Yuqing’s car to him. Finding that it was already too late for him to return to his own dormitory, he simply returned to the riverside residence.

As Xu Tingsheng unlocked the door late into the night, he found that the lights were turned on in the living room.

Beneath the comfortable lighting, a woman walked past him…

Her long legs were bare as she strode lightly. Her head was tilted as she wiped her long, damp hair parted to the side with a towel. She wore simply a white shirt that covered just till her thighs.

This…was too fragrant. ‘Uncle’ could not help but feel his mouth grow dry.

Xu Tingsheng recognised that shirt. It was one that he had bought specifically for wearing inside when he had on a suit. Now, worn on the female body, it just looked so much ‘better’ than it had when he himself had been the one wearing it.

Xu Tingsheng stood by the doorway, not knowing whether he should enter or turn to leave.

Completely ignorant of his presence, the girl was seemingly in a great mood as she was indistinctly humming a tune.

“Cough, cough,” Xu Tingsheng looked away and coughed twice.

“Huh? You…you’re back?” Looking over and seeing Xu Tingsheng, Lu Zhixin asked puzzledly, next lowering her head and seeing the state she was in before she hurriedly rushed over to the guest room, “You can come in. I, I’m changing.”

Xu Tingsheng did not know what Lu Zhixin was doing here, nor did he have any way of asking about it.

After waiting for a while in his room, Xu Tingsheng heard a knock on the door. Opening it and exiting his room, he saw that apart from her feet which were still bare, Lu Zhixin was currently already dressed neatly as she stood rather awkwardly outside his door.

“How about you blow your hair dry first?” Pointing towards Lu Zhixin’s still clearly damp hair, Xu Tingsheng took a hair dryer from a shelf and passed it to her.

“Yeah,” Lu Zhixin nodded.

Lu Zhixin sat down quietly in a corner and dried her hair. Xu Tingsheng sat on the sofa at the other end of the room, surveying the entire area.

Having been away for just a few weeks, the atmosphere of the entire room had changed. It had become clean, neat and warm, having gained many adorable little things as well…also, a womanly fragrance suffused the air.

Xu Tingsheng’s disorganised home seemed now like there was a woman in charge of the house.

Having dried her hair, Lu Zhixin glanced at the distracted Xu Tingsheng, not speaking as she next silently returned to the guest room and packed a bag which she placed by the sofa. She then got another, empty bag and began packing up some other little things.

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Such as a small pink alarm clock in the shape of an owl, a hellokitty mug and and toothbrush, a Doraemon bolster, a cup shaped like the interior of a watermelon…Never might Xu Tingsheng have guessed that the ‘superwoman’ Lu Zhixin would actually have such a teenage girl’s heart.

“About that, let me explain,” Lu Zhixin finally said, “It’s been rather busy for the platform recently, and then you also left. Old Wai gave me the key, and…I came to stay here, in the guest room.”

“Right, it’s been hard on you,” Xu Tingsheng felt rather embarrassed about having just been a mere dispenser of money over this period of time, virtually having thrown everything of Hucheng’s over to Old Wai, Li Linlin and Lu Zhixin.

With Lu Zhixin’s career-mindedness and innate sense of responsibility, she had probably been constantly working late into the night.

“It’s alright. Is your friend better now?” Lu Zhixin asked.

“She’s awoken, but is still in her recovery period and will probably have to recuperate for a long time,” Xu Tingsheng said, “I can’t really extend this leave anymore, so I just came back first.”

“Right, I’ll go back first then. I’ve prepared a few things recently, and there’re also some things that you need to decide on. I’ll look for you tomorrow and discuss it with you then,” Lu Zhixin carried her two bags, walking towards the door.

It was already late into the night now. Lu Zhixin definitely wouldn’t be returning to her university dormitory. If she was planning to return home, with the academy city located in the suburbs, flagging a taxi at such an hour would also be rather hard.

Xu Tingsheng regretted a little that he had returned the car to Fang Yuqing. He couldn’t even send her back now.

“How about you stay here for tonight?” Xu Tingsheng stood up and asked.

Lu Zhixin turned, smiling, “Stay here? You sure?”

‘Uncle’ still felt rather awkward in inviting a girl to stay over as he hurriedly explained, “I just feel that it being so late, it’ll definitely be inconvenient for you to go back…why don’t you just stay here for the night? Anyway, there’re many rooms here.”

Xu Tingsheng pointed to the guest room, “If you need reassurance, just lock the door tightly at night.”

Looking at the flustered, nervous Xu Tingsheng, Lu Zhixin bent over and laughed for a while before putting down her bags and saying, “If you need reassurance, you can lock your door tightly as well. I’ll go wash your shirt for you first…I just happened to have washed my pyjamas, so I went to your room and found something. Sorry about that.”

“It’s fine. How about I just give it to you?” That earlier image flickered within Xu Tingsheng’s mind.

A long-legged girl wearing only an oversized white shirt was definitely one of the sexiest modes in existence.

“Did I look good wearing it?” Lu Zhixin asked.

Xu Tingsheng did not answer. She had looked good, but that was not something he could say.

Xu Tingsheng sat in front of his computer, loading the platform. Meanwhile, Lu Zhixin was doing laundry in the bathroom. This feeling…

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