Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 334

Chapter 334: Xingchen Weibo

“So we’re agreed then?” Xu Tingsheng asked.

No one rebutted him.

“That’s it then. You decide amongst yourselves on how to split the tasks. Don’t slack around! With documents here and documents there, this is a very complicated affair! Even contacting the suppliers of sand and stone will have to be handled by someone. We’ve got to interact with the media too. So, everyone must play a part. For example, Bro Kun. You’ve got to get all those things settled with those in charge. We can’t let accidents occur at our site of construction…” Xu Tingsheng said.

Wu Kun nodded in agreement, “You can rest assured on that. Also, the suppliers of the sand and stone and whatnot are actually mostly controlled by those in the trade. I can handle this.”

The remaining ten plus people continued the discussion. In truth, those documents that had to be signed were to be distributed by their own agencies. Thus, this could not be considered hard. Moreover, there were many here who were more familiar with this industry than Xu Tingsheng.

Even if they had not been the ones in charge, some had actually been involved in real estate development before.

This was very important to Xu Tingsheng. He did not intend to get involved in all the specifics regarding this plot of land. In truth, he hadn’t such capabilities. Besides construction materials, providing an overall direction and proposing plans…that was pretty much all he could do, really.

As for the specific implementation, there was virtually nothing at all that was appropriate for him to be involved in.

Suddenly, someone realised this as hence came the inquiry, “What about you?”

“I…I contacted the construction materials suppliers, and also gained the assistance of Dingcheng Corporation. Right, I will also be in charge of providing the full blueprints for the construction project…which of you has done more than me?”

No one could say anything to Xu Tingsheng’s rebuttal.

“Also, I still have to go to school,” Xu Tingsheng added before promptly concluding, “Well, that’s it then. You guys can slowly discuss this amongst yourselves. I’m heading back to school now.”

Looking at his watch, someone cried out in righteous indignation, “Five minutes…you called all of us who were on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion over, waiting over an hour for everyone to arrive, with the ladies even having to put on makeup. And in the end…just five minutes?! And you say you’re just gonna leave already?”

“But I really don’t have anything else to say! As for what remains to be discussed, Bro Kun and Sis Qing will preside over it. Isn’t Boss Fang here too?” Xu Tingsheng casually dragged Fang Yuqing into it.


“Also, I’ve been on a bus for the whole day. I’m really very fatigued and sleepy. Enough already! I’m going back to rest. You guys can just slowly chat amongst yourselves.”

“If it’s just this, couldn’t it have waited for tomorrow? Seeing that you called us over so urgently, we still thought that…”

“Well, it just happened to be on the way for me. Leaving the bus interchange, I just happened to pass by Starry Splendour…”

“I’ll kill you dead!”

“This dame should really get you in bed.”


Amidst these voices of resentment, Xu Tingsheng simply waved, carried his bag and walked away, turning back and saying when he was at the doorway, “Right, something novel known as Xingchen(Starry Sky) Weibo should be appearing in a bit. Remember to register when the time comes! Also, follow me!”


“What’s this Xingchen Weibo?”

“You’ll know when the time comes.”

Xu Tingsheng closed the door and left.

After taking a public bus from Starry Splendour to the entrance of the academy city, Xu Tingsheng first made a trip back to the riverside residence to put some things there.

Lu Zhixin just happened to be there as well, in the midst of sweeping the place.

On seeing Xu Tingsheng, Lu Zhixin temporarily set aside her work on hand. Perhaps because they had been so close towards the end of the past semester, now that they were seeing each other again, there was instead a bit of tension and awkwardness in the air as they did not know what the proper distance between them should be.

“When did you get back?” Xu Tingsheng broke the silence.

“I’ve been back for quite a few days,” Lu Zhixin answered.

“Have things all been well for your father?”

Lu Zhixin responded with a simple ‘uhuh’.

When Xu Tingsheng emerged from his room after placing some items there, she had already placed a cup of water on the coffee table as she told him, “It’s for you.”

Xu Tingsheng could only take a seat now.

Despite seemingly hesitating for a time, Lu Zhixin still asked in the end, “So, that new company of yours in Shenghai, I think it’s called Xingchen Technologies…are you lacking in manpower? Youxin Tongcheng really doesn’t pose much of a threat to us anymore. So, if you need it, you can send some manpower over to assist you for now.”

“These two…are separate entities at the end of the day, and Hucheng has many shareholders too. Because of that, I feel that it’s still best to not bring them together as much as possible,” Xu Tingsheng smiled, “Right, Sis Tong will be going over there. Take it like I’ve lured her away from Hucheng. Sorry about that, Boss Lu.”

Lu Zhixin’s expression dimmed momentarily, but she quickly adjusted herself, smiling, “Why is it that you’re luring people away from your own company, Boss Xu? You should be weakening Hucheng’s opponents instead.”

“You’ve gained a sense of humour,” Xu Tingsheng said, “Actually, I have been weakening our opponents. You dealt with Youxin Tongcheng, but I wasn’t far behind. I waved a cheque straight in some people’s faces and lured them away, thus rendering Xueyou effectively useless.”

“You? Xueyou Education Platform?” Lu Zhixin was rather astonished.

“Yeah, I lured away Xueyou’s two most important people. I personally went to look for them several times, offering them triple their wages and promising them options, also showing my new project to them, only then luring them over successfully. One of them is currently Project Director at Xingchen Technologies while the other is a Deputy Head Executive.”

Xu Tingsheng next narrated the course of the incident to Lu Zhixin.

In truth, even as Hucheng and Youxin had been clashing on the internet like there was no tomorrow, Xu Tingsheng had already noticed the remarkable performance of Youxin Education.

It was not overly antagonistic and not overly passive too. In the so-called Three Kingdoms situation, Xueyou had expanded stably, always doing precisely what should be done as the situation demanded. Even as either Youxin or Hucheng would benefit from the competition, it would also exist profiting by the side.

Also, it had never actually ever fought in the battlefield, simply having reminded others of its presence and strength.

Also, this website had improved itself extremely well as it had virtually been improving rapidly everyday.

Upon noticing this, besides the prediction that Xueyou could become an actual opponent and the corresponding unease that came with this, Xu Tingsheng had also felt excitement as when ‘a hunter spots his prey’. These talents could not be any more suitable for his newly established Xingchen Technologies.

Through a headhunting company, Xu Tingsheng had investigated the two ‘pillars’ of Xueyou’s operations, Hu Chen and He Yutan. Since neither was the boss of the company, it was simple then. He would entice and lure them away.

While this had not gone especially smoothly, neither had it been especially difficult. Besides high wages, options and sincerity, what moved the two more had actually been the entrepreneurial abilities of the young Xu Tingsheng thus far. He had virtually been a step ahead every step of the way, innovating unceasingly.

Also, they saw such prospects from Xingchen Technologies’ new project too.

This was the main reason why they had ultimately shifted their allegiances to Xingchen.

During the ten over days he had spent in Shenghai towards the end of the previous lunar year, Xu Tingsheng had led the project team over and successfully lured away the two great pillars of Xueyou, finally successfully establishing the foundational framework of Xingchen Technologies.

As for the remaining workers, he had already started recruitment a long time back. As for the specifics of their duties, Xu Tingsheng left it to Hu Chen and He Yutan to handle. There is no point in doubting someone you have decided to make use of, and Xu Tingsheng trusted in the career desires of Hu Chen and He Yutan, trusting more in the draw of Xingchen Technologies and himself.

After Xu Tingsheng had finished speaking, Lu Zhixin was virtually rendered dazed. She had been trying hard to estimate Xu Tingsheng highly all along, yet he had still left her shocked every time.

“That Xingchen Technologies of yours-what exactly is its main specialisation? It isn’t some classified corporate secret that you can’t talk about, right?” Lu Zhixin asked.

“Weibo,” Xu Tingsheng said.

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