Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 194: That Golden Retriever, Dongdong (3)

Xu Tingsheng had already fallen four times, but he had not uttered a cry or groaned in pain even once. He was afraid that Xiang Ning might hear it.

She might already have been frightened when the hooligans and Bro Kun’s underlings had been fighting. Still, this was completely different from her seeing Xu Tingsheng beaten up before her very eyes. Xu Tingsheng was someone who cared so much about her, doted on her so much.

This was like someone seeing another person wholly unrelated to them as well as someone extremely dear to them getting beaten. Both might startle them, but the emotional difference between the two scenarios would be as massive as that between the heavens and the earth.

The latter would cause one to lose their mind, casting an incomparably huge shadow over their heart. If they were still young, it would even influence their personality as they grew up.

Finally, Chen Jianxing who had claimed to be nearby could be seen running over from far away.

At the same time that Chen Jianxing saw Xu Tingsheng, the latter made a subtle gesture for him to stop as well as one for him to get to quickly clicking his shutters. While Chen Jianxiang was 1.7 metres tall, he was no expert. If he came over, he might be able to scare these men a little, but even that was still an uncertain thing.

This was not what Xu Tingsheng had called him here for.

Chen Jianxing comprehended Xu Tingsheng’s intentions as he leaned against a tree, beginning to snap photographs.

Xu Tingsheng fell for the fifth time.

This time, he fell in an exceptionally exaggerated manner.

The devilishly enchanting woman finally felt bored as she pointed to someone beside her, “You, go get the dog from that girl.”

Dongdong began yelping softly from beside Xiang Ning, acting pitiful.

Xu Tingsheng looked up, not looking at those robust men or that woman as he just stared straight at the bald Bro Kun who was standing not far away, “Bro Kun, is it? I’ll give you a suggestion. Even though your people have beaten me now, there is actually still room for discussion. Still, don’t lay a hand on her. If you do…our words end right there.”

The bald Bro Kun suddenly felt chilly beneath the hot July sun. This was a feeling he had not had for a long time ever since he had risen to this position.

This youth who appeared not more than twenty could calmly analyse the situation, could accept and tolerate, could bear five kicks without uttering a single sound, with his expression remaining calm…even as he was threatening him now, he still appeared calm, his tone also composed.

Yet, it was precisely this that was more convincing than a severe expression and tone. Typical families would not be able to bring up such a steady, experienced twenty-year-old. It would be impossible for most twenty-year-olds to face a situation like this one bearing such a mentality.

Feeling an inexplicable sense of unease, Bro Kun hesitated for a moment.

The devilishly enchanting woman snorted, retorting, “Trash still know how to breathe so loudly? Even daring to threaten Bro Kun? Just touch her! What’re you people afraid of? Just a mere kid- do you really think that he can do anything to you?”

His own woman having said this, Bro Kun shook his head. Let her do as she wanted then. At the end of the day, he was still a reputable figure. He couldn’t let himself be intimidated by a mere kid’s words just like that.

“Move,” Bro Kun ordered.

A hand touched Xiang Ning’s shoulder. Xiang Ning shrieked and turned around.

At the same time, the sharp screeching of braking tyres resounded in an endless cacophony.

Land Rovers, Bentleys, Mercedes Benzs etcetera lined up into a row of more than ten luxurious cars which could not be considered overly conspicuous. Behind them followed Fang Yuqing’s decrepit Volkswagen.

Then, led by a Mercedes Benz mb100 fifteen-seater, four vans directly drove onto the stone pathways of the park.

The doors ‘flew’ open.

Over forty strong men with the same short, cropped hair and in the same tight-fitting short sleeved vests leapt off, wielding batons as they surrounded the area at the highest speed.

Over on Bro Kun’s side, his ten over underlings could only retreat to his side, guarding them rather panickedly as they also ceaselessly turned to look at Bro Kun, waiting for him to think something up. They also looked at the devilishly enchanting woman who had still been full of arrogance but a moment ago. Her face was already rather pale now as she hid behind them all.

“Bro Kun, we won’t be able to get away,” A big man said as he clutched onto the bent wooden rod that he had picked up from the ground just earlier.

All their opponents were using real batons.

“Shut up.”

The bald Bro Kun tried to keep his cool as he took out a cigarette from a cigarette box.

He could also call over more than forty people like the other side had, even more than that. Just from his underlings who worked in the entertainment night clubs alone, he could already gather over ten security guards, even though their quality would clearly be inferior to this bunch here.

What truly caused him to recognise his defeat now was the row of luxurious cars not far away in the distance. Apart from that decrepit Volkswagen, not one of them was something that normal people would be able to afford. These people most definitely possessed wealthy backgrounds.

At his current level, he was still in the process of grooming some of his underlings, also getting to know some local policemen, then wearing expensive watches and driving a Porsche as he worked hard to prove his position and strive towards the next level.

The inexplicable sense of unease in Bro Kun’s heart from earlier had still been verified in the end. This was not a kid from a normal family.

Actually, Xu Tingsheng was really from a normal family. It was just that with his experience, growth and confidence from before and after his rebirth as well as the wealth and foreseeable future that he had forged for himself with his own hands, he had become different as a result.

“Bro, I haven’t asked your name?” Bro Kun asked.

“Xu Tingsheng,” Xu Tingsheng walked over to Xiang Ning, extending an arm and protectively pulling her into his embrace.

Bro Kun thought hard for a moment, “It’s an honour.”

Bro Kun said that it was an honour, but Xu Tingsheng did not give him a reply. From his earlier expression, he knew that the other party didn’t know who he was at all. This was also why he hadn’t given his own name.

The other party clearly wasn’t doing any upright businesses. Meanwhile, Xu Tingsheng’s field of expertise was education. Thus, he almost certainly wouldn’t know who Xu Tingsheng was at all.

Thinking that he had spoken too softly, Bro Kun repeated in a slightly louder tone, “It’s an honour.”

Xu Tingsheng still didn’t reply him. Bro Kun, his underlings, the fallen hooligans on the ground, Xiang Ning’s classmate Su Nannan who could actually also be considered his student-they all watched him.

Xu Tingsheng was painstakingly focused on coaxing Xiang Ning, “Don’t be scared. Look, isn’t everything okay? Uncle told you that things would be okay. So, don’t be scared, okay?”

“Uncle, did you get beaten? Does it hurt?” Xiang Ning pressed her lips together, tears trickling down her face.

Xu Tingsheng smiled, shaking his head, “No. So, don’t be scared anymore, okay, Xiang Ning?”

“Okay,” Xiang Ning nodded, burying her head into Xu Tingsheng’s embrace.

Xu Tingsheng swivelled his head, seeing Fang Yuqing’s group nearly having arrived with one of those running over beside him being a pleasantly unexpected figure.

He lightly pushed Xiang Ning, “Be good, go to Su Nannan and hold onto Dongdong’s leash.”

Seeing that a chance to talk had arrived, Bro Kun took a step forward, “Brother Xu, this…is there still room for discussion?”

Xu Tingsheng turned, saying in a steely tone, “Didn’t I tell you people not to lay a hand on her just now? You just wouldn’t listen. Now, you tell me-what’s there still left to discuss?”

The current Xu Tingsheng actually had on a slightly feral expression with his tone a little maniacal.

He was actually incomparably outraged, because one of the men had extended a hand towards Xiang Ning towards the end. He had touched Xiang Ning’s shoulder, and Xiang Ning’s shriek had pierced through Xu Tingsheng’s heart. This was virtually his first time in such a frenzied, enraged state ever since his rebirth.

The corners of Bro Kun’s mouth twitched as he asked cautiously, “Can it be settled with money?”

“I said it. Don’t lay a hand on her, and everything can still be discussed. Even if you beat me, it can still be discussed. But no laying a hand on her, not even a single finger…you didn’t listen!”

Xu Tingsheng’s voice was not loud. He had not spoken loudly at all in all of his words to Bro Kun, for fear that his words might reach Xiang Ning’s ears. However, it was such a tone with whole-heartedly repressed fury and a somewhat maniacal feel that was actually much scarier.

The Golden Retriever Dongdong growled threateningly in the distance, making an aggressive pose as if ready to attack.

It had clearly just…it still seemed to be acting pitiful.

This dog really rendered one speechless. It was truly a ‘slutty’ dog…even though in his previous life, Xiang Ning would still go on and on to Uncle about it many years afterwards, about how cute it was, how intelligent it was, how well-behaved it was.

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