Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me SWFM 242

Chapter 242: What can be overturned and what cannot


Huang Yaming said, “I want to quit school.”

He wanted to stay in Tianyi.

Xu Tingsheng said mildly as he ate, “No.”

While he had spoken calmly, even Tan Yao beside them could sense how firm his attitude was on this matter.

“I really want to quit school,” Huang Yamign said, “Do you think that I’ll be able to do better than I am now after wasting three more years studying? My specialisation has got nothing to do at all with what I’m doing now. Instead, I feel really motivated doing what I’m currently doing.”

But Xu Tingsheng still said, “No.”

Huang Yaming said, “I’m not joking. I’ve thought about this for a long time.”

Xu Tingsheng said, “I’m also not joking. I’ve actually been worried that this day would come for quite some time now. Yaming, there really aren’t many people in this world who understand you better than I do. That’s why I’ve actually always been worried that you might do this. I’ve already thought about this very clearly, and the answer is no.”

Huang Yaming slammed his chopsticks on the table, asking rather emotionally, “You’re minding my business?!”

Xu Tingsheng smiled, “I am.”

“Based on what?”

“It isn’t about that. You should study on to give your parents peace of mind. For farming families, raising a university student is dreamt of by so many generations. So, you’ve got to let them feel no matter what that all their hard work in bringing you up was worth it, giving them peace of mind. This is something you wouldn’t be able to give them however much money you’ve got.”

“Also, if you must definitely relate it to me, I want you to have a path of retreat. Have you ever wondered what you’d do if I fell one day?”

Huang Yaming was silent for a while before he smiled bitterly, “What you mean is that everything I have now was given by you. Therefore, I won’t be able to succeed in anything at all if you fall, is that it? So, you can mind my business? So you’re actually my boss, and to think I still thought of you as my bro. Heck, and I’m a month older than you!”

It was actually very difficult for the 31-year old Xu Tingsheng to explain his rationale to Huang Yaming who was only twenty years old and whose life had suddenly changed dramatically, currently being in the midst of expanding.

Therefore, he simply smiled, “Don’t let your imagination run wild! We’ll always be bros.”

“Anyway, I’ll be staying at Tianyi. I’ve already discussed this with Boss Shi.”

“No. I’ll talk to Boss Shi about this.”

Huang Yaming asked very earnestly, “Then, if I insist on quitting school, will you take away everything that you’ve given me? The stint with Tianyi too.”

Xu Tingsheng considered it before replying, “I would. Still, don’t you be angry with me. I’d only be doing that because it’s necessary to stop you. You’ll understand in a few years.”

A vexed Huang Yaming exclaimed, “Tingsheng, I want to make a name for myself, to be in the limelight. I just can’t wait for it, you know? Ever since the day I saw Tan Qingling get off someone’s car, I’ve wanted every day to make a name for myself, to see her regretting it…can you understand? Another three more years of studying in university…no, I can’t wait that long.”

Only now did Xu Tingsheng realise just how greatly that incident with Tan Qingling had impacted and changed Huang Yaming. However, he still could not approve of his decision, and was still going to use that terribly undesirable method against him if so needed.

While Xu Tingsheng would not be able to easily tell if such persistence on his part was right or wrong, necessary or unneeded, just thinking of agreeing alone caused him to feel a heavy, inexplicable sense of unease…

Therefore, he dared not allow Huang Yaming to tie his entire fate and future down to himself.

Just as he had said, he wanted Huang Yaming to have a path of retreat.

Xu Tingsheng raised his glass, pouring a glass of wine for Huang Yaming as well, “She’s not worth it.”

Huang Yaming did not take it as he was silent.

A long while later, Xu Tingsheng heard him heave a long breath. It had the feel of him hence expelling their previous relationship of being utterly unreserved and able to talk about anything under the sun as bros with that one exhalation.

He had once been able to shamelessly hound Xu Tingsheng into buying a high-end car, saying that he would drive it instead if Xu Tingsheng didn’t want to.

He didn’t want to speak right now.

The ‘luxury car fishing’ exercise never happened. After returning to the hotel after lunch, Huang Yaming immediately packed his things, preparing to return to Yanzhou. Xu Tingsheng asked Tan Yao to accompany him, driving the G500 back in the meantime.

A sulking Huang Yaming instead drove away Fang Yuqing’s decrepit Volkswagen.

Xu Tingsheng ate dinner with Zhang Xingke.

He didn’t mess around while ordering this time, just ordering a few simple dishes and a few bottles of wine.

The two chatted as they ate.

Zhang Xingke pointed at the G500 outside the door, “That your car?”

Xu Tingsheng said, “Yeah.”

Zhang Xingke smiled bitterly, “And to think that I was still competing with you a few months ago. You’ve even reached this extent already.”

Xu Tingsheng said, “Oh, it’s just for appearances.”

“Actually, after interacting quite a bit with you recently, I actually rather want to work together with you,” Zhang Xingke suddenly said in a dismal tone, “With your character, if you truly make it big one day, the people by your side…will probably be blessed by fortune as well. Sadly, I won’t have such an opportunity.”

Zhang Xingke having said this, Xu Tingsheng could already guess his decision. Despite feeling rather puzzled, he did not say anything. The two of them were not that close at the end of the day.

“I’ve decided to just take the money and leave. Yu Xinlan will be leaving together with me,” Zhang Xingke tried to conceal the slight awkwardness he was feeling by feigning an easy, matter-of-fact tone.

“What about those family members of hers?” Despite no longer feeling surprised, Xu Tingsheng asked.

“Them too,” Zhang Xingke began chuckling loudly to himself at this point, this seeming the only way that he could try to hide exactly how inexplicable a thing it was that he had just done.

Xu Tingsheng had been adamant on overturning Huang Yaming’s decision just earlier, adamant beyond compare.

As for Zhang Xingke…

Xu Tingsheng thought for a moment before saying, “Alright.”

Zhang Xingke poured them wine as he said, “I’ll help you to take care of Dexin’s matter within the next ten days. After that, I’ll get my money and leave.”

Since he had decided to go for the money, Zhang Xingke’s choices were actually no longer limited to just Xu Tingsheng alone. Still, he had stuck to his original choice. This was actually understood between these two former enemies without anything having to be said at all.

Xu Tingsheng downed the wine before asking, “I’ll send you off when the time comes?”

Zhang Xingke said, “Just now is fine.”

Xu Tingsheng told him, “Bon voyage.”

Zhang Xingke hesitated for quite some time before eventually still saying in the end, “I’ll probably still remain in the field of educational training institutes here in Shenghai. I’ll rent a building, maybe bring a few people from Dexin over.”

Xu Tingsheng said, “No problem.”

“I might also have to rely on your platform for recruitment initially.”

“Alright. You can discuss the price with Lu Zhixin. I’ll help you to request for a discount at most,” Xu Tingsheng smiled.

“Heck,” Zhang Xingke exclaimed, “Xu Tingsheng, do you have to treat people to this extent? Or do you not think me to be a threat at all, dude?”

Xu Tingsheng asked, “Threat? With Yu Xinlan around, you are no threat at all.”

This was the final warning Xu Tingsheng was giving Zhang Xingke. While it didn’t sound nice, Zhang Xingke understood the underlying meaning behind it. Still, he had no real way of responding at all.

Instead, he simply smiled, “Thanks.”

The two went downstairs. A movie was currently playing on the television in the hotel lobby-<>. As they passed through the lobby, Brigitte Lin had just said, “Numerous talents spring from our generation, destined to be tried by the tribulations of the martial world…”

Zhang Xingke cursed, “Goddamnit, must it really be this appropriate for the situation?”

Xu Tingsheng halted and said, “Lu Zhixin may be coming along when we discuss the acquisition. So, I’ll just say this now. If that day really comes, remember to give me a call.”

“It shouldn’t be that tragic, right? Zhang Xingke smiled, “Don’t scare me! Right, Xu Tingsheng, tell me…what I’ve done now, can it be considered lowering the blade of slaughter, hence achieving the nirvanic light?”

Xu Tingsheng told him, “Scram.”

The next day, when Xu Tingsheng had nearly reached Yanzhou in his car, Cen Xiyu called him rather urgently, saying, “ Your little female junior came just now.”

Wu Yuewei and Cen Xiyu who had still been Apple at the time had actually met in Libei Senior High before, both being aware of the other’s existence.

Meanwhile, Xu Tingsheng had actually only agreed to meet with Wu Yuewei the next day. He planned to take her directly to Xihu City before heading for Qingbei via plane after she had arrived in Yanzhou, returning two days later.

He had even bought a computer for her in Shenghai already.

“Where is she now?” Xu Tingsheng asked.

“She’s gone. She saw the three of us and asked whether you were living here. Fang Chen didn’t know who she is, and said yes. She said thank you, and then left, dragging a great big suitcase all on her own. I tried to stop her, saying that you’ll be back really soon, but she just shook her head and said nothing.”

“I’ve got to go look for her.”


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