Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 335

Chapter 335: Little Pert Waist

“Weibo,” Xu Tingsheng said.

“Is that some kind of blog?”

“A microblog. It’s a sort of non-mainstream mini-blog that is more casual and free as compared to the blogs that we generally know of, forming more of a medium which has an extremely high interactivity and speed at which it broadcasts information. On it, news will be broadcasted even more quickly than when done by the media.”

After listening to Xu Tingsheng’s explanation regarding Weibo, Lu Zhixin pointed at her head, effectively conveying: I didn’t really get that.

Xu Tingsheng considered it for a moment before he said, “Actually, I haven’t any way of explaining it clearly to you all at once. You’ll understand the specifics when the time comes. Right, you’re welcome to register too. Somebody like you…you probably just have to upload a few photos, and followers will flock.”

“Followers will flock?”

“Right, you’ll draw them over in droves. Fans, I mean.”

“Fans? I’m not a celebrity.”

“…” Xu Tingsheng smiled, “Exactly. This is the primary allure of Weibo. It can allow everyone to have a taste of being a celebrity. Everything, whether major or minor, is subject to the attention of others, and then people will try their best to attract and maintain such attention. Of course, the real celebrities will ultimately be a part of this too. There are actually quite a few vested interests therein.”

Lu Zhixin was still rather befuddled as she decided to leave it for now, instead asking, “Well, when will it be coming online then?”

Xu Tingsheng considered this for a time before replying, “It’s already in the final stages of adjustments. The team has actually been working on this project ever since finishing up ‘Are You Hungry’ back then. I think that it should only take two more months at most.”

“Well then, I guess I’ll take a couple of photos and wait to register,” Lu Zhixin smiled and replied.

From February to March.

Xu Tingsheng virtually never skipped lessons at all. Little Xiang Ning called him once, reminding him again not to forget the matter that she had requested of him. She did so in a considerably wilful, bossy tone. This girl seemed to already have vaguely realised somewhat that her position was already very high.

Still, she was actually very busy too in the preparatory stages before the entrance examinations for senior high school.

Xu Tingsheng had previously asked Li Linlin and confirmed that Xiang Ning’s current results were easily good enough for a first-tier senior high.

Zhicheng’s Ning Garden had drawn countless gazes, but the Black Horse Club seemed extraordinarily determined and united. Well, who wouldn’t be when they all believed that a godly swindler had their backs?

The project had gone on beneath immense pressure. Trouble had unceasingly cropped up, but trouble had unceasingly been resolved as the Fang family had displayed its might quite a number of times.

Xu Tingsheng had also already produced the blueprints and model for the construction of the first batch of build-to-order flats.

These were blueprints that were close to ten years ahead of their time, being of French-style homes that had later been powerfully promoted by developers in his previous life. The model even showed the light reflecting off the marble surface as a dazzling effect like that of a glass wall was even produced.

In this era of painting, there were definitely no houses which might be able to contend with this.

Also, the forest-style greenery, as well as the swimming pool that came with it…

“This is a villa, right?”

There would certainly be villas. For the second batch of Ning Garden’s homes, Xu Tingsheng planned to build some smaller riverview villas close to the bank of the Yanzhou River to satisfy the wants of different consumers…actually, it was primarily just in case Little Xiang Ning liked it.

“These are really normal flats. We aren’t building villas for our first batch of flats,” Xu Tingsheng smiled.

“Hmm, would it be okay if we reserve one of them for the each of us?” Hu Shengming muttered aloud as he stroked the model

“You can if you pay,” Xu Tingsheng smiled, “No discount, you’ve got to wait for the second and third batches of homes for that. With the exception of me, because I’ve got to have one, no two from the first batch…otherwise, I’d just drop my load and quit.”

Being in a good mood, filled with yearning and anticipation, Xu Tingsheng had recently become increasingly shameless. Those of the Black Horse Club had already more or less gotten used to this. At times like this, it was best just to ignore him.

“I’m reserving one from the second batch then. I’m serious,” Wu Kun smiled.

“Me too. There’ll be villas in the second batch, you say? I’m reserving a villa too,” Ye Qing said.


In the private room at Starry Splendour, these people who didn’t understand the construction blueprints at all were huddled around the model, looking at it.

Soon, someone finally discovered the peculiarity.

Shang Fangfei pointed at a piece of architecture in front of the entrance to the small district, yelling, “This…what is it? A pagoda?”

“Xu Tingsheng, you’re not building a pagoda in the district and placing a sarira inside, right? Have I given my approval for that?” Fang Yuqing asked.

“Get lost!” Xu Tingsheng laughed, scolding, “This isn’t the traditional Chinese pagoda, but a modern Western tower. Covered by an LED screen, it will glow in the dark. People can even leave words on it.”

“Is it expensive?” Someone asked.

“It’s pretty expensive, fully imported. Still, it’s actually quite good. The design isn’t tall, nor can it be considered big. The main thing is still its concept,” Xu Tingsheng explained.

“What do you want this for? Can it be eaten? Or sold?”

“I hope that Ning Garden can become an iconic landmark in Yanzhou, that this modern tower right across from Central Park can allow us to rise completely above and dominate other real estate ventures, also maintaining this sort of status over the long term.”

“I can responsibly tell you that our properties may all be the most expensive in Yanzhou over the next ten years, with every single one of them a hard bargain,” Xu Tingsheng explained earnestly with a sincere expression on his face.

In truth, this was actually from a thought that had flashed through his mind when he had been contacting the construction materials suppliers in Europe, just a small little mischievous prank.

Of course, it could be interpreted as a romantic confession from Uncle, a gift he had readied for that ‘Mulan has no elder brother (breasts grown) little girl whose waist was even so, very pretty.

For this, when Xu Tingsheng had been doing up the designs, he had almost literally come to blows with the designers…

The designers had been totally unable to comprehend: Someone whose other thoughts were all so ahead of their time-how was it that he had such baffling ideas?! Placing a modern tower in a small district…do you think you’re the local government or Central Park? Hey, want a Statue of Liberty?

Still, Xu Tingsheng was the one paying them: If you won’t let me build that tower, I’ll look for some other company.

The designers could only submit.

“Well, so it’s…called the Yanzhou Tower?” Hearing Xu Tingsheng going on about some iconic landmark of Yanzhou, Hu Shengming asked.

“It’s called Little Pert Waist.”

After saying so, Xu Tingsheng remembered the time when he had told Little Xiang Ning that it was her waist that looked the best. The little girl had asked: Want to touch, Uncle Black Bear?

Touching would definitely come sooner or later. When the day came when Little Xiang Ning was standing beside the modern tower and she heard its name, with Xu Tingsheng standing beside her, would she be embarrassed? Or would she be mad? She might send a few kicks at him…it would definitely still be the case that she felt happy whilst also bashful within, right?

On hearing its name, the ladies immediately gained interest as they gathered around and appraised it for quite some time while commenting on it.

“It really does look like it. Look at the curvature of the design.”

“Little Pert Waist. This name…it really does feel very interesting.”

“It does set up the mood quite well, giving off a bit of a romantic vibe. If I’m living here, it will feel like my boyfriend’s praising me everyday.”

Indeed, the romanticism of women was more easily felt. This design of Xu Tingsheng’s received the collective praise and unanimous strong support of all the ladies present…

From this, it could be predicted that when those bosses were standing outside Ning Garden with their arms around the waists of their wives, girlfriends or mistresses in the future, it would simply be impossible for them to venture the words: This is too expensive. How about we not buy this?

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