Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 340

Chapter 340: Everybody’s doubting

It was true that becoming famous would give rise to much contention. If someone was paid attention to and evaluated by many, there would naturally be more discussion and faults to be found. This was how it was for Apple. Moreover, there had already been much doubt regarding her reemergence this time in the first place.

The album <> was produced by Tianyi Media. So, how was it that despite having been suppressed by Tianle previously, having been wholly helpless to resist, Apple was suddenly now affiliated to a major entity like Tianyi now that she had reemerged?

While it was said that Weibo had staged a buyout of her album to use in concert with their new venture, just about anyone, in truth, could see that Weibo was supporting her despite the great costs. What was her relationship with the one running Weibo? Could a relationship like this still be guaranteed as pure?

Also, why was it that the songwriter of that song was anonymous?

Also, was it that she had already agreed on terms with Tianyi in the first place, with the entire process merely having been a performance to win attention and everyone’s sympathy, hence scoring better recognition?

If the song had been written by Rebirth, this went even further in proving that she had actually agreed on terms with Tianyi long ago, right? In that case, it could only be said that all that had transpired previously had been acted out. How deeply those schemes ran.

As doubts like these ceaselessly grew…

Someone made a move.

The other party seemed to have been preparing and waiting all this time, having waited for this exact moment to throw out the dirty laundry.

As Apple was still having fun beneath the aurora and daylight of Tromso, darkness was already encroaching on her.

Things were worrisome as rumours were rife and news was deliberately leaked. As it was the Internet era, even Tianyi had no way of suppressing this within a short period of time. The PR team also seemed unable to find any proper solution for the time being.

There was much contention regarding Apple as even her family background and how she had been growing up was investigated on. To sum it up, these past experiences did not at all make her look like a very good role model.

Yet, wasn’t a youth coming to their senses and growing up following their rebellious phase a praiseworthy thing too?

Tianyi’s PR team would guide public opinion along in this direction. Moreover, Xu Tingsheng possessed the homeground advantage of Weibo.

There were actually two things that people felt most astonished by or paid most attention to.

Firstly: Apple was suspected of having suffered from a mental illness, having once attempted to kill herself. It was precisely because of this that out of consideration for her safety, Tianle had temporarily stopped her from performing despite the economic losses that this might entail.

In the end, however, Apple had not acknowledged their kindness, instead having repaid it with enmity.

In that case, just how was it that she had been able to resist Tianle, terminating her contract and gaining the support of Tianyi?

And here came the second focal point.

Secondly: Apple had gained some figure of authority as a backer. It was precisely this person who had helped her to solve that series of problems, gaining the support of the mighty Tianyi and maliciously taking revenge on her former company. Now…that person was supporting her powerfully in her reemergence.

The ones leaking the scoop left some subtle hints that directed the nature of the rumours. As a result…this was quickly linked to things like questionable transactions of the flesh for the sake of wealth and authority.

It was hardest for fans to accept the ‘filthiness’ of their idols. Soon, Apple’s image took a big hit as comments of mockery and criticism often appeared on her Weibo.

The fans, the ‘dark’ fans and those onlookers who had nothing better to do and thus joined in the commotion began warring on Weibo and various other forums.

As they warred and warred, the dark fans attacked:

“If you hardcore braindead fans insist on saying that Apple’s sickness is made-up, that Tianyi is lying, explain it to me then. Which company would suppress their popular artiste who is capable of earning them big money? Unless they’re stupid?”

There were actually quite a few situations like this, mostly being related to whether artistes were obedient or not. Still, these things were generally corporate secrets. Ordinary folk would be hard pressed to give a convincing example as support of their claims.

“Well…in 2004, a man and woman individually won two artiste programmes. Weren’t Zhang XX and An XXXXX both prevented from performing too? Could it be that they can’t earn money for their agencies? Who knows what those agencies are thinking.”

The substantiation of these fans was rather forced.

The dark fans continued attacking, “Since you raised these two examples, the two of them are still suppressed and unable to retaliate. How is this like your Apple who managed to terminate her contract successfully in such a short time, gaining mighty support and killing her way back with such great momentum? Her background seems to be very ordinary, you know.”

The fans, “…”

The dark fans, “It’s too simple, isn’t it? What would it be if not gaining the support of some rich dude? He may even be in the bureaucracy. Stop protecting her. Look at her return, even those stardom queens don’t gain that much popularity.”

The fans, “…”

The dark fans, “Don’t be foolish. All this was just meant to gain your sympathy, fooling you and gaining traction for herself…”

It was impossible to know how many industry insiders with malicious intentions were concealed amongst these dark fans or were perhaps even pretending to be fans. Still, with their deliberate manipulation, they quickly gained the advantage. The helpless fans could only leave comments beneath Apple’s Weibo, hoping that their idol could come out to clarify matters.

Sadly, Apple herself who was at the center of this tempest made no moves at all for a few consecutive days. Also, no matter who it was who called, she pretended to be unaware of it all.

Currently working hard towards being an agent, Apple’s former assistant and big sister Li Juan flew over to Tromso at once. Considering Apple’s previous sickness, she was incomparably worried as she feared that she might be unable to bear it, therefore walking the extreme.

The two met at the airport.

Seeing that Apple looked fine, Li Juan immediately asked exasperatedly, “All hell’s breaking loose back in the country. How are you still able to calmly remain here, simply hiding and not saying a single word?”

Putting her arm in Li Juan’s, Apple laughed mischievously, replying, “Say, Sis…is it that so long as Xu Tingsheng comes out and admits that he was protecting me, everything will be resolved?”

Li Juan thought for a moment before agreeing, “That’s true. Still, he hasn’t said anything! Have you mentioned it to him? Is he worried that news of your relationship will be detrimental to your career? You’re so popular right now, after all.”

The entertainment industry around the year 2005 was indeed not like how it would be around the year 2010, when fans would generally be supportive and give artistes their well wishes in their relationships, even taking the initiative in helping them to find suitable targets. In this era, there were fans who made crazy commotions over the marriage of their idols.

“No, I could care less about that,” Apple said, “It’s because I did such a silly thing. Sis, do you know what I said to him before I went to America?”

“What did you say?”

“I said that this time, I was going to wait for him to fall in love with me himself…so, it’s like…”

“So the two of you can be considered as having temporarily broken up, no longer being together?”

Apple bashfully nodded, “Sigh, those lines from dramas rushed to my head. Isn’t that what they usually say on TV? At that time, I thought that having been willing to accept me in such a state, sympathy would definitely have played a part. Since that was so…we should refresh things and start over. I seem to…have been overconfident.”

Li Juan shot Apple a look, sighing, “So you’re waiting to see his reaction now?”

Apple nodded, “Even if I have to act shameless, I’ve got to grab hold of him this time.”

“…This is too thoughtless.Your life and your career are at stake here, you know? How can you be so silly?” An angry Li Juan exclaimed, “Come, go back with me right away. You’ve got to give a statement as soon as possible.”

Apple shook the watch on her wrist, “There aren’t any planes anymore, heh.”

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