Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 356

Chapter 356: Grandma

Hearing Li Meng’s mother saying so, Shi Youshu and his wife exchanged glances before nodding together, the former immediately smiling enthusiastically, “Wah, I almost forget how capable you are, cuz. Look, in requesting help from your connections, can you help me out too? I just want a flat. As for how much it costs, that doesn’t matter at all.”

That final sentence was already hinting at the ‘bribes’ being okay.

Hearing this, that auntie immediately smiled, “That’s fine. I’ll help you to ask…the person I’ve asked has wide connections. There shouldn’t be much of a problem. Still, this is basically all I can do! I’ll help get one for myself and one for your family too. Any more and I wouldn’t be able to help.”

These words…were clearly being said to Mr and Mrs Xiang. Whether or not they had wanted to request this of her, she would shove it in their faces first.

Full of herself, that auntie paused for a moment before looking at Mrs Xiang, a fake smile plastered on her face, “So, you intend to buy one too, Youmei? That’s right, your Little Ning managed to get into a first-tier senior high too. You should consider it…seems like your family has accumulated wealth hidden away? And quite a bit of it too?”

Mr and Mrs Xiang had their originally good mood greatly wrecked by this. They both felt stifled and despondent beyond measure, yet could not just confront them directly and put everything on the table right there and then with all these relatives around…

Mr Xiang was already nearly unable to suppress his rising fury.

In the end, eldest uncle’s wife who had already sensed something in the air seemed to have suddenly found a way to vent her unhappiness from earlier as she said, “What a coincidence. Youmei was just talking about this, asking if her eldest sister and second sister can help with it to some extent. My family definitely wouldn’t be able to help, though. How about you help, cuz?”

That auntie was really satisfied with this, relishing in the joy of revenge as she laughed loudly, “Even if we are kin, I’ve got to say something here. In this day and age, for something where buying can definitely net you a profit, how would someone not earn the money themselves, instead lending it to someone else just for them to profit, right?”

After hearing this, the expressions on the faces of Mrs Xiang’s two older sisters instantly changed as they both pondered over the matter of helping her.

The siblings of the Xiang family mostly did not lead hard lives, yet were not all that wealthy too. If one of them were to take out their savings to help another, that would be a big favour for sure.

This eldest sister and second sister had still been thinking earlier that they should at least help their little sister out a little. Still, hearing those words, their own interests entered the picture. Both having their own families at the end of the day, it was inevitable that they had further considerations.

“This should be a family matter of ours, right?” Xiang Ning’s Grandma who was sitting at the head of the table said in a low tone.

“Mum, look at you. She’s just speaking honestly…” Eldest uncle’s wife argued.

Grandma glanced at her before leaving the table, saying, “I’m also full. I’m going to watch television with my Little Ning.”

With the old dame having made clear her stance, Xiang Ning’s eldest aunt and second aunt could not very well wash their hands off this matter as they instead proposed, “How about our families all go together to look at the flats over there first?”

“Alright. There’ll be an early enquiry day there soon anyway. We’ll bring you over when the time comes,” Their cousin replied.

Mr and Mrs Xiang exchanged glances. As this had been suggested by Mrs Xiang’s eldest sister at the end of the day, and they were requesting something of them too, they really had no basis to be angry…so they said nothing, expressing their tacit consent.

With that, Mrs Xiang and her three siblings along with Li Meng and her mother agreed for their families to go flat-viewing together soon before hastily departing.

Little Xiang Ning cozied up with her Grandma for a while, telling her about that very good tutor of hers, how good he truly was…

Cupping the small cheek of her precious granddaughter in her hand as she looked at her, this grandmother soon came to a decision.

Mr and Mrs Xiang entered the living room. Seeing how they both looked unhappy, Little Xiang Ning wisely chose not to be stubborn as she feigned a very obedient look, remaining silent as she watched the television. After sitting for a while, she bid her Grandma goodbye and quietly followed her parents out of the house.

What should have been a very happy occasion at first ended up totally ruined as the family of three were left not in the mood to speak at all.

The three of them had not walked far when Xiang Ning’s Grandma rounded the bend, hurrying to catch up with them with small, rushed steps.

Glancing back and confirming that no one had followed her, Grandma retrieved a bank account book and placed it in Mrs Xiang’s hands, saying, “Take it. I don’t have that much money, just this twenty thousand that I’ve saved up over the years. Use it to help with your funds. The passcode is Little Ning’s birthday.”

Hearing that even the passcode for her Grandma’s savings account was her birthday, although she did not understand what was going on, Little Xiang Ning was still very moved as she went closer and latched onto her Grandma before looking at it curiously.

“No, Mum, I can’t. I can’t accept this,” Mrs Xiang’s eyes were red as she pushed out her hands in rejection, unwilling to accept the savings book from the old woman.

“Yeah, Mum. However incompetent I might be, I really couldn’t take your money. Rest assured, we’ll think of something ourselves for the money…” Mr Xiang was both moved and agitated as he decided to lower himself and ask for help from his friends and relatives.

Grandma made a face, saying exasperatedly, “Do you think that I’m giving it to you? This is for my precious Little Ning! I was originally leaving it for when she goes to university, but isn’t it still for her anyways? Since you’re in need of money now, it’s still the same if you take it to use first.”

Next, Grandma looked at Little Xiang Ning beside her, gesticulating at a low height as she said, “I remember that Little Ning was only around this tall when she graduated from primary school? Both small and thin, but such a small child and you two let her stay at school just like that…I’ve been feeling agonised about it all these years.”

“Now, Little Ning has done us proud and made it into a first-tier senior high. First not mentioning how happy I am, it’s about time you two finally learn how to cherish this precious granddaughter of mine. If I don’t help out now, when then?”

Little Xiang Ning was still rather bemused, but dared not ask and could also care less as she just hugged her Grandma who cherished her so much, shedding tears as she said, “Don’t be agonised, Grandma. I am very tall now.”

Xiang Ning had started residing at school in her first year of junior high. Her Grandma who did not know how to take taxis had cooked very delicious food for her every week and taken public transportation from far away to deliver it to her. This had lasted for an entire year, only stopping when her body could really no longer permit it.

Little Xiang Ning would definitely not have forgotten all of this.

Grandma dumped her savings book in Mrs Xiang’s hands before turning and wiping off Little Xiang Ning’s tears for her, coaxing her precious granddaughter. In her eyes, there was only Little Xiang Ning as she really couldn’t be bothered at all to pay attention to her daughter’s attitude.

“Mum…” Mrs Xiang hesitated for a moment before asking, “Didn’t you hear just now? It’s still in question whether we will even be able to buy one. Keep the money first. I’ll ask it from you later if I really do need it.”

“Well, there’s no difference if you take it now then. If you can’t buy it, leave it for Little Ning when she goes to university. My body’s still great. I won’t have need of it in the foreseeable future. Also, I’ll help to speak with your Big Sis and Second Sis later on.”

Mr and Mrs Xiang were rendered at a total loss for words.

Only Little Xiang Ning remained unperturbed, simply cozying up with her Grandma.

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