Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 343

Chapter 343: An unexpected person

“The care and concern of my family, my fans, Tianyi, and my former bandmates from Rebirth,” Apple answered.

“But when Rebirth sold their new songs to Tianyi previously, it was rumoured that there was a break in the relationship between you and the band…”

“We have always been on good terms.”

“In that case, why didn’t the band continue to support you back then?”

This question was answered by Tianyi’s PR person who expressionlessly spoke into the mike, “From our understanding, the songs that Rebirth previously gave a certain company the rights to were all for free. Also, they gave up on all royalties, just for supporting Apple…now, consider Apple’s predicament later on. Should the band still have continued doing so at the time?”

The gazes of the reporters simultaneously fell on Apple, who nodded, “It was free.”

The place erupted again. This sort of situation was really very rare indeed. Those songs had been pretty valuable too.

Therefore, Rebirth’s fans and Apple’s fans…what was there still left to argue about? This was ‘true love’!

A reporter smiled, asking, “So, your album this time is called <>. Which of the songs there are contributed by your former band?”

“The ones without any names are, because there isn’t a need to, and those guys love acting mysterious too,” Apple smiled, “The two songs that have already been released now are both from them. There are three in total. Actually, the band wrote five songs this time. However, two of them were temporarily set aside by me for now.”

To enable Apple’s comeback, Rebirth had written half an album…what was this if not ‘true love’?

Rebirth’s fans and Apple’s fans, go crazy, scream, hug.

Apple continued, “I did so because there are also songs by many other renowned songwriters in the album, such as Sis Tanya whom I respect greatly. She’s helped me to write two songs this time; you’ll be hearing them soon. Here, I’d like to thank Sis Tanya for her care towards me. Thank you Tianyi too, for your staunch, unwavering support.”

The fans burst into rapturous cheers on the internet. Considering the success of the earlier two songs, many began looking forward to Rebirth’s remaining song. Others were sad about those two songs that had been set aside and filled with resentment…thankfully, Apple had said that this was only temporary. There should still be a chance to listen to them.

“This might be an album with a great many ‘champion’ songs,” Someone commented.

“One can only be afraid that there are too many good songs, such that she ends up suppressing herself in the end,” Came a reply.

At the press conference, the eternally insatiable reporters were already changing the topic now.

“There’s currently a rumour that the illustrious ‘Xishan Tower’s Xu Tingsheng’ is actually also a member of the mysterious Rebirth…” A reporter smiled meaningfully, looking at Apple.

Apple hid her emotions very well as she smiled, “How would Boss Xu have the time to sing? Also, he’s from Libei just like me. As everyone knows, Rebirth’s guys all come from Yanzhou’s Xinyan Junior High. Nah, he isn’t. Still, it’s true that they know each other. We’ll see if they can invite him to join later on.”

What should be acted finally commenced as the play began. Apple tried to stay composed as much as possible.

The reporter was unwilling to give up just like that as he continued, “Miss Apple, you call him Boss Xu? It seems, it’s said that you are lovers. This is what many on the web are guessing.”

Apple shook her head, laughing, “We’re classmates from senior high and very good friends…in my re-emergence this time, his new project Weibo indeed provided me with a great deal of help. I am very grateful to him. Still, sadly, we really aren’t…ha, sorry to have disappointed everyone.”

Her expressions were spot-on as it was just like any normal girl talking about some rumours going around regarding her and a close friend of the opposite sex.

Those who were watching this play and knew full well what was the case were few at the end of the day. Even their former classmates generally only knew of some rumours between the two. Also, those who were in the know all seemed like people who could keep their mouths shut, even though some of them, such as Zhang Ninglang, might be unable to understand this.

“Can I understand it as: The two of you just do not wish to publicise your relationship for the time being?” Another reporter pressed.

“If it really was him, do you think that I would still have been so pitiful previously?” Apple smiled, rebutting.

The reporters were all shut up by this.

“I’ll mention it to him when I see him next. We should both give it some real thought…” A smiling Apple joked.

The atmosphere suddenly grew stifled.

“How about we talk about…running a marathon?” After a while, Apple took the initiative, asking.

There was low laughter from the crowd.

Actually, it wasn’t like there was nothing that could be asked, nothing that they wanted to ask. The key question…the question that was the hardest to answer, that would hurt the most, was still brewing in silence. It was just that a truly rare mood had arisen in which the reporters knew not how to bring up the topic.

Compassion, empathy? That did exist, but would ultimately never suppress the professionalism of these reporters.

“Apple, where were you this past half year?” Someone built momentum for asking that question.

“Mannes School of Music, New York. I participated in an overseas programme of Tianyi’s,” Apple replied frankly.

“In that case, Miss Apple, you must already have terminated your contract with Tianle half a year ago and signed with Tianyi?” The questions were built up upon one another.

What would come had finally come. Tianyi’s PR person looked rather worriedly at Apple, ready to emerge and shield her from the barrage as so necessary. At most, they would say that Tianyi admired Apple, having taken the initiative to invite and help her…yet no one would be convinced by such a reason.

This was a better-than-nothing method for when all else failed and they really could do nothing else at all.

“Yes,” Apple answered.

“In that case, may I ask how you came to terminate your contract with Tianle and got in touch with Tianyi?”

Apple fell silent.

“Someone said that you utilised improper methods in the process of terminating the contract in which the suppression of artistes of your former company was involved, thus forcing Tianle into submission. May I ask if this was the case?”

“From our understanding, Miss Apple, you hail from a single parent family with a comparatively simple background. May I ask how you managed to achieve this?”

Apple remained silent.

Some reporters who had accepted benefits and came with malicious intent successively made things hard for her now.

“Tianyi suddenly signed you, also supporting you so much and giving you better treatment than many first-tier singers. There must be a reason for this, right? If you didn’t manage this yourself, someone must have helped you.”

“Actually, is it that before you were stopped from singing, you had already agreed on terms with Tianyi through someone with power and authority, with the so-called suppression and quitting afterwards all just having been fooling your fans, gaining sympathy and building momentum?”

“Let me be more blunt. I would ask Miss Apple-who is your godfather? A rich one…or someone in the bureaucracy? Or a bigwig in entertainment? Some guess that he could be someone from the darker side of society…sorry, I’m just conveying what they’re saying on the web. No offence.”

There was no offence intended even with this?

Tianyi’s PR person was about to speak.

“We just hope that Miss Apple can provide clarification. After all, with rumours like this circulating around, the harm to Miss Apple is great. There are already many speculations regarding this online as the names of many people have been drawn into all those guesses.”

The reporter parried the words before they could be said.

Apple looked at the audience. She had thought that she could do it, but at this moment, other than the grievances which were piling up within her, she was actually unable to say anything at all to defend herself. So long as she did not say out Xu Tingsheng’s name, it was destined that it would be impossible for her to give any proper clarification on this matter.

Due to the pressure that was being exerted on her, things were already at the point where she definitely had to give a name or details on the entire process. The malicious speculations were also already at an insane level. Could there be someone instigating this? Well of course. It was just that now was not when they could go settle the score with them.

Looking at Apple’s silent back profile from the backstage, as if she was seeing her little sister bullied yet unable to say anything at all, Li Juan very much wanted to rush over, telling everybody, “It’s Xu Tingsheng! It’s that bastard who said that’s all there is to it.”

“Miss Apple, if you continue staying silent, we can only construe it as silent admission on your part…”

The reporter’s words were rudely interrupted.

A voice resounded from behind the reporters, “There isn’t any godfather. The birth father giving a piece of his mind on his daughter’s behalf-that’s okay, right?”

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