Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me SWFM 195

Chapter 195: This is necessary


“Do you think you’re great because you have more people now? You…if you dare to make a move against us, Bro Kun will definitely get you back for it afterwards. I advise you…” The devilishly enchanting woman stepped forward once more, blustering with self-importance.

Xu Tingsheng smiled wryly, looking at Bro Kun, “Where did you find a thing like this? Not choosing a woman well, it would very easily end up wrecking your family’s foundations.”

“Hey, you…”

The woman had just wanted to speak when Bro Kun turned and slapped her straight on the face, shutting her up.

Everyone had already closed in on them by now.

Fang Yuqing came over with a few people, the rest standing a distance away. Just having seen the bald Bro Kun, they understood that with his level, it was unnecessary for them to go over to exert pressure on him simultaneously.

As this was Xu Tingsheng’s matter, with this being the first time he had called for people on his own accord, Fang Yuqing had been overly nervous.

Xu Tingsheng looked back and greeted those people in the distance. He actually knew most of them now. Amongst them were some people he had met during the meal that he had treated in his first year of university. He had not hit it off with them back then, only having done so after his status had risen some time later. As for the others, he had only come to know them afterwards.

Xu Tingsheng felt that this was not that unacceptable a thing.

The one who had been in charge of forging relationships afterwards had been Huang Yaming as well as Tan Yao whom he had brought along. However, Xu Tingsheng himself had actually been involved in quite a bit of it as well. Thus, they could be considered acquaintances, not strangers.

Most of these second gen people were not brainless idiots like was often thought. Apart from those whose families had suddenly soared into prominence or had not focused on grooming them at all, most second gens were groomed painstakingly in the best environments. With the personal teachings of their senior generation to temper them, how could they end up brainless?

These were all astute people. Their discerning eyes in viewing issues as well as people were not something that ordinary people could compare to.

Therefore, they had already long since come to understand Xu Tingsheng’s as well as the Xu Family’s situation through various channels. They knew of how Happy Shoppers and Hucheng had appeared and progressed by leaps and bounds within just a short year’s time. They even knew how Huang Yaming had suddenly gone to Tianyi, appearing beside Shi Zhongjun.

The more they understood about him, the more they felt it to be mysterious and unfathomable.

Perhaps Xu Tingsheng’s current status was still not yet at the point where everyone had to make efforts to get friendly with him. However, considering the speed as well as potential in his sudden rise to prominence, no one would mind having another friend like this, much less finding a chance to get him in their debt.

They waved back in greeting. Then, Xu Tingsheng turned his attention back to the scene.

Having seen Xu Tingsheng’s rather feral expression, Fang Yuqing knew that he must be really worked up right now. Seeing his physical condition, his mind eased a little before he asked somewhat cold-bloodedly, “Well, what’s up with you? You almost scared me to death.”

Xu Tingsheng rubbed his stomach, saying in ill humour, “Bastard, took you long enough.”

“The heck, I thought that you had prepared a whole army, made too heavy preparations.”

Fang Yuqing pointed at those sturdy men, “These men were all called over from Wu Kun, Bro Kun’s entertainment nightclubs. In broad daylight, wouldn’t we have to gather them up first?”

“Then, those people,” Fang Yuqing pointed towards that group at the back that was smiling brightly, “How many calls did you think I had to make? These people, I tell you. I was afraid that the ones here might really be too fierce, and so I tricked them over such that they would get beaten up in such a scenario…as soon as they got beaten up, wouldn’t things be major then? In that case…all would easily be settled.”

Fang Yuqing grinned.

This was the first time Xu Tingsheng was seeing this swindling side of Fang Yuqing’s. So he could actually be this black-hearted as well. Indeed, all second gen were really ‘no good’. Even Fang Yuqing, someone who often easily gave off the impression of being ‘straightforward’, ‘wilful and unrestrained’, ‘brainless’, ‘careless and carefree’ etcetera was actually not that simple at all.

Still, this also proved something again. It proved that Fang Yuqing thought of and treated Xu Tingsheng differently from these people. He could swindle them all for Xu Tingsheng’s sake.

Xu Tingsheng patted Fang Yuqing’s shoulder, not saying thank you.

Tan Yao came over and asked, “Bro Xu, are you okay?”

Because Huang Yaming had gone to Tianyi, he had not returned home over the holidays as he had remained here to continue establishing his position in the industry.

“I’m fine, relax,” Xu Tingsheng replied.

Then, he looked behind Tan Yao, asking in a still surprised tone, “Bro Zhong, you’re here as well?”

“I just happen to be out on a work trip for your father. As I was going to pass by Yanzhou en route, your mother got me to bring some tea leaves from back home for you. Then, I arrived. How is it?” Being good at fighting, Zhong Wusheng possessed discerning eyes in this area as well as he could immediately tell that Xu Tingsheng had suffered injuries to his stomach, though still not too serious a thing.

Xu Tingsheng was actually really still hurting a bit now as he rubbed his stomach and replied, “It’s nothing much. Why didn’t you contact me then? Going over to find Yuqing instead?”

“What, you’re still in the mood to be jealous?” Fang Yuqing interjected, but was simply ignored.

Zhong Wusheng said, “Yuqing just happened to call me yesterday, learning that I would be here. Then, I received his call right upon reaching Yanzhou today. All this had already occurred then.”

“Then, this…you didn’t tell my Dad about it, right?” Xu Tingsheng asked uneasily.

There weren’t many things that he was afraid of now, but those three at home, his parents and his little sister, he was super afraid of.

“I didn’t,” Zhong Wusheng said.

“That’s good then,” Xu Tingsheng said.

“I will when I get back,” Zhong Wusheng said.

“…Really? Bro Zhong.”

“This is necessary. Tingsheng, you’re really too insensible. Even though I’m uncultured, I’ve also heard of a saying before. Worth his weight in gold, not to be endangered so. You shouldn’t have acted like this. I heard from Yuqing that you were uninvolved in this matter from the start. You just rushed here afterwards, not having made sufficient preparations, not waiting for Yuqing…”

“I am currently serving the Xu Family. Therefore, as I see it, there is nothing at all, no one at all who is worth you acting like this. Therefore, it is necessary for me to tell Uncle Xu about all this.”

Zhong Wusheng had said all this in a very serious, grave tone. As he had said, due to the care of Xu Tingsheng and his parents, he and Sis Jia now had a peaceful home of their own with a bright, glorious future ahead of them. They already saw themselves as a part of the Xu Family.

Because of Mr Xu’s magnanimity and broadness of heart, Zhong Wusheng felt this more and more intensely the more he followed him.

At the same time, he had come to be increasingly clearer on the Xu Family’s current strength as well as future prospects. It was because of this that he had said: Worth his weight in gold, not to be endangered so.

Xu Tingsheng was the only son of the Xu Family.

Just earlier, when they had gotten off their vehicles and seen that the other side had just some minor figures, and just ten odd of them at that, everyone had felt very relaxed, starting to laugh. However, it had not been the same for Zhong Wusheng who had felt incomparably shocked, his hairs standing on end as a chill ran down his body.

With just this lot alone, Xu Tingsheng had already been in an extremely precarious predicament. If they had lost their minds and gone on a rampage…and something had hence happened to Xu Tingsheng, even if they were all exterminated afterwards, what meaning would there be in that?

Zhong Wusheng was very clear on how much Mr Xu valued this son, how important Xu Tingsheng was to the Xu Family. If something happened to Xu Tingsheng, the Xu Family was very likely to collapse as a result, because all Mr Xu’s motivation would thus be lost. Everything he was doing now was, to a very great extent, to split the mountain and pave a path for his son.

If it was simply for them to lead better lives, there would be no need for Mr Xu to be so hasty at all. He would not have to expand to such a great scale as this now would already be sufficient.

Therefore, Zhong Wusheng was actually very angry at Xu Tingsheng, just that it was not his place to say some things. Therefore, he would definitely be conveying this incident to Mr Xu. This was not something that Xu Tingsheng might be able to stop him from doing.

Xu Tingsheng certainly also knew that Zhong Wusheng spoke rightly. It was just that there was no way for him to explain: It was worth it, because the one who was bullied was Xiang Ning.

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