Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me SWFM 276

Chapter 276: Rise of the Black Horse Club


When Tongtong supported Lu Zhixin out of the room, Ding Sen who was really all bark and no bite hesitated for a moment. He watched on, but made no move to obstruct them.

After Lu Zhixin had left, Ding Sen suddenly realised that he had lost face as he quickly directed all his unhappiness at Xu Tingsheng.

“Bro Kun, if you’re not going to say anything, I’m going to settle my matter.”

With that, Ding Sen gestured, a few people now intruding into the room from behind him.

Huang Yaming, Fang Yuqing and Ding Sen were the first to step forward and block them. Then, Ding Sen was incomparably surprised as he saw Hu Shengming step forward as well, followed successively by a few other people.

“Go back to sit, all of you,” Wu Kun said, “Since we’re at my place, let me take care of this.”

With that, he spoke into his earpiece, “Please clear out all these people in the corridor.”

Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud.

It was the pounding sound of footsteps.

Over forty burly black-clothed men ran over from both sides of the corridor, surrounding the twenty people that Ding Sen had brought over.

“Wu Kun, you…” Ding Sen said.

“Take them all away. If anyone resists, break their legs and drag them away,” Wu Kun said.

A short while later, Ding Sen’s legs trembled and lost all strength as he realised that he was the only one who remained.

Suddenly, one of the black-clothed men pushed Ding Sen straight into the room and closed the door from outside.

Ding Sen asked uneasily, “What do you want? You’re not going to make a move on me, right?”

“I won’t stop you if you want to settle your matter now,” Wu Kun said.

“Let me!”

“No, let me!”

Tan Yao and Huang Yaming were arguing over who would get to fight.

“Sit down,” Xu Tingsheng smiled.

Ding Sen surveyed the area, saying, “I really didn’t think that things would turn out like this. Fine, I’ve lost today. I’ll leave…is there anything else, Bro Kun?”

Wu Kun looked at Xu Tingsheng.

Xu Tingsheng smiled, “You’d best sit down for a talk.”

Ding Sen tried hard to compose himself as he sat down and put up a brave front, “I’d like to see what you’d dare to do to me. Anyway, let me tell you-this matter isn’t over yet. The Lu Family’s matter definitely isn’t over yet. Tell that damned bitch to wait and see. If I don’t bring down her Lu Family…”

Xu Tingsheng smiled, “The thing between us isn’t urgent. You only pushed me; just apologise and it’s all good. I’m not a petty person. I asked you to stay behind to talk about the Lu Family.”

Just as he finished saying this, someone brought in the contract that Ding Sen had previously thrown onto the floor in that other room.

Xu Tingsheng took a look at the contract, not focusing too much on its contents. He discovered that Mr Lu’s signature was already on it. It seemed that the contract had already basically been agreed upon beforehand. Lu Zhixin’s father had sent it over for her to complete the procedures.

Then, Ding Sen had made use of this chance to make things difficult for her. Or maybe…Mr Lu had tacitly allowed this to happen.

Hearing that Xu Tingsheng wanted to discuss the contract, Ding Sen felt again like he grasped all the cards in his hands as he propped up his foot and placed his arms on the sides of the chair he was sitting on. Bearing a domineering air, Ding Sen laughed contemptuously.

Someone nearby commented, “Is he stupid? Does he think he’s filming a movie?”

Seeking the source of the voice, Ding Sen saw that it was Hu Shengming.

After confirming that it was indeed Hu Shengming, Ding Sen laughed. The Ding Family mainly handled the importing and exporting of goods. The Hu Family was a business partner of theirs, being comparatively weaker as they had to rely on them in some areas.

Feeling confident now, Ding Sen said disdainfully, “Hu Shengming, since when have you been qualified to speak like this? I remember that many of your family’s raw materials come with my family’s ships? I’m sorry, but it may not be so convenient in the future. Perhaps we will have to adjust the shipping fees.”

Hu Shengming was rendered speechless.

Ding Sen said triumphantly, “Hmm, I wonder if it will be tough for you in your family from now on? Oh, I forgot, it was already tough enough for you before. Did you know, both your elder brothers call you trash when they mention you outside!”

“You think that you call the shots in your family?” Hu Shengming rebutted in a low voice.

Ding Sen seemed to have been waiting for him to say this, appearing even more full of himself now as he laughed loudly, “That’s right, my Dad aside, it really is me calling the shots in my family now. So, I will definitely be doing what I said I would just now. What about it, eh?”

This fella had a brother from a different mother who had been doing rather well prior to this. From the looks of it now, however, thanks to his mother being favoured on the bed, he had already successfully ‘offed’ him.

Seeing Hu Shengming hang his head in silence, Ding Sen directed his gaze at everyone else present whose families were also business partners with his. The upper echelons of Yanzhou were not all that extensive. Quite a number of them shared cooperative relationships, in truth.

Of course, this did not mean that the Ding Family would really be able to coerce so many business partners.

Currently, the main thing here was that everyone present was inferior to Ding Sen in terms of their position in their families. Ding Sen had the ability to make decisions, but they didn’t. Ding Sen was able to capitalise on the power and influence of his family to further his ends, but they couldn’t…also, if any one of them caused trouble for their family, things would only become even harder for them.

“You people are helping that guy so much-it can’t be that you really intend to go into real estate together with him?” Looking left and right, Ding Sen basically saw their silence as an admission.

“Him, really? What are you guys thinking?”

Ding Sen shook his head, “Let me put it this way. My family’s recently entered a partnership with Jinxiong Corporation. We’re prepared to get the land this time; there’s none of it that’ll be left for you. So, if you are truly interested, I’ll mention it to my Dad later on and let one or two of your families join in. Or if you intend to invest a bit into it, that’d be fine as well. How about it?”

The Jinxiong Corporation was one of Yanzhou’s biggest real estate companies. It was deeply entrenched in these parts as it possessed great power.

Having used this as a ‘killer move’, seeing how things had fallen rather silent, Ding Sen felt that he had pulled a major reversal. Smiling and talking and reversing the situation, truly Zhuge Liang reborn! Even Ding Sen could not help but feel rather admiring of himself now.

“I’m not interested,” Gao Yupo said before smiling and nodding towards Xu Tingsheng.

“I’m even less interested,” Hu Shengming imitated him, doing the same.

Looking at Xu Tingsheng, Wu Kun smiled, “I don’t like picking up someone else’s scraps.”

A few others spoke up in succession, all smiling and nodding towards Xu Tingsheng.

The current situation actually somewhat exceeded Xu Tingsheng’s expectations. He definitely would not have taken into account that very minute detail from earlier. When he had rushed outside without providing any explanation, Fang Yuqing, Huang Yaming and Tan Yao had immediately rushed out after him without even thinking to ask him what was the matter…

This minute detail had actually greatly moved many of those present.

The way in which they looked at Xu Tingsheng had changed as they were willing to and wanted to befriend him. Also, they had just found the feeling of being in a party. Gao Yupo had been the first to speak up, and right after that there had been a second, and then a third…

This caused them to feel excited, also giving them a sense of camaraderie. They seemed already able to see how they would be successively surging into prominence in the future.

His ‘major reversal’ having suddenly been ‘reversed yet again’, Ding Sen was greatly flustered.

And never would he have thought that his mention of Jinxiong would finally cause someone who had been silent thus far to finally speak up. Jinxiong’s ties with the Ye Family ran very deep. In the matter of the Ye Family’s succession, it firmly stood on the side of Ye Qing’s elder brother.

“Little Hu,” Ye Qing said.

“Huh?” Hu Shengming turned, “You called me, Sis Qing? What is it?”

Ye Qing seldom interacted with those of this social circle. Hu Shengming did not have much of a relationship with her, especially considering the great difference in their statuses. Hearing her actually addressing him now, Hu Shengming nearly didn’t react to his name being called.

Ye Qing smiled, asking, “Which harbours do you your family use for those raw materials?”

Hu Shengming answered, “We rely on harbours in both Beilun and Shenghai.”

“There’s no problem then,” Ye Qing said, “My family recently entered a partnership with Yuanhang Corporation. It just so happens that I’m in charge of this. How about this, you go back and tell your family that your materials can come with Yuanhang’s ships in the future. I guarantee that the prices will definitely be lower than before. Regarding transportation capabilities, your family would definitely know about Yuanhang.”

Hu Shengming nodded excitedly. Truly a blessing in disguise! He knew that his family would agree to this proposition for sure. Businessmen sought profit, wanting timeliness, efficiency, lower costs…those of them who didn’t want these would really be dumb.

And this would have been achieved by him, Hu Shengming whom they purportedly called ‘trash’.

“I’ll finally be able to raise my head high and show off for once,” Hu Shengming said emotionally, “Having a gang really is great. What a great gang, just that the name is a little bit lacking. What Black Horse Club…it’d be even better if it were called This Old Man is Freaking Awesome or If You’re Not Happy Than Just Do It.”

Suddenly recalling that it was Ye Qing who had decided on the name ‘Black Horse Club’, Hu Shengming immediately felt differently. Hey, this name was actually pretty good, wasn’t it?

“Thank you, Sis Qing. Thank you,” Hu Shengming said.

“What’s the relationship between us? No need to stand on ceremony,” Ye Qing said.

Hearing the former part of Ye Qing’s words, the other two people whose families had long-term shipping contracts with the Ding Family looked at Ye Qing.

Ye Qing nodded, “I can make you the same promise. That is still within my capabilities.”

Following Ye Qing’s lead, everyone knew that the bugle horn for the counterattack had sounded.

Gao Yupo said, “My family mainly does exports. A portion of it was previously done with an export company that is run by the Ding Family. Although I don’t have much of a position in my family, I can still try to get my Dad to switch to another export company. I seem to recall that Sis Chu’s family has also been developing in this industry? I’ll give it a go when I get back.”

“I’ll try to secure preferential conditions for you then. I’ll do my best,” Chu Lianyi replied.

Shang Fangfei smiled, “My family and the Ding Family aren’t business partners. Everyone knows that we loathe each other, actually. I’ll work hard on this. My family will definitely be happy in lending a hand to collectively push down the toppling wall.”

Chen Yan who had a cautious personality said, “My future father-in-law’s family has rather more connections over at customs. Unlike my family, he actually rather likes me. I’ll try to get some benefits for us guys in the future, while in the meantime…adding a bit of trouble for others.”

His manner of speaking had not been no-nonsense at all…they all laughed, except for Ding Sen.

Following that, everyone who might be able to get a little something done successively spoke.

Everyone suddenly seemed to realise only now that so long as they partied together, there was actually quite a bit that they would be able to collectively achieve. After all, even though they were mostly suppressed in their families, it wasn’t that they couldn’t stir up anything at all.

Xu Tingsheng watched on from the side. Seeing this endless wave of attacks battering down upon Ding Sen, he was reminded of a phrase: One wave push.

This one wave push of the Black Horse Club’s had directly comboed and pushed Ding Sen to the edge.

If everything that had just been said really happened, and happened because of him, he would basically be done for in his family. His father would not forgive him, and his elder brother would not miss this chance. Ding Sen who had been filled with confidence and triumph just earlier felt like bursting into tears.

“Young Master Ding? Are you still playing?” A vengeful Hu Shengming started whistling slowly.

Gao Yupo grabbed him, telling Ding Sen, “Actually, there are many things such as in my case that don’t have to be done right away. After all, as you told Hu Shengming, our families don’t think too much of us. We aren’t actually in a hurry to get in their good graces. We…can wait.”

“What, what do you mean?” Ding Sen asked rather blankly.

Gao Yupo looked around to seek everyone else’s opinions. Ye Qing was the first to nod as she expressed her approval. Seeing this, Gao Yupo walked over, took the contract that Xu Tingsheng was holding and placed it on the coffee table in front of Ding Sen.

A great favour was granted to Xu Tingsheng just like that.

“A debt, a debt! I can only properly lead you guys along in earning a sum now. Forget it, I won’t swindle you guys then,” Xu Tingsheng thought emotionally.

Seeing the contract in front of him, Ding Sen hesitated for a moment before arguing, “This, this is impossible. Don’t misunderstand, it’s not that I’m unwilling. It’s my family…my Dad and them haven’t agreed. There’s nothing I can do.”

Xu Tingsheng smiled, “Stop it with your act, Young Master Ding. Your father’s basically agreed on things with Zhixin’s Dad. This is still something that I can tell.”

He pointed at Mr Lu’s signature on the contract before continuing, “You just need to give up on that additional clause. That isn’t so difficult.”

That additional clause, of course, was related to Lu Zhixin.

Lu Zhixin was currently pacing about the room.

Tongtong was leaning against the door. Her earlier chastising of Lu Zhixin came from her basic worldview. This was what she had gleaned from seeing all those men with their power and influence settling matters which entailed what sort of realisation women needed here.

As this was really what she felt, she had recklessly blurted it out earlier without even thinking.

Now, Tongtong felt that she regretted it a little.

Still, apologise to Lu Zhixin? No way. She was still unhappy with her. Regardless of what had happened prior to that, regardless of whatever relationship the two of them shared, Lu Zhixin had indubitably wrecked her plans earlier. Also, she had actually used the same lines as her!

Tongtong did not feel happy about that at all.

“She does look rather pretty. Fine, very. Her figure…fine, not worse than mine, and she’s even taller than me by a little bit. What use is there in women being so tall? It’s immoral! Xu Tingsheng definitely won’t like going out together with and walking beside her.”

“More importantly, she’s brainless, not knowing how to give men face. And her face that’s not smiling, cold and expressionless like a corpse! She’s definitely always fierce to Xu Tingsheng.”

“Most importantly, ha, I finally got it. Her clothes are so rigid. What in the world? She’s all covered up like she’s going to a funeral. A woman like this definitely holds no allure at all. Definitely can’t get the mood up on the bed…Xu Tingsheng will surely be cheating on her…”

Xu Tingsheng had claimed to be a virgin previously, but Tongtong had not believed a word of it.

As she looked at Lu Zhixin, dressed rigidly and without any makeup on due to having to meet with Ding Sen, Tongtong felt excited just thinking about it. So what if a woman was beautiful if they didn’t know how to deal with men?

Tongtong felt that she still had a chance, “This dame’s amorous and passionate. I can do it!”

Lu Zhixin had already lost her composure entirely at this point. She had already begun feeling flustered upon seeing Xu Tingsheng at the doorway…this had only intensified afterwards. Her thoughts were currently full of Xu Tingsheng who was still downstairs.

“I want to go downstairs,” Lu Zhixin said.

“No way. Xu Tingsheng clearly finds you troublesome. Don’t you understand by now? To be honest, even I find you a bother,” Tongtong said.

“I’m worried about him,” Lu Zhixin said frantically.

“What the hell are you worrying? Bro Kun’s there.”

“They may not necessarily help him. You don’t get it, the Ding Family’s rather influential in Yanzhou.”

“What the hell difference would you make if you went then…sigh, heck, this dumb bitch’s so strong. Don’t tell me, you trained in shot putting in school, right…sigh…”

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