Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 155

Chapter 155: You’ll regret it if you don’t come


On 4th May, Xiang Ning of Xinyan Junior High’s eighth grade Class 4 would be participating in the school’s tenth anniversary performance.

Bar any unexpected circumstances, she would be like her classmates then, wearing strange makeup which was red as a salted duck egg as well as either red or white costumes as they all performed together. She would be standing amongst a bunch of people, maybe just in the third row as they all scrupulously sang a song together which definitely wouldn’t be all that special.

Such as , or .

Even so, Xiang Ning had still decided to invite someone to watch her performance. That person was Uncle Liar who greatly doted on her at times, yet was a very fierce teacher to her at others.

Yet, he had refused, saying that he had something on that day. Xiang Ning felt rather desolate, because that day was actually kind of special.

Xu Tingsheng certainly knew what that special occasion was. It was Xiang Ning’s birthday.

Xu Tingsheng had never once accompanied Xiang Ning on her birthday before in his previous life. In the one over year that they had dated, one of her birthdays had come and gone. Yet, Xu Tingsheng had been striving diligently to acquire a construction project at that time, having been at a crucial juncture in doing so. He had not been able to get back in time to accompany her…at that time, he had thought that many chances still lay ahead of them…

Yet, having gained time afterwards, there were no longer any such chances. In the years afterwards, every time her birthday came round, he could only solitarily walk to where they had once met the most in the past, saying, “Happy birthday, sweetheart.”

Thus, he would exert all means this time round. He would definitely not miss it.

The next day, a Saturday afternoon. As Xiang Ning who had been in rehearsals the entire morning was eating lunch in the school cafeteria, she heard a piece of incomparably shocking news. Thus, after repeatedly asking for confirmation from her classmates and having received a definite answer from her teacher, she called Xu Tingsheng once more.

“Uncle, you really aren’t coming to watch that performance?” Xiang Ning asked.

“That’s right. I really have something on that day,” Xu Tingsheng replied.

“But, you’ll regret it if you don’t come,” Xiang Ning said in a confident tone.


“Rebirth will be coming. While Sis Apple won’t be able to come, the two guys from Rebirth will both be there. Do you understand? It’s Rebirth that will be coming. They’ll be participating in our school’s anniversary performance…so, have you still decided not to come?”

“This…is this true?”

“Yeah! It shocked everybody to death. The two big brothers of Rebirth are actually graduates of our school, you know? Because of that, they’ll be attending our school anniversary. This is the first time they’ll be performing in public, you know? Too awesome! It really shocked everybody to death.”

“How awesome, really…shocking everybody to death.”

“Yeah, yeah! We students are all talking about this. We’re all happy to the point of going crazy, you know? Everyone is saying: Good heavens, the ones who sang and are actually our seniors. This is too, really too…”

“But they also seem to have sung a very strange song before. What a strange band,” Xu Tingsheng intentionally commented.

“That was also super nice to listen to! That one’s very popular, you know? Don’t you speak badly of our seniors,” Xiang Ning defended her ‘esteemed seniors’ in a huff, next even personally humming a few verses: I’m eating fried chicken in the People’s Square, yet where are you at this time and place. Oh, you’re knitting a woolen sweater for a freaking fool.

Xu Tingsheng didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. He truly regretted having produced that song a little. My Xiang Ning, you’re someone who will be a goddess in the future! How can you be randomly humming this all day long…

Still caught up in her excitement, Xiang Ning suddenly remembered something, “Right, Uncle, I remember now. Last time, you even lied to me, saying that you were Rebirth. Haven’t you been exposed now? You didn’t graduate from our school.”

“Alright, I admit it,” Xu Tingsheng said honestly.

“Then, have you decided on coming?”

“But I really have something on that day. It’s something very important.”

“Oh, alright then. What a pity.”

Xiang Ning hesitated for a while, considering whether she should tell him that that day was actually her birthday. Still, Uncle had said that he had something very important on that day. Thus, she could only helplessly hang up the phone.

“Let’s just treat it like Rebirth is also celebrating for me,” Xiang Ning helplessly thought.

Xu Tingsheng was actually feeling yet more helpless. When he had contacted the higher-ups of Xinyan Junior High, telling them that he was from Rebirth and saying that he was actually a past student of their school, that he hoped to participate in the school’s anniversary performance…he had specifically instructed not to let the news spread.

Yet, even Xiang Ning knew about it now.

Xinyan(New Yan) Junior High was no old, established school. This could be seen from its name itself and also from the fact that this would merely be its tenth anniversary.

Thus, even while they wanted to make use of the school anniversary for some sort of promotion, expanding the societal influence of the school, the tenth anniversary of a normal junior high and performances by a bunch of teachers and students truly seemed not to hold any allure at all.

It was even to the point that when Chairman Zhang of their office that was in charge of their public relations had called the local media, hoping that they would come and report on their anniversary, those asked had exhibited a virtually unconcealed lack of interest in doing so.

Only with a great amount of effort had Chairman Zhang managed to get two local newspapers to agree to come to report on their anniversary. As for the local television stations, they had simply said that they would see about it when the time came.

Chairman Zhang had been feeling despondent about it for quite a few days.

Then, on this nervous, listless Saturday morning, when Chairman Zhang had been in the midst of contacting their few ‘successful’ graduates…fortune had suddenly descended from the sky.

The band Rebirth that was swathed in mystery had actually taken the initiative to contact him. They…were actually former graduates of Xinyan Junior High.

While they were unwilling to reveal their actual information, the higher-ups of Xinyan Junior High still completely believed in this fact. There would really have been no reason for them to choose an ordinary junior high’s anniversary to prank. There wouldn’t have been a reason to take notice of them at all, even.

The only logical explanation was that they had really graduated from Xinyan Junior High. Also, they had already long since been confirmed as studying in Yanzhou University. Thus, there was no denying this.

“Good heavens! I already said long ago that our school is overflowing with talent.”

This was the mysterious Rebirth! It was Rebirth from which the popular new artiste, Apple, had come. They were exceptionally popular on the internet, the few consecutive songs they had released having continuously reigned at the top of the charts of the major music websites. Yet, they had never revealed themselves in public, only their voices being known.

Thus, while Apple would not be able to come this time, this would, effectively speaking, be the first time the two members of Rebirth aside from Apple would be performing in public.

Having hidden themselves for nearly a year, Rebirth would be performing in public for the first time…what did this entail? …An uproar, an absolute explosive uproar. Let’s see who will still be asking me in the future: Xinyan Junior High? Where’s that?

Never heard of it? Now you have.

An incomparably emotional Chairman Zhang dashed into the principal’s office. Then, the news spread to all the teachers. Then, it spread throughout the entire Xinyan Junior High. Then…

When calls from the media began unceasingly flowing in, the excited Chairman Zhang finally began feeling a little uneasy. Thus, he tried calling back…they had actually used a public phone.

Finally, Chairman Zhang thought of a plan. He left behind a comment on the Rebirth webpage: I’m surnamed Zhang. Was the call on Saturday real?

In the afternoon, a reply arrived below this seemingly cryptic message: Yes.

Chairman Zhang finally felt reassured. When answering calls, he even unconsciously propped his legs up on his office table. Having once acted so arrogantly towards him, the local media were all beginning to request coverage. To be precise, it was more like pleading, their tones sincere and full of enthusiasm.

Logically speaking, their relationship with the local media was extremely important.

Still, it wasn’t just calls from the local media Chairman Zhang received.

Thus, Chairman Zhang could only say, “I’ll try my best. Due to the spatial restrictions, we might not be able to fit you in.”

Every time he said this, he would always feel so accomplished, accomplished as he had never been before. The despondence and hardship he had felt from being rejected and given vague answers even as he had pleaded to the extent of his grandparents’ names all drifted away with the wind now.

“Why’re you suddenly doing this? What’s up with Xinyan Junior High?”

Xu Tingsheng was currently facing questioning by Huang Yaming, Fu Cheng, Tan Yao and Fang Yuqing in his room at the riverside residence. He had said that this was in order to repay a debt from Hucheng’s promotion in the past, but they wouldn’t believe it…thus, Xu Tingsheng didn’t intend to explain anymore.

“I understand. Xiang Ning, Xiang Ning’s there,” Huang Yaming suddenly said confidently, excited as if he had discovered a new continent.

Tan Yao and Fang Yuqing were both puzzled. Huang Yaming and Fu Cheng directed gazes at Xu Tingsheng that requested verification. The two of them had already long since known that there was a woman called Xiang Ning in this world. Xu Tingsheng had fallen in love with her at first sight, yet had kept it hidden all along.

Xu Tingsheng avoided their gazes, sweating…how terrifying would it be if things were exposed?

When Xu Tingsheng hadn’t known that he would be having so much contact with Xiang Ning this early on, he had told her name to these two people closest to him, be it for seeking some empathy amidst his lonely wait or to pour out his troubles. Never would he have thought that things would actually eventually turn out as they had now…

“Huang Yaming, you bastard! Since when have you been this smart?” A pained Xu Tingsheng considered strangling Huang Yaming right here and now, lest he continued guessing further.

Huang Yaming indeed continued guessing. From Xu Tingsheng’s expression, he knew that he had likely guessed right.

“So, Xiang Ning is a teacher in Xinyan Junior High, right?” Huang Yaming was like a supreme detective who had cracked a case as he yelled excitedly.

Xu Tingsheng abruptly spun, staring straight at Huang Yaming. Bro, your analysis is really too…too marvellous. Even I hadn’t thought of it before. Xu Tingsheng felt like the world had turned wonderful again.

“What’s the situation?” Fang Yuqing and Tan Yao pressed.

Still, excited, Huang Yaming explained it to them in brief before asking Xu Tingsheng, “Have I guessed right? Another older sister relationship again, just like Fu…”

Huang Yaming had originally wanted to say that Xu Tingsheng was just like Fu Cheng, having fallen in love with a woman who was older than him, and who was a teacher…but he stopped halfway through, cautiously watching Fu Cheng.

Fu Cheng did not speak. Xu Tingsheng did not speak as well.

“Can I meet her?” Huang Yaming asked.

“No. Definitely not right now.”

Xu Tingsheng’s answer seemed to have finally proven Huang Yaming’s guess. Still, a new doubt arose in their minds. Why couldn’t they see her? Everyone present simultaneously fell silent for a while.

“I know,” Tan Yao suddenly stood up, clapping his hands, “I finally understand! She’s a married spouse, no, a woman with a husband. She’s definitely a woman with a husband, right? …Thus, Tingsheng has to keep it hidden from even us…not letting us meet her no matter what.”

Xu Tingsheng looked first at Huang Yaming and then at Tan Yao. Why didn’t these two geniuses go and become directors? What a perfect scenario they had envisaged.

“We really can’t see her then,” Fang Yuqing said leisurely, “Tingsheng, since it’s like this…you’ve really got to consider it properly. After all, in situations like this, the pressure from all sides in the future could really be very great.”

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