Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me SWFM 273

Chapter 273: Stifled


Since their families were unwilling to draw on their influence to support them, they could simply make use of their authority and shamelessly wield it outside. Since they were being suppressed in their families and unable to rise up, they would just change their mindset for a resurgence. They would go out, stand up and return standing with a slice of the pie in their hands.

There was also a ladder, which would be supported by a bunch of people as they climbed up. Those who had successfully ascended would extend a hand, assisting those still down below.

The more they thought about it, the better they felt.

Somehow, this Black Horse Club thing seemed like it was going to be successfully established.

Xu Tingsheng who had totally led those people by the nose stood in the concealed room where the surveillance equipment was located.

Starry Splendour’s smaller rooms actually weren’t that small. While only Lu Zhixin and Ding Sen were sitting inside, with the two of them sitting on the same sofa, the distance between them still seemed to be pretty normal.

Or that would be the case if not for the rather romantic vibe given off by the music and the lights.

“The sound can’t be heard, right?” After watching for a bit, seeing their mouths opening yet just unable to hear what was being said, Xu Tingsheng asked the dude behind him a little frantically.

“Right, we can’t hear the sound. We can only see images,” That person said respectfully.

“Then…what happened just now?” Feeling rather awkward, Xu Tingsheng asked.

“That guy was really crazy hungry just now. He tried to get close a few times, shamelessly trying to hold her hand and whatnot. Still, you can rest assured, Bro Xu. Every time he tried to get closer to the lady, she would evade. He didn’t manage to take advantage of her at all. Otherwise, I would have long since notified Bro Kun before killing our way in.”

“Right, also, that lady has passed over a stack of papers several times already. I couldn’t clearly see what was written, but it always ended with the man unwilling to accept it, returning it to her.”

Xu Tingsheng had already said how weird it was to be addressed as (elder) Bro by someone who was a good many years older than him but to no avail. He could only stop harping on it. Hearing the guy’s narration, Xu Tingsheng knew that Ding Sen was here for matters of the heart, while Lu Zhixin just wanted to talk about the contract.

“That’s all?” Xu Tingsheng pressed.

“Right. Hey, has this chick caught your eye, Bro Xu? Relax, I can tell with a single glance that that dude’s got no chance. The chick’s not interested in him at all.”

Now, Xu Tingsheng noticed that the two in the room had started consuming wine at a much higher rate.

If they were competing in terms of drinking, he needn’t be worried about Lu Zhixin, right?

To intervene or not to intervene?

What right might he possibly have to intervene?

This was actually Lu Zhixin’s family matter. The relationship between Xu Tingsheng and Lu Zhixin? Partners…who had an ambiguous relationship, having lain down beside each other twice before with the guy having been rascally for a bit and the girl having condoned him once.

He didn’t seem sufficiently qualified to intervene.

Xu Tingsheng rubbed his forehead, saying helplessly, “Please continue helping me to keep an eye out then. I’ll be returning for a bit.”

“Alright, Bro Xu. You can count on me.”

Sometimes, when people have been feeling conflicted over what to do for a very long time, a thought will suddenly flash through their minds which they will promptly act on in the heat of the moment. On the way back to the room where the others were gathered, Xu Tingsheng had to walk past the one that Lu Zhixin was in.

In the room, Ding Sen was currently smiling as he asked Lu Zhixin, “Competing in wine again, wanting to get me intoxicated so that you can leave, right? I always couldn’t beat you before. Hence, I’ve been training especially hard overseas during this past one over year. I don’t fear you anymore.”

Ding Sen clinked glasses with her, moving in a little closer.

Outside the room, at that instant in which Xu Tingsheng walked past the door, at just that one instant, he unconsciously reached out and wrenched it open. The entire process flowed smoothly as though he had been intending to do precisely that in the first place.

The door was pushed open. They all stared at one another.

“Sorry to interrupt,” Xu Tingsheng feigned calmness as much as possible, “Zhixin, there are a few friends over there who may be entering a partnership with our Hucheng. Would you mind going over together for a while to get to know them better?”

Lu Zhixin put down the wineglass in her hand.

“Zhixin isn’t free,” Ding Sen said, “Please go out, and close the door after you.”

Xu Tingsheng was not that kind of rash youth who would immediately gnash his teeth in rage upon encountering a matter such as this. He pretended not to have heard this at all as he just directed his gaze at Lu Zhixin.

It would be fine if he had not opened this door, but since he had, Xu Tingsheng would naturally not retreat as easily as this. At least, he had been able to tell from the surveillance equipment that Lu Zhixin did not want to remain here a second longer than was necessary.

It was only having confirmed this that Xu Tingsheng dared to forcibly intervene in this matter.

Lu Zhixin did not speak.

Had his mental age been lower by ten years, Xu Tingsheng would have stormed off in a huff. Still, he was already past that age. At the very least, he hoped to communicate with Lu Zhixin and understand more on her difficulties now, even though he had reminded himself not to get involved just prior to this.

Ding Sen stood up, walking over to stand in front of Xu Tingsheng.

“Hucheng, right? I’ve researched it…its value is okay, but from my experience, the funds you can deploy should not surpass ten million yuan in actuality. It would be twenty million at most, adding on the loans and whatnot.”

With that, Ding Sen poked Xu Tingsheng on the shoulder, chortling, “You’re too confident, my little friend. I think you definitely don’t know that the contract Zhixin and I are discussing now already surpasses twenty million in funds in total scope. You aren’t qualified enough to be concerned about it, got it?”

“Those who rose up from nothing are easily praised, but in reality…they’re very pitiful. You still aren’t on the same level as us.”

Some thunderous footsteps resounded. Swivelling his head, Xu Tingsheng saw the person who had been monitoring the screen hurrying over with a few burly black-clothed man. Knowing that they should have seen this through the monitor, Xu Tingsheng thought for a bit before raising a hand to call for them to stop.

Twenty million was a sum that indeed somewhat surpassed Xu Tingsheng’s expectations. It was also true that he currently still lacked the financial ability to immediately grab twenty million yuan and throw it straight into Ding Sen’s face.

Yet, it actually wasn’t this twenty million that Xu Tingsheng was really feeling troubled over now. Had this been a personal problem of Lu Zhixin’s, such as if she owed such a sum of money, Xu Tingsheng would assist her in settling the matter even despite the difficulties this might entail.

This was what he owed Lu Zhixin, what Lu Zhixin rightly deserved. This was a burden that he and Hucheng would totally be able to bear easily in the not-so-far future, this being something that he was confident of.

The current situation, though, had to do with the Lu family business and the cooperative relationship between Mr Lu and a long-term business partner. With this, the situation had become much more complex, perhaps even far surpassing that of the huge sum of twenty million as it concerned distribution channels and various other important things.

Therefore, unless Lu Zhixin herself had come to a decision, Xu Tingsheng would possess not even the right to intervene.

“I’m only showing concern for my partner,” Xu Tingsheng said calmly, this being the only thing he could use to justify himself with now.

Then, he directed his gaze back at Lu Zhixin who hesitated for a moment and then avoided it.

“Partner?” Ding Sen laughed, “Do you know the intentions of both sides’ parents? If we go by the intentions of the senior generation, Zhixin should be my fiancee very soon. I am willing to pursue her only because I want the process to be a little more fun. Still, I don’t find it fun now anymore.”

Ding Sen’s words were actually greatly exaggerated. The reason in the change in his attitude towards Lu Zhixin, with him having gone from pursuing her to exerting pressure on her, really lay with the predicament that the Lu Family was currently in which he could capitalise on. He would definitely not have dared to speak as domineeringly as this if this had been in the past.

While Xu Tingsheng was not clear on this, he felt very uncomfortable listening to Ding Sen’s words as some rage finally arose in him.

“Actually, the Great Qing Dynasty has fallen,” An angered Xu Tingsheng said.

Ding Sen was momentarily taken aback, unable to understand what Xu Tingsheng meant.

“You don’t understand? I’m saying that in this current era, arranged marriages…are illegal,” Xu Tingsheng smiled mockingly.

After having been played, the enraged Ding Sen was like a bull who was about to go bonkers, staring all wide-eyed as he continued poking his finger into Xu Tingsheng’s shoulder…then, he shoved him with his chest.

Xu Tingsheng glanced at him like he would a total retard, saying slowly, “Don’t make any rash moves. You can’t beat me, really. Rich kids like you who only know how to bully women and even like poking with your finger like a girl-honestly speaking, I can fight ten of you at once.”

Ding Sen had no way of rebutting as he clenched his fists yet dared not charge over. He knew full well that he had actually used quite a bit of strength in shoving Xu Tingsheng earlier. Yet, Xu Tingsheng had not even taken a single step back despite not having a very robust appearance.

Therefore, Xu Tingsheng having said that he could fight ten of him at once, Ding Sen whose strength had been depleted by alcohol dared not even try him.

With that bad boy routine of his, Xu Tingsheng seemed finally to have gained the upper hand.

Xu Tingsheng turned towards Lu Zhixin, consoling kindly, “Zhixin, if you’re feeling troubled, why don’t you communicate with your father on this? If that really isn’t possible, we could try to think of something together.”

Lu Zhixin finally spoke in a cold and indifferent tone, “I’m fine. You should return first. As for the company’s matter, I will go over later if I have the time.”

At Lu Zhixin’s words, Ding Sen laughed uproariously.

Meeting with complete and utter defeat, Xu Tingsheng was forced to swallow his burning rage.

“Sorry for the interruption,” He closed the door and left the room.

This seemed to be the first time ever since his rebirth that he had been as humiliated as this. With Lu Zhixin having made her own decision, there was nothing that he could do even if he wanted to retaliate.

“Who asked you to be so nosy, Xu Tingsheng, foolishly going around taking yourself as the Messiah…women are trouble, are sick…Lu Zhixin you lousy woman, go foolishly force yourself all you want! Wooden fish face, robot, abnormal, pit in the brain, not knowing left from right…this old man would really be mental if he cares about your matters again…”

He felt awkward in having found needless trouble for himself, and stifled as well…Uncle felt very despondent as he started scolding himself and scolding Lu Zhixin incomparably childishly all the way back. Sometimes, one’s heart would be soothed somewhat by venting it all out like this.

Xu Tingsheng was much quieter after having returned to the room to resume the discussion. This was not because of Lu Zhixin’s matter. Instead, he was actually already pretty tired after having masqueraded for the entire night. Additionally, it was money that they would be talking about now. Xu Tingsheng was best suited to simply listen to matters such as this.

The more he was silent, the less others would doubt his financial capabilities. The Xu Tingsheng that they knew of was much more colourful and complex than the Xu Tingsheng Ding Sen knew.

Of course, there wouldn’t be anyone with designs on Xu Tingsheng’s portion now. His portion would definitely be the biggest one. This was something that was tacitly agreed upon by everyone, not being something that had to be emphasised or intentionally enforced.

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