Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me SWFM 234

Chapter 234: Apple’s arrived


“Thank you, Uncle Zheng! You eat with my Dad first then. Enjoy the wine! I’ll play chess with Uncle Zheng the next time I visit, and have a drink with you.”

Xu Tingsheng hung up.

Huang Yaming and Tan Yao knocked on the door and entered, cutting to the chase, “Jin Datang just looked for Shi Zhongjun. He’s returning to his private room now.”

Xu Tingsheng smiled, “Then, if he isn’t dumb, he should be about to terminate the contract now.”

“That’s why we so hastily rushed up here!” Huang Yaming exclaimed in a panic, “I’m afraid that after you’ve received the termination contract later on, you’ll continue with the pressure and hit with them a big one, attacking the one called Zhou Yonghen.”

Xu Tingsheng had actually already been prepared to stop. His goal having been achieved and his rage having mostly been vented, there was no longer a real need for him to go on with this.

At Huang Yaming’s words, he asked in slight puzzlement, “Zhou Yonghen, Tianle’s number one singer who’s sung together with Apple before? What about him?”

Huang Yaming said infuriatedly, “That person was boasting downstairs about Apple’s figure and whatnot. His words weren’t nice at all; anyway, he said many things that’d definitely blow you up if you heard. He told those sex fiends there, us two as well, that he once tried to drug Apple in the studio. If not for Apple’s assistant, Sis Juan, something might have happened to Apple.”

“Then, he also said that he was still constantly making things difficult for Apple afterwards, that after Apple’s returned to the company, he definitely won’t let her go so easily.”

Xu Tingsheng suddenly discovered that what Apple had faced and experienced was actually far greater than was within his understanding. It was no wonder that her mental strength had been so greatly diminished as she had fallen into such despair and pain.

Xu Tingsheng immediately grabbed that phone, dialling that number. The line swiftly connected.

“Zhou Yonghen, half an hour later, everything out, full force. You don’t have to ask Boss Shi. If anything crops up, I’ll take responsibility. But if you don’t handle this well, I’ll be looking for you.”

After saying so, Xu Tingsheng flung all the cards in his hand onto the table.

He was adamant on this point. He could accept ultimately forcibly buying out Apple’s contract with money, but this person definitely had to be decimated, even if this drove Jin Datang mad.

Huang Yaming and Tan Yao browsed the photographs on the table, their shocked exclamations resounding with every one, “This freaking fool’s life is really too colourful! This is just staggering! He’s done for.”

“Should we stay behind to accompany you? What if a fight breaks out later?” After getting over his excitement, Huang Yaming asked Xu Tingsheng rather uneasily.

“These major figures aren’t country bumpkins like us; even if they do intend to act, they won’t do it here. Moreover, this is Shi Zhongjun’s territory,” Xu Tingsheng smiled, “So, go have fun then.”

Huang Yaming nodded, “We’ll be going then! The first half’s nearly over; it seems like things’ll be getting busy for the two of us soon. Is there anything in particular that you want us to do?”

“Nope, just go for it. Also, remember to bring this,” Xu Tingsheng retrieved two condoms from the secret compartment, casually throwing them over to the two, “Make sure to keep yourselves clean.”

Huang Yaming and Tan Yao left.

The next person who came to find Xu Tingsheng was not Jin Datang but Shi Zhongjun. With regard to this cocktail party, Tianle’s matter would just be a sideshow no matter how crazy it got. The party was still going on happily in full swing.

After the first half of the party had ended, those who were supposed to leave left and those who were supposed to return to their private room returned to their private room. As for those who did not have a private room yet wanted to stay, they followed those whose private room they were willing to enter.

As for what would happen afterwards, this was not something that could be discussed publicly.

Those who had stayed behind were basically all men. The ones who would be gushing into the rooms soon were basically those female artistes who had yet to make it big or were preparing to enter the industry, and at least a portion of them were already mentally prepared.

Shi Zhongjun had already drunk quite a bit when he came into Xu Tingsheng’s room, poured a glass of wine and clinked glasses with him.

Then, he asked in a forthright manner, “Brother Xu dabbles in real estate too?”

“My family’s doing it,” Xu Tingsheng said.

“I see.”

This was all Shi Zhongjun was able to say as he realised all of a sudden that he was actually sorely lacking in terms of his understanding of Xu Tingsheng. He had tried to learn about the Xu Family before. Still, just having found that the Xu Family had started out in a county, he had then ceased in his efforts.

“If Brother Shi’s interested, I’ll invite you to join in when I’ve seen some results.”

Shi Zhongjun had helped him out a lot today. Now, Xu Tingsheng offered him some form of repayment.

He had not straight out invited Shi Zhongjun to participate, instead saying that he would be inviting him to invest after results had been seen. This meant: You don’t have to worry. You can come after you’ve seen that there’s this good, nice slice of the pie just waiting for you.

Shi Zhongjun extended a hand, “We’re agreed then.”

Xu Tingsheng shook his proffered hand, “Definitely.”

Shi Zhongjun hesitated for a moment before saying, “Actually, as I see it, with Brother Xu having flashed your cards, Jin Datang should already understand what he has to do. You don’t really have to exact it for real.”

“I’m not happy,” Xu Tingsheng smiled.

Looking at Xu Tingsheng’s expression, Shi Zhongjun continued, “ Actually, for what you decided earlier, that underling of mine did still ask me about it. I came here looking to persuade you to desist, because there isn’t actually a need to. I’ve also understood the situation. It’s about a woman, but nothing did truly happen in the end. Therefore, there’s no real need to drive Jin Datang into a corner like this…what do you think?”

Xu Tingsheng smiled, his gaze resolute, “Sorry, Brother Shi, but I think I’ve got to be insensible for once. This is necessary, I’m absolutely certain of it. Let me put it this way. It’s because of this matter that my Dad personally made a trip to Xihu City, where he currently is right now. If this isn’t convenient for Brother Shi, let me handle it myself then.”

Shi Zhongjun was taken aback for a time. From his previous interactions with Xu Tingsheng, he had long since determined him to be a very steady, dependable person, this being totally incongruent with his age as it even caused him to seem like he lacked drive, exerted insufficient pressure…

After having investigated Xu Tingsheng, Tianyi’s employees had ultimately come to such a conclusion: Benevolent and soft-hearted, weak-willed as a woman.

It was precisely because of this that Shi Zhongjun had to view Xu Tingsheng’s current stubbornness so seriously.

Up till now, he had only seen Xu Tingsheng this way twice before. For many other things, even the negotiation regarding their exchange of shares, he had appeared to be very reasonable. Meanwhile, those two times where he had refused to budge were both related to that girl called Apple.

“You really care about that girl so much?” Shi Zhongjun asked him.

Xu Tingsheng nodded rather embarrassedly, rather shyly.

Xu Tingsheng was no ordinary boy, this Shi Zhongjun knew. Thus, he understood even better what was entailed by this shyness which had surfaced on the face of a boy like him.

“We’ll do as you wish then. Leave this to me. As your older bro, I can’t always be avoiding this, right? My older brother at home’s always complaining about how Tianyi isn’t domineering at all under me, such that people don’t know to be afraid of it. Great, I’ll be showing it to him now.”

Shi Zhongjun stood up, “Actually, Jin Datang may not be able to retaliate against us two. There’re too many people who’re acting against him now. Even if he suspects us, he’d probably want to try to appease us first. Thus, there’s no need to worry. I’ll go find him for a chat now. The termination contract should be sent over very soon.”

Xu Tingsheng rose to his feet, “Thank you, Brother Shi.”

Not long after Shi Zhongjun left, Huang Yaming and Tan Yao who had been in high spirits earlier scuttled back to the room in a panic as if they had seen a ghost.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Tingsheng asked.

“Apple’s here,” Huang Yaming said.

“What? Apple? Did you see wrong?”

Xu Tingsheng was greatly astonished. Wasn’t Apple off attending a gathering with her friends?

“It’s true, we both saw it. She came together with some people from Tianle, and she’s currently sitting right in the hall,” Huang Yaming said.

Beside him, Tan Yao nodded.

Xu Tingsheng rubbed his forehead, suddenly feeling rather unhappy for some reason.

“She didn’t see you, right?” He asked.

“She didn’t. We hid away fast,” Huang Yaming replied.

“Well, you guys go have fun then. Just don’t let her see you for the time being. If it’s convenient, try to find out what she’s here for and help to watch her.”

After saying so, Xu Tingsheng dialled Apple’s number. It was a long time before his call was picked up.

“Having fun with your friends someplace?” Xu Tingsheng asked.

“Yeah, we, we’re chatting in a bar right now,” Apple lied.

“Okay. You be careful then,” Xu Tingsheng replied.

Finding his tone to be a little strange, Apple asked him, “Are you unhappy?”

“No, just a little tired. You have fun then,” Xu Tingsheng said, and directly hung up.

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