Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 351

Chapter 351: Ning Garden that is soon to open

Fang Yuqing asked Xu Tingsheng if Zhicheng’s future project in Suzhou could be named ‘Qing Garden’, with the Qing from Yuqing.

Xu Tingsheng smiled, “That’s your call, Boss Fang.”

Fang Yuqing suddenly realised that things had really been like this. After they had acquired that plot of land, the main subject of focus had already been slowly shifting away from Xu Tingsheng through his own efforts.

Now, when folks were in the midst of heated discussion about Ning Garden, ninety percent of them knew only about Fang Yuqing, not knowing of Xu Tingsheng.

While discussing this together, the few of them discovered that Xu Tingsheng was currently in the midst of hiding himself up.

He was slowly retreating from that limelight that he had been basked in, letting others replace him there. Also, for where he had not entered the limelight, such as in entertainment news which drew gossip the easiest, including his partnership with Tianyi and also that movie investment, he had simply not revealed himself at all, leaving it all to Huang Yaming.

That incident regarding Apple could be considered a significant turning point for him.

If one wanted to delve deeply into this matter, they could go into personality, how it was out of a desire to protect himself. Still, on the surface and more immediately, his goal was actually very simple and very single-minded too.

Little Xiang Ning was in the midst of drawing near. If she got together with Xu Tingsheng one day and the situation still persisted, she would be on headlines of entertainment news, would be secretly taken photos of and talked about. The day might even come when they needed a few sturdy bodyguards by their side at all times whether they were walking on the street together or out on vacation.

In that case, judging by Xu Tingsheng’s understanding of Xiang Ning’s personality, she would not be happy.

Also, this would strip her of her freedom and her romantic youth, being even more unfair.

Xu Tingsheng certainly did not want Xiang Ning who was merely in her teens to have to bear those strange principles like ‘how much you have is how much you have to bear’ or ‘desirous of the crown, its weight you must bear’.

People are the happiest when we live how people of our age should be living.

In the years of our youth, even if we worry so hard that our hearts feel like they are breaking, what we are worrying about should still be what we should be worrying about at sixteen or eighteen. Although we cry, it should still be because of the ignorant love that we have at this age, the midterms or finals we flunk, the minor tensions we have as we play around with our classmates and friends…looking back so many years later, it will all feel so childish and laughable.

Early June arrived. News that Zhicheng’s Ning Garden would soon be opening its doors began spreading wildly through various kinds of word of mouth. Also, the information appeared increasingly believable and trustworthy.

This was because the beautiful and intricate sales building had already been fully constructed and renovated. All that remained was the opening of those glass doors.

Hidden behind the sales building was a three storey building which Ning Garden had built and newly renovated.

Right, in order to sufficiently display their standard of architecture, materials and design that were ahead of the times, Ning Garden had not just built a couple of showrooms. Instead, they had built an actual, intricately-renovated three storey building.

Elegant French-style architecture with quality and appearance like that of a European-style villa, coupled with its interior design that was said to be beautiful beyond compare. The building’s design broke new ground.

With the project yet to officially launch, there were already quite a lot of people who were coming to leisurely stroll by or ask around about it every day. Everyone peered at the miniature model through the glass doors of the sales building, strolled about Building No.1 that was three storeys high and maybe went and asked around about its possible price…

In truth, everyone was aware that the homes built by Ning Garden would definitely not be all that cheap.

However, there were still those who were already impatiently drawing on their connections and looking for a way to secure a flat. After all, only around ten blocks of flats would probably be built for the first phase of the project. There were few who would be able to buy one at the end of the day.

Meanwhile, while Yanzhou was a normal second-tier city, it had an exemplary port and factories too. At the same time, it could be considered one of the more economically flourishing cities of Jianhai Province with its trading of imports and exports. The number of wealthy people hidden within was actually not low at all.

If the news was accurate, only around six months had passed from when the land had been acquired by Zhicheng to the present time when they were soon to start on the sale of flats for Ning Garden.

This would actually not be thought of as anything much if this was the year 2012 or 2013. At that time, it would really not be rare even to see a super quick one being completed in three months. Six months was just the normal timespan. After all, for a long time, people usually already had their houses bought before they were even built.

Still, in the year 2005, in terms of speed and in a second-tier city like Yanzhou, it was really a rather shocking thing. Along with that, people also had greater expectations of how soon the houses could be completed and handed over to all them buyers.

From testing the soil to laying the foundations and so on, Zhicheng had abided by the strictest standards and utilised the highest speed too…this had dispelled the worries of many regarding the experience and standards of this new real estate company.

Due to this, many people had actually been paying attention to the developments there all this time. After all, it was the first real estate venture in Yanzhou’s new city district that was destined to prosper, also being in the centre and most valuable part of the plot of land. It would face their central park, be right beside the central business district and be diagonally across from the new first-tier senior high of Yanzhou…

Ever since the Ning Garden project had started out after the Lunar New Year, many enthusiastic gazes had been drawn to it.

Under such circumstances, the advertisements in the local media that they had planned for and the ones on bulletin boards in the busy city district and at bus stops too…were they still needed?

Many from Zhicheng’s upper echelons felt that even if their advertisements were crushed at the bottom of beds, people would still be scrambling to dig them out. Therefore, how was there any need to spend this money?

When Xu Tingsheng was asked about this, he said in an incomparably resolute manner, “Do it!”

The very thing he feared most was those two people not knowing about it?

With the same considerations in mind, Xu Tingsheng also requested to specifically emphasise in the advertisement of the project that the school district for Yanzhou’s new first-tier senior high was already in the midst of development now. Also, this was progressing at a rapid speed…

Quite a few of Zhicheng’s higher echelons were bewildered by this. Did this real estate project of theirs even need to borrow the fame of the district of Yanzhou’s new first-tier senior high? Yet as Xu Tingsheng simply said nothing about this, no one pressed him about it. He had always been all ‘godly swindler’ anyway.

Whatever the case, those of Zhicheng were all in high spirits as they enthusiastically awaited the date of their opening. Even Ye Qing and Wu Kun placed most of their attention here. This was the most important event to take place in the short term for they of the Black Horse Club.

Money, raising their heads in triumph, proving themselves, the great harvest after having resisted countless enticements and pressure from their family and the outside world.

Yet to Xu Tingsheng, there was a matter which was clearly countless times more important. Little Xiang Ning’s senior high entrance examinations were right around the corner. Besides keeping in close contact with Li Linlin and keeping an eye on things at all times, Xu Tingsheng even analysed many past year papers for Yanzhou City, helping to prepare for several revision lessons with detailed notes that really could not be any more in depth.

Li Linlin simply gave Xu Tingsheng’s lesson plan to Xiang Ning at the end of her lesson, letting her use it as her own revision material.

Little Xiang Ning saw that handwriting which she could not be any more familiar with, with all of it written in such detail. It was just like he was standing right in front of her and teaching her in a warm, gentle tone, just like how it had been in the past.

With that, how would there still be a need for someone to supervise her and urge her to revise? Little Xiang Ning instead wished that she could memorise every single word on the lesson plan.

Seeing this, Mr and Mrs Xiang thought that their daughter had really grown sensible as they felt greatly reassured by this…when had these changes begun in her? It seemed like…that was ever since Xu Tingsheng had come to their house to tutor Xiang Ning…

Husband and wife exchanged looks, at a loss for words. Xu Tingsheng seemed to have become a taboo topic in the Xiang Family by now.

“The kid’s pretty good,” Mr Xiang was finally unable to stop himself from muttering.

“Sigh, enough about him already. I feel so confused whenever I think about him…” Mrs Xiang said, frowning.

Mr Xiang felt helpless as well. He actually rather liked Xu Tingsheng. Still, his daughter was still so young at the end of the day.

He considered it for a moment before changing the topic, “Right, Little Ning’s Mum. Say, if Little Ning really qualifies for a first-tier senior high with her results, she’ll probably have to go to the new school district when in her second year. That place really is far away from home. Already having to stay at school in her junior high years…it’s been pretty tough on her. Must this still go on even in senior high? In twelfth grade, especially. I heard that quite a number of families even go over to accompany their children as they study, helping to cook meals for them…”

Mrs Xiang sighed, exclaiming, “What else can we do then? If there’s really no other choice, when she’s in twelfth grade, I’ll resign from my job and rent a flat over there to accompany her.”

Mr Xiang hesitated for a moment before saying, “A few days ago, I heard someone talking about this new real estate project that’s about to begin its sales very soon. It’s only ten over minutes away from the fist-tier senior high. And the name-coincidentally, it’s called Ning Garden, the same Ning as our family’s Little Ning…”

“Ning…Garden, what a coincidence. It wouldn’t be that Xu…”

“No, don’t be so paranoid! I’ve asked around. The boss is surnamed Fang and is a local. Also, isn’t Tingsheng in the field of education, schools, the internet and whatnot…this isn’t related to building houses at all. If it really is him, that sincerity would really be too great. It’s been a long time since I ate one of his meals…”

Mr Xiang’s voice trailed off as Mrs Xiang’s gaze which was on him grew increasingly unfriendly. He could only swallow the words back down into his throat.

Mrs Xiang composed herself before saying, “Let’s go take a look at it then. I just wonder how the price of that Ning Garden’s like. The little bit our family has saved up-would it be enough to pay the initial deposit…and how much would we have to pay in monthly installments afterwards…”

“It will be expensive for sure. That’s what they’re all saying. If we haven’t enough, we’ve got to think of a way and borrow some,” Mr Xiang said earnestly, “I’ve decided. We’ll buy it, we’ll buy a flat there for sure. For one, it will be convenient for Little Ning’s senior high education. Secondly, everyone knows that that place is the new city district. The property value will definitely soar in the future. Let’s just take it like we’re preparing Little Ning her dowry early on…I only have this one precious daughter…”

Mrs Xiang squeezed her husband’s hands, laughing, “Look at you, cherishing your daughter this much. Little Ning is more attentive towards you too. Sigh, fathers are really closer with daughters. I should have disregarded everything and given birth to a son too.”

Mrs Xiang’s joking mood was then replaced by an earnest expression as she said, “Alright, I’ll listen to you in this. Let’s buy it. I’ll think of a way to borrow a bit of money from my siblings at my maiden home…”

Mr Xiang raised a hand to stop her, “Hold on. We should wait for Little Ning to get back her results first. Otherwise, if you say it prematurely and Little Ning then fails to get the required score, those brothers and sisters of yours will probably make a joke out of us for a few years.”

Hearing Mr Xiang criticising her family members, Mrs Xiang felt rather unhappy. Still, she could not really say anything about it.

This was because this was really how things were. While the Xiang family was not doing badly, it was doing comparatively ordinarily and lived in the suburbs too. As compared to her brothers and sisters, they were indeed inferior somewhat…

As for her examination results, Little Xiang Ning had previously been like a super flunkie student who had never even been close to the cut-off point for a first-tier senior high. She was indeed just that bit inferior as compared to her maternal cousins, all of whom had been to first-tier senior highs, with the better ones even already having gone on to first-rate universities.

Yet, the relatives on the maternal side of Xiang Ning’s family, though not being bad per se, just loved showing off, being unrelenting in their words…

On the whole, Mr Xiang hadn’t even been too willing to eat at the home of his in-laws all these years. It was only because of his filial piety and his mother-in-law cherishing Xiang Ning most that he had had no choice but to return every time before coming home stifled with repressed anger.

“Right, your elder brother’s youngest son is taking the senior high entrance examinations this year too, right?” Mr Xiang suddenly asked.

“Yeah, I think so. I heard that he was amongst the top few in the mock examinations too. He should probably be able to get into a first-tier senior high without much difficulty,” Mrs Xiang replied.

“..There shouldn’t be a problem for our Little Ning too,” Mr Xiang declared with exceptional certainty as he seemed to be venting his unhappiness.

Mrs Xiang laughed, “Look at you! It also wasn’t me who was talking about the off chance earlier. I just think that things should be fine for Little Ning. Ever since Tingsheng…sigh, I accidentally mentioned him again. Let’s talk about the matter of the flat instead. I don’t understand these things. You should find out more about it. You’ve praised it so much; it’d better not be hard to buy…”

“But it’s exactly that-hard to buy. You might not be able to buy it even if you have the money…” Mr Xiang said, “Still, Old Sun said that he has connections. I asked him to help me look into this…”

“You really believed what Old Sun said? Always going around exaggerating and freeloading.”

“What would I do if I didn’t believe him? At least he has a daughter who married a member of the bureaucracy, a minor official. Could it be that we ourselves can find this sort of connection? Could we ask for a favour from that real estate company? No, unless we look for Tingsheng for help…he’s currently…”

“No, no way. We definitely can’t look for him. If we do, I’ll feel panicked…” Mrs Xiang interrupted Mr Xiang mid-sentence.

A despondent Mr Xiang was silent for a moment before he pulled the blanket over, saying, “Let’s forget about this then. Let’s sleep. We’ll talk about this again when Little Ning’s examinations are over. If there’s really no other way, I’ll drag a stool over two days in advance and wait outside in queue before the door of that sales building…”

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