Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Afterword: Those figures left in time

This was my greatest purpose in writing this novel!

I’m a bit drunk now.

One year. While needing to work, I updated everyday, with a daily average of over five thousand characters. As a newbie, I think that I can be proud of myself.

As for the story, in terms of foreshadowing, filling up plot holes and completeness, I similarly think I can be proud of myself.

The first thing. Please tell your friends who are waiting for the novel’s completion that it is completed.

The second thing. Regarding a new novel, I want to write one. After all, there are many deficiencies in this one. I feel that having tempered myself, I should be capable of writing a better story, a story with warmth, feels, happiness, and much less entanglement…

So, bar any unforeseen circumstances, it’ll be around 5th February after the Lunar New Year, probably around the ninth day of the new lunar year.

If I write it, I’ll directly upload it. There will be a notification on Weibo (Xinlang Weibo: Xiang Tingsheng) too. If I really don’t want to write it, that will mean that I really can’t find any joy in it. In that case, I will also apologise and clarify to everyone.

Then, at the time, I will recommend the story that my friend wrote and I started out.


Alright, now is the afterword.

I wanted to write some plot originally, but sadly my alcohol capacity is weak (drinking alone, how I wish to drink while chatting with you all). I’m already unable to do it now. So, let’s pretend we’re chatting, having a conversation? If I say something wrong, treat it like I’m drunk.

Let’s talk about characters. Some say that many characters have not reached completion. Actually, how many truly do?

Let’s first talk about a simplest one. Song Ni. How will her life be?

Actually, it’s very obvious. There’s no need to write it. Hers is an ordinary life. She will lead a pretty good life afterwards, working hard in her job, with a few friends who are like older brothers to her. She will marry some middle-echelon employee of Happy Shoppers or someone else, being a simple, ordinary wife, being a mother. This is her character setting. It is also the case for most people in this world.

I suddenly read a few evaluations, said a few things. I’m drunk anyway.

If you’re disappointed or feel upset because it’s not the ending you wanted to see, scolding me because the character you like was not properly treated…that is deserving of respect, because you invested emotions into it. I really should and am happy to be scolded. Really, sorry.

Still, this does not include those who pretend to help write theses or those who feel that only a harem ending can be considered completion.

Regarding the ending.

Understand it first, understand it first! Understand Xiang Ning’s words first! Wu Yuewei’s former attitude that is hidden, find it in the novel!

For many who say I have disappointed you, you must know that you read the pirated version, never having given me support at all! Also, what I lost in writing this novel-you didn’t see what was written at the bottom of chapters before, right.

Of course, this is equivalent to saying that those who supported me before, however little it is, if you are dissatisfied with what I’ve written, I want to sincerely say sorry. I’m really sorry. This is my first novel, my abilities were insufficient.

Back to characters.

You’ll definitely be able to guess who the child Ye Qing adopted is.

Fang Yuqing spoke of Fang Chen’s life too. As for the result of her conflict based on hatred with Ling Xiao, that is actually her story! It is basically unrelated to Xu Tingsheng’s life!

Lu Zhixin? She is the most lonely person in this novel. How many people have understood her? What did she do wrong? The woman that Huang Yaming has always most hoped Xu Tingsheng accepts is Lu Zhixin.

But in reality, if she were to be an insignificant woman by Xu Tingsheng’s side, that would really be a waste of her life!

The one and only Lu Zhixin in Xu Tingsheng’s eyes-how would she be an insignificant woman entangled for her entire life by romantic desires?!

As for Li Wan’er, actually…she lived looking for her own defects, a woman who got married while never having experienced love before. How many of these there are in reality! In Xu Tingsheng, she found her youth, a romantic fluttering of her heart as she fell in love with an unbridled boy like a young girl would.

Still, this Xu Tingsheng is actually not that one! Sympathy is not love.

This is very painful, but there is nothing that can be done about it.

There is no need to talk about Old Jin and Little Jinshan. Their attitude in life is one envied by many.

Next is Xu Tingsheng himself. Many say that Xu Tingsheng is the least realistic character, such as how he was able to resist throwing himself on this or that girl…it was actually written in the novel that Xu Tingsheng had several girlfriends in his previous life before he finally fell to Xiang Ning.

Things he had already come to understand in his previous life-why would there be a need for coming to understand them again?!

When you have also experienced a lot, arriving at the sea of flowers, think about this question again then…you will also reminisce at the time, on a warm, inconspicuous little yellow flower that you once met along the way.

Old Wai and Li Linlin should be together for a lifetime.

Lil’ Bro is waiting for his junior to graduate.

Lu Xu and Chick Bao could not come to fruition because one of them was still insensible.

Li Xingming should do very well in the future.

Another complex one-Huang Yaming.

He is a character in this novel that I really like.

He is a wolf, a general-like figure, one of the most powerful people by Xu Tingsheng’s side.

In this novel, he experienced four romantic relationships. Being betrayed while foolish, once having been deeply loved, having also thought of moulding one himself, even having personally killed one…many people definitely find this a tragedy. Many want me to write a happy love story for Huang Yaming.

Still, to be honest, there aren’t as many people in this world who possess love as we think there are, much less those for whom it comes to fruition.

Moreover, a general-like figure who is actually much more powerful than Xu Tingsheng?

Just as Huang Yaming himself said, he does not need all this. He has his own path. That is another form of completion! Wings leave a beat behind, people leave their names behind. Huang Yaming’s life is hearty and free, having loved and suffered before…roaming the seas as he likes in the end, how cool is it? How liberating?

Speaking of him, I can mention someone else too, Du Jin. If you observe carefully, you can discover that I’ve been foreshadowing this all the way. You basically never thought of it, right? Still, if you look back on it, how reasonable it is.

Actually, if it was to account for things to everyone and satisfy you, regarding Huang Yaming and Du Jin’s life, I could write that Du Jin protected Xiang Ning in the end and got together with Huang Yaming.

Still, that would be no different from those novels that casually kill the personalities and experiences of character!

What did Du Jin experience? More than ten years, personally brainwashed by Zhou Yuandai! Rebelling immediately? How is that possible? So, that final shot was her only choice! Not letting down either side, also getting Huang Yaming to remember her, unable to forget.

As for Huang Yaming herself, it is obvious that he will marry a woman who will be of great help to him, whether in terms of ability or background, in the future.

They may not love each other that much. They may also go their separate ways in the face of tough times…still, would our Huang Yaming be afraid of this?! How could he possibly be someone who lacks confidence so?!

After Huang Yaming, we can talk about Fu Cheng.

Xu Tingsheng did not give him too much, because he cannot. He has Ms Fang and Niannian, leading a steady, peaceful life. How good. Isn’t it?

Huang Yaming and Xu Tingsheng have actually always been protecting his life. Can you see this relationship?

Another person who reached completion is Tan Yao.

I remember several evaluations from that time, remember a sentence: There are already no regrets for this character.

And finally, Apple. I have no way of accounting for this!!! Still, please properly take a look at the final words said by Xiang Ning.


I hope I have moved you; I hope I have moved you; I hope I have moved you…your tenderness, your memories, even your pain…have you laughed? Cried? Feeling moved, have you thought of a certain someone?

If so, it was all worth it.

I hope that of those people, those figures in the novel, some will linger in your mind across time.

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