Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 359

Chapter 359: Top secret mission

Countless thoughts were flowing through Lin Yixian’s mind.

Actually, Xu Tingsheng who liked a certain ‘Mulan has no elder brother’ little girl was still unaware of the situation as seeing how she was not saying anything, he simply asked, “How about it? If you feel that there’s no problem and can keep it a secret, I’ll voice the matter straight out.”

“Voice it straight out?”

Lin Yixian’s mind blanked out as caught in a fierce inner struggle, she ventured cautiously, “Um, Boss Xu, I, I’d like to go out and consider it, is that okay? I need to think about it for a bit…”

“Huh?” Taken aback, Xu Tingsheng replied, “Okay…”

“Is this really such a scary thing to ask?” Xu Tingsheng was wondering to himself.

After exiting the room, Lin Yixian headed straight for the female washroom. Seeing that there was no one inside, she stood before the mirror and looked at her own reflection in it, “I didn’t do my makeup well today. Otherwise, I could still look a bit better…wait, what am I even thinking?”

Lin Yixian took in a deep breath and looked at herself.

After a long inner struggle, she finally told herself, “How about I treat this as love for which there cannot be an eventual happy ending? I’ve never had such a remarkable boyfriend before…there are no detriments to me, the only thing’s that the relationship cannot be publicised. Well, to keep it a secret isn’t anything much…if it was any of those foxy women downstairs, how many of them would refuse? …Right, that’s how it is. They’d probably be willing even if it wouldn’t benefit them in any way at all…”

Lin Yixian had had a boyfriend back in university, and had been in a very short relationship after having graduated too…she had cohabited with the one from university before. This was also the case with the short-lived one.

As compared to those two with whom there had been no eventual happy ending too, this guy was much more outstanding. She would benefit from this and receive chances too…so long as she could convince herself to do so, this would be no different from a windfall from the heavens.

Lin Yixian came to a decision. She returned to the office, pushing the door open and standing by the doorway.

“Boss Xu, I, I’m done thinking…I’m willing. I will keep it a secret too,” Lin Yixian said, breathing rather heavily.

“Are you sure? If this matter got out and spread everywhere, it would be very troublesome for me…” Xu Tingsheng said.

“I know. I’m sure,” Lin Yixian nodded.

“That’s good then,” Xu Tingsheng smiled, “In that case, come on over…”

“Come over?” Lin Yixian felt momentarily at a loss as she asked in a tone rather like she had been bullied, “Here, right now?”

“Yeah, it’s kinda urgent for me…I’ll be quick about it,” Xu Tingsheng said before lowering his head and searching for something inside a drawer.

“Urgent…this…he’ll be quick? Whoever says that about themselves?”

Lin Yixian was rendered rather speechless as she also felt a bit aggrieved and even a little embarrassed and angry. Still, since she had already decided to do it, she did not intend to renege now…She walked over towards him with rather heavy footsteps.

She walked over to the table where Xu Tingsheng was still ransacking his drawers.

Lin Yixian bit her lip and began undoing the buttons of her uniform even as she asked cautiously, “Boss Xu, this, this isn’t my first time…you wouldn’t mind that, right?”

Looking up, Xu Tingsheng realised what she was thinking. He was KO-ed.

“Hey, I think…there could have been a bit of a miscommunication. You may have misunderstood. Please, just button up first…” Xu Tingsheng told her awkwardly.

Li Yixian’s body shook in its entirety…she was KO-ed too.

After Lin Yixian had finally managed to regather her composure with great difficulty, the two communicated again to confirm if Xu Tingsheng’s request was indeed acceptable for her. With an awkward expression on his face, Xu Tingsheng retrieved several photos that he had secretly taken of Mr and Mrs Xiang.

He said, “What I want you to do is to cooperate with my arrangements and give a flat or at least sell it at half the price of one to the two people in these photos. Relax, I’ve already talked about this with the other shareholders. Regarding money, we have an agreement and a receipt too…”

Xu Tingsheng let Lin Yixian see a few receipts to set her mind at ease. This was equivalent to him having reserved a flat for himself. Still, the flat in question remained unspecified as the procedures had also not been carried out with a flat being allocated under his own name.

Then, he continued, “Still, I cannot reveal myself in this matter at the present time. Even my name cannot be exposed. Because of this, I must rely on you for the implementation. All the relevant procedures, from ushering them onwards, will be handled by you too. No one can be allowed to interfere in this matter. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Lin Yixian tried to calm herself down as much as possible, “But why, though? …Sorry, I shouldn’t be asking about this.”

“Right, you just need to do as I say. Don’t ask anything, and don’t say anything. This matter is very important to me…so, you…”

As Xu Tingsheng employed a bit of a threatening tone, Lin Yixian immediately reacted, hurriedly reassuring him, “You can rest assured, Boss Xu. I understand. I assure you that no third person will learn about this.”

“That’s good then. Now, remember their faces first. After that, I’ll tell you what you have to do…”

Xu Tingsheng carefully described and accounted for the arrangements which had been made.

Walking out of the office, Lin Yixian exhaled as she recalled the images of Mr and Mrs Xiang, “What exactly is this? Even a good thing like giving someone else a flat has to be kept hidden like this, being all fearful? …Grudges between wealthy families? …Whatever it is, I’ll just do as tasked and keep it a secret and it should be fine. This is an opportunity for me…”

Back in the office, Xu Tingsheng too exhaled slowly. This matter had really needed too much meticulous planning…

Firstly, he himself definitely could not appear. If Mr and Mrs Xiang knew that Xu Tingsheng was Zhicheng’s largest shareholder, they would definitely suspect it. Then, they would likely refuse to accept this ‘windfall’ that had fallen from the heavens.

Next, if this matter was ever exposed in the slightest and spread all over the place and Mr and Mrs Xiang heard gossip and rumours about that in the future, while he could not predict what exactly they might do, they would definitely feel even more hostile and guarded towards him…

Finally, even then, Mr and Mrs Xiang and Little Xiang Ning still could not be exposed to others within the company right now. Fang Yuqing and the others were really crazy curious about that mysterious woman surnamed Xiang…

If someone accidentally guessed it, then logically followed this line of thought…

Those guys had actually even secretly checked the namelist at Xinyan Junior High before, having failed to find a teacher called Xiang Ning in the end…whoever would consider that she might still be a student…he would literally be a beast!

Therefore, Xu Tingsheng rather dared not even show himself in Zhicheng. As for the specific implementation, he could only leave it to a total stranger to help him. He had hidden in that office and observed Zhicheng’s employees for a couple of days, finally choosing Lin Yixian.

And so he had communicated with her one-on-one.

The name and method of ‘Ning Garden’s open enquiry day’ were rather novel. Actually, many actions of Zhicheng’s were viewed as very strange by the other real estate corporations. They deviated from the rules and the norm, such as how they had forcibly rushed out a three storey showroom building, such as the breakneck speed at which they were rushing the construction, such as many other things…

The logic here is actually really simple. If you return to ten years ago and intend to show others your refrigerator technology that is more than a decade ahead of their time, you can’t just show them a storage space.

Standing at the forefront of modern real estate, Zhicheng needed a full scale demonstration of its capabilities.

Of course, in terms of the procedures, paperwork and pricing as well as communication with the government etcetera, the existence and full support of the Fang family had saved Xu Tingsheng a great deal of trouble.

The ten over members of the Black Horse Club who all had their own strengths, including Ye Qing who was involved on the ground with the real estate venture, were also his strength.

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