Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 366

Chapter 366: A daughter who is destined for great wealth and fortune?

The Xiang family of three exited the sales building.

After confirming that the Xiang family had really drawn that special-grade prize, Li Meng and her mother had already left unhappily. Eldest uncle’s family suffered the prickliness of eldest uncle’s wife who wore a gloomy expression on her face as they too found an excuse and took off after greeting and congratulating them.

These women really had no way of not feeling despondent. What was it with the Xiang family recently? Everything was just going their way, fortunate things befalling them one after another.

First had been that sudden immense improvement of their daughter whose results had always been ordinary. Her senior high entrance examination results had been shocking to death. With that one mark margin, she had well and thoroughly swept the pride which eldest uncle and his wife had been constantly flaunting all these years into the dirt.

Next was their luck which rivalled the heavens as they had netted a 180 square metres penthouse flat of Yanzhou’s most popular, most expensive real estate project at half price…

But who could they pour out their grievances to about that?

The families of Mrs Xiang’s eldest and second sister remained. They did not possess any ill intentions in the first place. If there was anything, it would just be a bit of selfishness at most which was really only understandable. With such a great thing having happened, it would naturally not be hard at all for them to offer their sincerest congratulations and goodwill.

After the round of congratulations was over, the daughter of Xiang Ning’s eldest aunt, her cousin Liu Yingru, said as she latched onto Mrs Xiang’s arm, “Auntie, you should prepare a guest room especially for me when the time comes so that I can help with Little Ning with her studies, right?”

“It’s 180 square metres, how would there be not enough room for you?” Second auntie joked, “Still, Little Ning probably won’t need you to help her. Don’t they still have that Xu…”

“It really isn’t that Xu guy. It’s Li, Li Linlin, a female teacher,” Mrs Xiang guiltily emphasised.

After this brief episode.

Little Xiang Ning’s mood was no longer as good as before. She was feeling aggrieved on Xu Tingsheng’s behalf…Uncle had really been bullied too greatly. He had done so much and yet was being treated like this.

“He’s so remarkable. If not for him liking me, he wouldn’t have to suffer such an injustice in the first place, right? Sigh…I should treat Uncle a bit better…” When a girl feels that she definitely has to treat some guy better, things have reached a very ‘dangerous’ stage then.

Finally, Mr Xiang announced that their three families should eat a celebratory meal together, with them the hosts.

Because of how happy they were, they drank quite a bit of wine and chatted quite a lot too.

At one point in time, Mrs Xiang who was already rather tipsy suddenly asked as she supported her forehead with her hand, “Big Sis, Second Sis, have you ever heard of something called Fuxi bones?”

“Fortune-telling of the face?” Her second sister asked.

“Yeah,” Mrs Xiang nodded.

“I think I heard someone mention this before,” Their eldest sister said, “I heard that it signifies a life of wealth and fortune…”

The three sisters of the Xiang family all possessed a certain level of faith in their religion. One might also say that they were all somewhat superstitious, with the eldest sister being the most knowledgeable in this field.

Hearing her eldest sister’s words, Mrs Xiang pulled over Little Xiang Ning who was in the midst of chatting with her cousin Liu Yingru, parting the messy strands of hair around her forehead as she pointed and asked, “Well, Big Sis, look. Does Little Ning have these Fuxi bones?”

Seeing Mrs Xiang pull their daughter over, Mr Xiang was worried that she might accidentally reveal the matter of the lucky draw ticket as he tugged at her from behind, indicating for her not to say anything wrong in her inebriated state.

Mrs Xiang shot him a look, conveying that she had not forgotten what was not to be said.

Still, this matter had truly been weighing continually on her mind as if she did not ask it, she would just feel stifled and panicked.

Just as others believed, things had really been going so smoothly for the Xiang family recently as good luck had befallen them time and again. The superstitious Mrs Xiang was unable to find any good reason for that. Now that she had happened to hear Xiang Ning saying that she had natural-born Fuxi bones, such naturally became the explanation and justification in her mind.

Her eldest sister looked and said, “I can’t tell. I’ve never seen any before too. What, did someone say that Little Ning has that?”

“Yeah, someone just happened to mention it to her.”

“Who?” Eldest aunt pressed, probably wanting to find out which ‘half-deity’ had said this.

Little Xiang Ning hurriedly said, “Just some random auntie I happened to run into outside. Looking at me, that was what she said. She may’ve been joking. I was joking with Mum too.”

Finishing her explanation rather panickedly, Xiang Ning thought: It’s not like I can tell you that she’s my future mother-in-law, right? Yeah, that’s right, mother-in-law. It’s they themselves who said that they wanted to get me home as a daughter-in-law, and Xu Tingsheng likes me anyway. Well…she’s definitely my mother-in-law then…”

Mrs Xiang had no way of knowing that her cherished daughter had now already acknowledged a mother-in-law.

The three sisters sat together and discussed for a while, finally deciding that they would take Xiang Ning to look for a ‘renowned half-deity’ after their meal.

And so it was that Little Xiang Ning was helplessly forced into being stared at by some strange old man for a long time as her forehead was even touched.

The half-deity confirmed Mrs Xu’s analysis that Little Xiang Ning had Fuxi bones. His words were not much different from Mrs Xu’s. Highest grade under the heavens, great wealth and fortune, great fame and longevity, and even more abstruse stuff were all proclaimed by him.

When Mr and Mrs Xiang returned home, their minds were in a slightly chaotic mess despite their persisting joy.

The half-deity had previously raised an example for the Xiang family, that of Guo Jingjing. At this point in time, Guo Jingjing had just obtained two diving gold medals in the Athens Olympics for 3m women’s singles and doubles. Along with her appearance that was pretty good, her fame had been quite high recently as she could even be seen in many advertisements on television.

Mr and Mrs Xiang certainly knew of Guo Jingjing. While they really could not know now that she would end up marrying a wealthy man whose familial wealth surpassed the ten billion mark in the future, as they saw it now, a famous Olympic champion could already be considered as being blessed by great wealth and fortune.

“The thing is that our Little Ning can’t be an Olympic champion anymore! It’s already too late for her to start training. As for studying? I think that it already can’t be any better than this. There’s probably no way for her to become a top scholar even if she studies,” Mrs Xiang smiled wryly.

“How does this fit in with the two of us?” Mr Xiang asked, “The two of us can make Little Ning not want for food or clothes, but just how is this great wealth and fortune?”

“Still, Little Ning is prettier than that Olympic champion,” He added.

Then, husband and wife both fell silent for atime. Actually, both of them understood that there was only one thing they were getting at. There was merely one way through which Little Xiang Ning could truly be blessed with great wealth and fortune, and that was: marriage.

Mr Xiang actually did not believe all that much in such matters of fate. Actually, it was the same for Xu Tingsheng too. After having heard Xiang Ning jokingly speak of this in his previous life, he had casually looked this up on the net. The so-called Fuxi bones had been mostly talked about after the people in question had achieved wealth and success. If one were really to go by the face, there were actually quite a few people with Fuxi bones in the past as well who had lived ordinary, even unlucky lives.

Still, Mrs Xiang believed these things. She believed thoroughly and wholeheartedly in them.

“Actually, if it really is like that, I can instead feel relieved then,” Mrs Xiang suddenly said.

“What do you mean?” Mr Xiang asked.

“What do you think?” Mrs Xiang shot back.

Mr Xiang considered this for a moment before smiling as he pointed at Mrs Xiang.

If Little Xiang Ning would truly be able to marry into great wealth and fortune in the future, that person, actually…was already before their very eyes. As they saw it, Xu Tingsheng had already more or less met the benchmark for this. Moreover, he had only just started out in life, still being so young too.

Most important was that he was good to Xiang Ning. Mr and Mrs Xiang were actually aware of all this.

“What I mean is that if this really is fate, it all makes sense then. I can understand why things are like this,” Mrs Xiang said, “Also, I no longer have to worry about Little Ning being looked upon as inferior and thus getting bullied and suffering grievances in the future.”

There were at least two layers of meaning here.

Firstly, Mrs Xiang had found a reasonable explanation for Xu Tingsheng liking the young Xiang Ning.

Secondly, as parents, they naturally hoped that their daughter married into a better family, yet would also fear that said family was too much superior to them, in which case their daughter might be viewed as an inferior. They would be powerless to help her if she was bullied then.

Still, if one were to say that their daughter was fated for a life of wealth and fortune in the first place, there was no need to worry about all this then.

Through a coincidental, unplanned twist of fate, the hardest to deal with mother-in-law seemed to have been moved somewhat…

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