Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me SWFM 163

Chapter 163: Aftermath


As the moonlight extended the shadows of the two, Little Xiang Ning seemed like she had suddenly grown up. And she was leaning so close to him, as close as his shoulder, resembling the times when they had once strolled together through all those streets both wide and narrow.

Xu Tingsheng seemed to forget that these were two worlds separated by life and death and the cycle of rebirth.

Because her clear laughter was really too captivating, Xu Tingsheng turned to look, only then realising that the one frolicking about beside him was actually still just the fifteen-year-old Xiang Ning.

She doesn’t have those memories. If she did, would she hate me, blame me?

Xu Tingsheng still couldn’t get Xiang Ning satisfied with his dancing in the end. She said: Uncle, there’s no one more stupid than you in this world. Xu Tingsheng said: There’s you.

When the performance ended, the classes would be taking attendance. It was time for Little Xiang Ning to return. She hurriedly ran towards the backstage, drawing the curtains of the back door and entering. She stopped, turning to look at Xu Tingsheng. Their gazes met. Then, the curtain slowly descended, obstructing their view of each other.

“She really loves acting.”

Xu Tingsheng remembered the times when he had been forced to act in all those relationship dramas directed by Xiang Ning. Uncle had role played as hooligans, lovestruck dudes and even mountain bandits before. Miss Xiang was only ever the beauty of the tale.

“Oh, I forgot. That’s exactly what she is.”

Just as Xu Tingsheng was about to return to the storage shed, panicked footsteps resounded from behind him.

Little Xiang Ning ran over, huffing and puffing as she said, “Uncle, I almost forgot to say. So you actually are Rebirth! I felt surprised, then so moved.”

Seeing her this way, Xu Tingsheng could not help but feel triumphant. This charm that Uncle had demonstrated had really been of some use. Xu Tingsheng feigned nonchalance, nodding smilingly as he waited for Xiang Ning to continue.

“So,” Little Xiang Ning said, “Uncle, do you have a way for me to see Big Sis Apple? I want to see Big Sis Apple.”

Xu Tingsheng could not deny it. This was too great a blow.

“You can’t? Then, you can get me her autograph, right?” Little Xiang Ning continued asking, earnestness written all over her face.


You clearly also used to like Rebirth a lot. I clearly am Rebirth. We moved so many people just now. So many people are looking for us. I’m standing right in front of you! Can you not ignore me? Can you ‘respect’ me a little? These were the fragmented thoughts within Uncle’s mind.

“Sigh, really. I’m going back then!” Little Xiang Ning sighed dismally before turning without so much as a look back.

“…Be careful.”

When Xu Tingsheng’s group of five finally emerged from that storage shed, flipped over the wall and drove back to school, it was already close to 10pm. Fang Yuqing drove his car to the entrance of the academy city before shooing everybody off.

“Go yourself. I’m not sending you. I’ve still something to do,” Fang Yuqing said.

“Heck, this is still far! What something could you possibly have?”

“I’m going to yell Yuqing down from her dorm and dance that silly but earnest dance for her to see. I’ve decided to learn to be more romantic. How’s this idea?” Fang Yuqing actually cared for Yuqing a lot, yet had never really known how to express it. Perhaps he had been inspired by Xu Tingsheng this time.

Since he had said so, the other four could only get off and walk back on their own. Huang Yaming returned to Jianhai Technological University’s dormitory district while Fu Cheng returned to his dorm. In the end, only Xu Tingsheng and Tan Yao were left walking together.

Tan Yao suddenly said, “Bro Xu, teach me how to get a girl.”

Xu Tingsheng thought that he had heard wrong, because it was Tan Yao who was saying this. Speaking of getting girls, it should be him who should be teaching Xu Tingsheng.

Therefore, Xu Tingsheng asked in an incredulous tone, “What’s the situation?”

Tan Yao naturally understood what Xu Tingsheng meant as he said in a rare earnest manner, “I really like this one this time. Also, she’s different. The difficulty’s exceptionally great. Really, all those moves of mine from before and this face of mine just won’t be enough. So, help me? Let’s go with one of your kind. Vicious, able to blow people up to death in a single explosion.”

Tan Yao had described Xu Tingsheng’s move today rather frighteningly. Actually, thinking about it, he wasn’t wrong. In order to make a girl happy, a certain someone had taken out a rather famous, mysterious band, performing in public for the first time with two new songs.

Shamelessly persisting with that dancing just to make her happy, adding on a deep, emotional song so as to tell her: You are the brightest star in my night sky.

Also, the birthday song for just a single person in front of nearly a crowd of two thousand.

In terms of getting girls, this was indeed vicious enough. Such a megaexplosion-which girl wouldn’t be moved? Yet in the end that little girl had asked, “Do you have a way for me to see Big Sis Apple?”

“Who?” Xu Tingsheng asked Tan Yao.

“Yuqing’s older sister,” Tan Yao replied.

“Fang Chen?!”

“Right, yeah. Fang Chen.”

“Sleep early,” Xu Tingsheng said.

“Is it really impossible?” Tan Yao asked unresignedly.

“You should sleep early. I also can’t tell you in detail. I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to take it,” Xu Tingsheng patted Tan Yao’s shoulder before heading back for the dorm where he showered and went to bed.

This youth was too pitiful. Even if you are pursuing a bro’s older sister, wanting to become your bro’s brother-in-law, even if it’s a little unethical and the gaps between your family backgrounds might be too great, I would still support you. But why must it be Fang Chen?

That old demoness-she’s bisexual! And from how she eyes Apple hungrily, she seems to like females more.

How’re you to chase her then? And you’d still have to fall out first?

The next day, or, more accurately, from late in the night on the day of Rebirth’s performance onwards, the small Rebirth webpage and a portion of forums all exploded as those who had been present at the scene narrated all that they had seen and heard in a gloating manner.

Someone even uploaded a few photographs of the performance.

People were visual creatures. Thus, the first thing to be broken and reduced to smithereens was that famous rumour about Rebirth being ugly, not daring to enter showbiz due to their looks.

Rebirth had taken to the stage that evening in incomparably cool, dazzling attire. From those five who had initially been on to two and then the one who had remained, none of the photos that had been captured had shown their entire faces. Yet, the girls had their own judgments.

These initial judgments as well as their inborn, rich power of imagination made it such that the question of whether Rebirth was ugly had already attained closure. These girls became the stauchnest opponents of Rebirth’s ugliness. If someone dared to mention it, they would swarm forth like a horde, ripping them apart.

Next came discussions regarding Fu Cheng’s relationship and those two final sentences of his. Actually, there wasn’t much they could discuss regarding this. The conclusion was clear: The Rebirth lead singer’s ideal partner had left.

Yet, he still loved her.

Therefore, this was a highly talented, greatly charming man. This was a devoted, unwavering man, a sorrowful, lonely man…such men could always move people’s hearts the most easily.

Therefore, the hearts of the girls shattered. After their pain, they loved him, their maternal instincts and girlish infatuation flourishing all at once.

That night, word on the forum of Rebirth’s webpage was:

You don’t have to wait anymore. You don’t have to look anymore. Where are there no flowers on this earth?

I’m here! Come look for me!

She’s left, but there’s still me! I’ll marry you!

In this era, the phrase ‘national husband’ had still yet to appear, or Fu Cheng would be very close to it. The next day, the day after, as the media footage was uploaded along with those descriptions as well as newspaper reports, Fu Cheng moved the hearts of countless people.

Yet, he still failed to move that one person.

Fu Cheng clapsed his phone at all times, yearning for that number which he always kept in his phone records to sound again, or for an unknown number to suddenly ring, her voice appearing.

Yet, it was to no avail.

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