Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 328

Chapter 328: The Xu family is very tyrannical

Xu Tingsheng planned to listen to the words being said from amongst the audience. He even insisted on having the seat that had been arranged for him up on stage removed.

This was not narcissism. Xu Tingsheng was very clear on the fact that if he were to go up on stage, Libei Senior High would blow up.

After all, everything about their ‘senior’ was just too legendary for this tiny Libei Senior High. Besides their ‘Qingbei senior’ Wu Yuewei, there was no one in the past twenty years of the school’s history who had the qualifications to be discussed alongside him.

In truth, in Libei Senior High, the two of them were indeed often discussed together…

It was said that…there was much that had happened between the two…that brick of love which feared not SARS…that Qingbei which was nearly given up on for love…

When speaking on the podium once, Vice-Principal Lou had even gotten carried away and said something wrong: That ‘Golden boy, Jade girl’ pair from our Libei Senior High…oh wait, what am I saying? Hey, you people aren’t allowed to enter a relationship early…”

“I heard that there was already an agreement between seniors Xu Tingsheng and Wu Yuewei in junior high. They should already be together now?”

“Probably. Still, I heard that senior is quite a playboy! There are more rumours than that in our school! Also, they are in different lands now, and men easily turn rotten when they’re rich, so there’s still no saying for sure.”

“Actually, we could ask senior Xu Qiuyi about it! She’s senior Xu Tingsheng’s sister and should definitely know.”

“You go, ask her if you dare…she’s the number one person in Libei Senior High that no one can afford to offend! Even all those hoodlums have to step aside when they see her…still, I hear that senior seems to be quite a friendly person.”

“Even so, asking her about her brother’s private affairs wouldn’t be good, right?”


Actually, besides Xu Tingsheng and Wu Yuewei, there was also another hot topic in Libei Senior High. Still, this topic was taboo in the eyes of Libei Senior High’s teachers and higher echelons, even though in actuality, they paid similar attention to it and brought it up every once in a while.

That male student named Fu Cheng and his Ms Fang.

The bloodstained ground at the back gate of the school, how he had knelt down on the podium…

And that day, when they had walked through the entire campus of Libei Senior High with their arms interlinked…this was publicly acclaimed as the coolest, most daring incident in the history of Libei Senior High…

“How are they now?”

Many people wanted to ask about this, yet had no one to ask…there were only those groundless rumors all around campus…

If Xu Tingsheng went up on stage, where there would be a free question segment…those things about himself, and those things about Fu Cheng and Ms Fang…chaos would probably descend in Libei Senior High.

Xu Tingsheng thought that this matter had basically been settled just like that.

However, when he arrived at Libei Senior High and read the documents of the education bursary in detail, seeing the name of the person in charge of dispensing all those funds…

Hu Xianyang.

The current chairman of Libei Senior High’s Student Affairs office. In Xu Tingsheng’s previous life, he had later also become the principal of Libei Senior High and the vice-chairman of Libei County’s local bureaucracy. During his ten years in power, he had been corrupt and lawless, a scumbag who had been a scourge to around ten young female teachers and students.

In this lifetime, due to Xu Tingsheng, his rise to power seemed to have been temporarily stymied as he was currently still just the chairman of the Student Affairs office. He seemed to have been restraining himself in his actions rather well usually.

Still, what if he were to grasp the authority that came with the education bursary?

Xu Tingsheng recalled that shady scholarship site from his previous life. That so-called public welfare website had become a tool for profit and threatening poor female students. With the donations of the wealthy, those ‘benevolent altruists’ had utilised the scholarship and prize monies to threaten and violate numerous poor girls, several of whom had been underage.

This website had existed for nine years before being exposed…those were an incomparably filthy nine years.

As a teacher, Xu Tingsheng had been incomparably enraged as he had heard about it then.

In this life, Xu Tingsheng had always been keeping an eye out such that as soon as something like this seemed about to occur, he would destroy it at once, including its creator who had once been greatly renowned and respected by many.

Giving the authority for dispensing the funds of the education bursary to Hu Xianyang under these circumstances?

Xu Tingsheng’s benevolence might end up like the altruists of his previous life who, with their enthusiasm about scholarships, had ended up becoming the tools of all those utter scumbags.

Therefore, using him was out of the question.

Inside the meeting room, in front of the various important figures, Xu Tingsheng stood up, leaving the man no face at all as he cut to the chase, “Well, everything else is fine. Still, the person in charge of managing the funds must change.”

Everyone there looked at him, the higher-ups of Libei Senior High and the important figures of the Education Bureau, including the Vice County Head who oversaw education.

“Tingsheng…you…have to give a reason for this, right? Chairman Hu has experience in this area and is very capable too. He was approved as a candidate by our school and the various higher-ups of the Bureau. Previously, your father also…didn’t disagree to this.”

After a moment’s silence, it was Vice-Principal Lou who was the closest with the Xu family who asked Xu Tingsheng this. There was no one more appropriate than him to do so here. Even the Bureau Chief of the Education Bureau and the Vice County Head weren’t sufficiently qualified to speak before the Xu family now.

Having no evidence on hand, Xu Tingsheng actually couldn’t give a reason.

Therefore, he said, “Sorry, Uncle Lou, I cannot give a reason. Still, this education fund is established by my Xu family. I believe that I have the authority to decide on the one in charge.”

Everyone was stunned for a time. The humble and magnanimous Xu Jianliang and the genial and polite Xu Tingsheng-the Xu father and son had had always given off the feeling of being refreshing as the spring breeze. How was it that they were being just so overbearing now?!

As the one involved in the matter, Hu Xianyang stood up, feigning a joking tone, “Tingsheng, this wouldn’t be because of that punishment I gave you that year and those words I said to Boss Xu in the office, right? I did apologise for this afterwards! Look…it’s already been such a long time. You really shouldn’t make things hard for me here.”

He spoke deferentially here, not emphasising on how Xu Tingsheng had indeed committed faults then as he just apologised.

He, the Chairman of the Student Affairs office, had apologised to a student. However capable you are, however rich and powerful, you would be going too far if you refuse to accept such an apology, right?

Hu Xianyang successfully ‘attained’ a position which would be sympathised with.

Actually, if Hu Xianyang had righteously argued against this unreasonable decision even if it could mean losing this job, Xu Tingsheng might change his view of him a little as a result. He might feel that he was actually not all that decadent now when he had still yet to attain all that power and authority.

Now, though, it was clear that Hu Xianyang could not bear to give up on this opportunity. As he saw it, the position of the manager of this fund was a great stepping stone which he could use to climb higher.

He had even fantasised about thereby entering the good graces of the Xu family.

Therefore, he dared not as well as could not bear to offend Xu Tingsheng, thus ‘claiming submission to seek for safety’.

Facing Hu Xiangyang’s ‘wronged yet helpless’ as well as ‘magnanimous’ gaze as well as the puzzlement of everyone else who was clearly unhappy but worked hard to suppress it as they dared not show it, Xu Tingsheng smiled, replying, “Well, let’s just go with this reason then.”

Let’s just go with this reason then? This meant: That’s right, you offended me before. I’m petty and remember grudges, and so you can dream on.

How tyrannical!

How unreasonable!

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