Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me SWFM 246

Chapter 246: Good people never love the wrong way


The girl with the long plait said, “Okay.”

Then, she straightforwardly went to find some pen and paper, writing down her number and handing it to Zhang Ninglang.

Zhang Ninglang asked, “You’re really giving it to me?”

The girl with the long plait said, “Yeah! How many numbers have you gotten today, senior?”

Zhang Ninglang said, “Just one.”

“How many female juniors have you asked?”

“Just one.”

“Just one before this, or just me?”

“Just you.”

The girl with the long plait smiled, so happy that she couldn’t speak.


Amazement and envy was contained amidst the laughter that erupted this time.

How great a story this was.

After exiting the long-plaited girl’s room, Zhang Ninglang’s roommates from Room 602 all crowded around him.

Tan Yao who had obtained the most numbers from their female juniors put a hand around his shoulder, telling him, “Lil’ bro, you’re today’s winner.”

Zhang Ninglang regained his wits, “How is that possible? I only managed to get one.”

Tan Yao asked, “Do you know how significant this one is?”

Then, he said, “Remember how I went up twice? The first time, I introduced myself, and failed to get it. The second time, I directly threw out the trump, asking her ‘Junior, just having come here, have you heard of Xishan Tower’s Xu Tingsheng?’”

“The junior said she heard about that from the university forums over the summer holidays, also having heard some female seniors discussing it in the afternoon. So I pointed at Bro Xu, telling her ‘He’s standing right there, by the doorway. He asked me to get your number for him’. Can you guess what she said in the end?”

Everyone looked at him.

“The junior said: Oh, so he’s Xishan Tower’s Xu Tingsheng. Then, does that senior beside him have a girlfriend?”

Zhang Ninglang’s roommates all felt emotional at this, even Tan Yao who claimed not to want to be in a serious relationship and Li Xingming who only had sex on his brain. There is actually no one who does not aspire towards the beautiful, especially relationships.

Xu Tingsheng shook Zhang Ninglang’s shoulder, saying, “This is really great.”

Zhang Ninglang nodded very joyfully.

In this world, there is often this kind of boy that does not stand out much, that girls generally take little notice of in those dazzling, colourful years. Yet, they actually guarantee happiness.

Zhang Ninglang was such a person. Today, someone had spotted his value with her discerning eyes. This was, at the very least, a good beginning.

Three rooms of female juniors remained. Xu Tingsheng and Zhang Xinglang became even more thorough bystanders, just chatting outside as two classes of guys surged enthusiastically within.

Zhang Ninglang hesitated for a long time before finally asking Xu Tingsheng, “Bro Xu, in the off chance…it’ll be my first time in a relationship, and I don’t know anything at all. Guide me along more if you’ve got the time.”

Xu Tingsheng thought for a moment before advising him, “You shouldn’t learn from me. You should just be yourself. For matters of the heart, you’ll be much more outstanding than me whatever you choose to do. Really.”

Despite not seeming like he fully comprehended this, Zhang Xinglang replied, “Right, got it.”

The two waited for nearly half an hour as the other guys completed their mission. They were like hunters returning with a bountiful catch of prey as excitement and triumph filled most their faces.

Exiting the female dormitory, the group was blocked by a row of ‘family members’. Before their own dormitory stood the ‘family squadron’. Seeing this, some of the guys tried to run away, but were directly yelled into place by their girlfriends.

Around half of them were like Tan Yao, Li Xingming, Xu Tingsheng and Zhang Ninglang as they had no one to manage them. They cheerily moved over to the side to enjoy the spectacle.

“So, been happy looking at the female juniors? How did you rank, getting their numbers?” The ‘family members’ asked.

“Like you didn’t look at the male juniors,” Someone rebutted from amongst the crowd of boys.

“Who said we wouldn’t let you look? This is just like a post-activity debriefing. To tell you the truth, the quality of this batch of male juniors really is much higher than you lot.”

“True,” Someone affirmed.

Whether it was just an illusion or something else, virtually wherever one was, the female seniors were always more prone to feeling that the quality of the new batch of male juniors was higher than the previous, while the male seniors also mostly felt their new female juniors to be more appetising.

It was just that none of the boys dared to say this now, for such would be courting death.

Li Linlin extended a hand towards Old Wai, saying, “Come, show me your handphone.”

Old Wai hesitated painfully for a bit before eventually obediently doing as requested.

With a role model having appeared, the remaining ones could only comply as well.

Thus, a row of female students began deleting numbers from the phones of their boyfriends right in front of the female dormitory.

Lu Xu extended his handphone towards Chick Bao.

Chick Bao did not take it as she rotated her ankle, cracking her fists.

“I hear that you were just third? Why didn’t you get first?” Chick Bao questioned.

Lu Xu nearly collapsed, yet forcibly maintained himself, “Heyyy, Bao Peijun, executions are merely the head falling to the ground, but you…”

“I what?” Chick Bao asked.

“Don’t slap the face!” Lu Xu said.

The freshmen would take be making use of the next day to acclimatise to their surroundings. The second year students also had no lessons that day as everyone from Room 602 slept till the afternoon, with Zhang Xinglang being the sole exception.

In the afternoon, Zhang Ninglang had already returned with a new phone from the city district.

“Have you chatted yet?” Tan Yao asked him.

“Not yet,” Zhang Ninglang said rather perturbedly, “I’ve thought about it for very long, but still can’t think of the first thing I should say. How about you guys help me?”

Tan Yao smiled, “Send her the room number of a motel room.”

Li Xingming said, “How about you send her a poem.”

Lu Xu said, “Just go with ‘A vast sea of people, to love at first sight. Apparently this long, wasted year, was to await your appearance here.”

Old Wai said, “Cheesy. Just directly invite her out to eat.”

Zhang Xinglang got even more confused because of all these random ramblings as he asked Xu Tingsheng, “Bro Xu, what do you think?”

Xu Tingsheng said, “Don’t listen to them. Just type out whatever it is that you want to type. I already told you this yesterday: You’re different from us. Whatever you want to do-that’s the right thing to do.”

“Right,” Zhang Ninglang nodded earnestly before taking his handphone and typing on it for nearly an entire half hour.

“I’ve sent it,” He heaved a sigh of relief, yet still spoke uneasily.

Tan Yao leapt off his bed, grabbing the phone and saying, “Come, let me see what you’ve sent.”

After looking through it, Tan Yao glanced around the room blankly before asking Xu Tingsheng, “You’re sure that whatever Lil’ bro sends must be right?”

Xu Tingsheng said, “Positive, I guess.”

Tan Yao said, “I’ll read it out to you guys then.”

Zhang Xinglang wanted to snatch back his phone, but was held down by Old Wai and Lu Xu.

“The food in Canteen 3 is cheaper than the food in Canteen 1. Although they say that the food in Canteen 1 is nice, actually, the tofu and fish in Canteen 3 are both nicer than those from Canteen 1. When you feel like eating fish or tofu, you should head over to Canteen 3.”

“Whenever you go to draw water, remember to be careful with the third tap from the left. It’s a bit faulty, and sometimes, water will spurt out from above. Try to avoid using that tap if possible. I’m afraid that you might get scalded.”

“It’s best to make prior preparations for Grade 4. The earlier you complete it, the safer it will be. The school only allows some of those from every batch to take it first. In the first semester, you should try to get better results for English.”

“It’s rather hard to get one of the seats in the library’s self-study rooms. Actually, the door of Classroom 507 on the fifth storey of our faculty is never locked. There aren’t many who know about this, so it’s rather emptier, and also rather quieter. Still, if you still want to use the library’s self-study rooms, I’ll help you to grab a place. There’s air-conditioning there, and I could tell from yesterday that you are rather sensitive to the heat, and sweat pretty easily.”

“It’s not unusual for attendance taking and more people flunking in Professor You’s classes. A couple of those in my dorm room have flunked as well. You’ve got to pay more attention to this.”

“For public transportation, Bus 42 goes to the station at the city district while Bus 53 goes to the central business district. Bus 38 goes to both these places, but takes a longer time to get there.”

“It’s best to buy a second-hand bicycle if you want one. It’s fine if it’s a little old; that only makes it less likely to be stolen.”

“The large camphor tree at the bottom right corner of the Student’s Square is very beautiful, but worms will drop from it sometimes.”


Tan Yao went on reading, went on and on…

Emotions surged within Xu Tingsheng’s heart.

Li Xingming said, “I suddenly feel a bit like crying.”

Old Wai and Lu Xu exchanged glances, saying, “It’s like we fail as human beings.”

Tan Yao clenched his teeth, “And I freaking thought this to be kind of dumb at the beginning.”

Then, he suddenly yelled emotionally, “The heck, a reply’s come!”

Everyone waited with bated breath.

The junior had replied, “I originally believed that I was very hard to pursue. If you’re always as good as this. Huh, I’d still wanted to be a little reserved for a few days first; what do I do now? Well, let’s have lunch together.”

Good people never love the wrong way.

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