Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 367

Chapter 367: Auntie watched a segment of

Eldest uncle’s family had come over for dinner.

Not long afterwards, their cousin came as well. Still, she had not brought Li Meng along this time.

Seeing her, Xiang Ning’s Grandma did not say anything as she just went to the living room to watch television.

Mrs Xiang had already called her over the phone to tell her about them having won a half-price flat in a lucky draw. The old granny was in a very good mood now as she was filled with joy. As for certain people who would only spoil her mood, it was best to just pretend not to see them.

Regardless of her jealousy at how lucky the Xiang family had been, eldest uncle’s wife was more concerned with the matter of buying a flat for herself.

Firstly, it was really necessary.

Secondly, she just could not afford to be embarrassed like this. After having subtly harassed the Xiang family regarding their buying of a flat for a long time, if it ultimately turned out that when her son was in twelfth grade, it was she who had to rent a flat instead…how embarrassing would that be?

Moreover, if she really managed to buy a flat, she could then switch modes and ‘arrogantly’ declare, “Even without needing a half-price discount, my family is still able to afford this flat.”

Seeing that her comrade had arrived, eldest uncle’s wife immediately welcomed her warmly. They were both joined in the common cause of hating the Xiang family now. Moreover, eldest uncle’s family was still relying on his cousin to find a way to obtain a flat.

“How is it? Any news on our flat, cuz?” She asked rather hastily.

‘Comrade cousin’ sighed, answering, “It’s fallen through.”

“What? How, how did it fall through all of a sudden? Didn’t you say that…”

“There’s nothing we can do. I’ve never seen any developer like this before! This afternoon, they threw out the housing speculators band from Jianan. These were major customers who were intending to buy five of their blocks! Elsewhere, they would be worshipped as lords…but in the end, this real estate company…his mother, there definitely is something wrong with their brains.”

Zhicheng Real Estate had indeed been visited by a housing speculator band from Jianan which was said to possess abundant power at their sales building for Ning Garden that afternoon. They had immediately declared that they wanted five blocks, with no discount required too.

One must know that there were only around ten blocks of flats that Ning Garden would be building for its first phase. This amounted to around half of that, selling them all in one fell swoop as it would effectively save both time and manpower.

Yet, when the news had been reported to Xu Tingsheng, he had not hesitated even in the least before expressing his firm refusal.

Next, the entitled ‘lords’ and ‘ladies’ who had been ‘discriminated’ against had begun stirring up a ruckus inside the front hall, making threats and cursing. Xu Tingsheng had simply called for a team of security personnel to be deployed, unceremoniously throwing them out of their building.

This scene had been witnessed by the thousand plus Yanzhou locals who had come to view the flats. When the housing speculator band had been sootily kicked out of the sales building, those of the general public who were inside at the time had all rejoiced as thunderous applause hence resounded…

Those who wanted to buy flats either now or in the future mostly hated these housing speculator bands from other cities to death.

Yet, the real estate corporations were always happy to collude with them, controlling the supply of their flats while also raising their property values.

Therefore, this move of Zhicheng’s deeply won the hearts of the people as their resentment at how truly expensive the flats were was also diminished greatly.

Xu Tingsheng did not truly have such a strong sense of responsibility and civic-mindedness, actually. He had only done so out of consideration for Little Xiang Ning. After those housing speculator bands had bought their flats, they would just leave it there to sit or wait for their prices to go up. Such could easily create a district which was empty and ghost-town like.

This was the case for many small districts in China which had been visited by housing speculator bands. The few lights that did shine in the night were like the fires of ghosts.

Yet, due to her studies, Little Xiang Ning would definitely move in as soon as possible. Xu Tingsheng was definitely unwilling to see her living in a desolate district where no one was anywhere to be seen, in which even walking through at night was a frightening prospect. He hoped that the first phase flats of Ning Garden would be bustling with people and filled with life.

And so, get lost, you dumb housing speculators…

Boss Xu was trying to pick up a girl, make the little girl happy. In the process, from the name of the district to the wording in the advertisement to the vehement insistence of placing that tower there and calling it Little Pert Waist and now to him gifting a flat this morning and throwing out a band of people this afternoon…he would simply be this wilful in doing so.

Eldest uncle’s wife’s heart fell greatly as with that lingering bit of hope, not wanting to accept it, she continued, “Well, what does the housing speculator band being thrown out have to do with us?”

‘Comrade cousin’ did not continue putting up a front as she confessed candidly, “My connection and those two flats that we were hoping for were all bought from that housing speculator band from Jiannan. I know one of their higher-ups and have been helping him with coming up with schemes and whatnot. They promised me one or two flats from the blocks that they would be paying fully for at the original price,..but now, sigh.”

That final ember of hope in the heart of eldest uncle’s wife was extinguished too.

“I previously heard the analysis of somebody from that housing speculator band. They said that this Ning Garden is believed by them to be the piece of real estate with the greatest potential to rise in value within Yanzhou. The location is extremely good, and the flats are built very well too. Also, our Yanzhou isn’t lacking in rich people. So, don’t get hung up about how expensive it may look now. That is actually just small money. This piece of real estate alone is set to rise multifold in value in just a mere couple of years,” ‘Comrade cousin’ explained.

Eldest uncle’s wife whose mood could already not be any worse at this point in time exclaimed exasperatedly, “What’s the use in saying all this now? If we can’t manage to buy it, it doesn’t matter at all however good it is and however much it can rise in value.”

While this was what she was outwardly saying, actually, eldest uncle’s wife’s heart too had been stoked crazily on hearing these words. If she could really manage to buy one…let alone the fact that she would be able to boast and how this would also be convenient for when her son was in twelfth grade, when he had graduated and sold the flat off, with it having risen multifold in value by then…that would amount to over a million yuan!

Despite her rather unpleasant tone of voice, ‘Comrade cousin’ was not infuriated as she smiled and said, “Isn’t this why I’m looking to discuss this with you now? Actually, there’s still a way…”

“There’s still a way? What’s that?”

Eldest uncle’s wife blazed with enthusiasm once more as even eldest uncle got up and walked over, their fiery gazes both fixated completely on his cousin.

“We look for the Xiang family,” ‘Comrade cousin’ said.

“Look for the Xiang family? Hey, is that a joke? They themselves were already so troubled by it before, it’s not like we didn’t see that. It’s not like just by winning that one lucky draw, they now have a connection within that real estate company, right?” Eldest uncle’s wife shook her head, with eldest uncle too having a greatly disbelieving expression on his face.

“No. Actually, they had this connection in the first place. I hadn’t realised it myself either, at first. But while eating just now, watching the television as I ate, I saw that Linghu Chong walking the world of the martial fraternity along with his famous master and his wife. Yet, when someone came over with greetings and gifts, it was only he as a disciple they looked for…it was only afterwards that I realised why this was the case. Some other bigwig nearby had instructed that they take care of him…”

‘Comrade cousin’s’ narration of left eldest uncle’s family completely bemused.

“I don’t get it,” Eldest uncle’s wife proclaimed.

‘Comrade cousin’ smiled, asking, “Do you guys remember that young lady from this afternoon, the sales personnel from that real estate company? The entire morning, there was only her who was walking around the entire venue, following us around. Still, she had her eyes only on the Xiang family the whole time, treating them as ultra VIPs. How do you think that might have happened?”

“From their appearances and their speech, there doesn’t seem to be any logical reason at all why she was treating them like they were so important, right? Don’t you think so?”

Eldest uncle and his wife pondered for a time before looks of realisation appeared on their faces and they said, “Now that I think about it, you’re right.”

“And in the end, it was their family who drew that special-grade prize…don’t you find it strange?” ‘Comrade cousin’ added.


A momentary silence descended amongst the trio.

Eldest uncle’s wife ventured, “The Xiang family must have been keeping it from us? In that case, they definitely wouldn’t be willing to help us. Would looking for them still serve any purpose then?”

“And that’s why I’ve come to look for you! It definitely wouldn’t be of use if I went by myself. I’ve offended them before,” ‘Comrade cousin’ smiled, “Actually, the two of us probably wouldn’t be able to do much. As the big uncle, you should go. They would naturally have to respect you more…”

Having been called out, eldest uncle was rather hesitant as he said awkwardly, “With how we were acting before…if we look for them now, I don’t think even I would be able to say much…”

‘Comrade cousin’ decisively advised, “Just think about the money. Over a million. Over, a, million…”

Eldest uncle’s expression relaxed just like that.

“Just think about the money. What’s so hard about that? Even I whose son-in-law was robbed have to resolve myself to do this. What do you two even still have to consider? Money…money, money…”

Hearing his cousin’s words, eldest uncle nodded.

‘Comrade cousin’ cast an appreciative gaze at eldest uncle with the underlying intent of ‘this talent can be moulded yet’ as she continued, “Still, you’ve got to remember that when we’re there, we can’t mention the proof that I mentioned just now, much less the relationship between their little demoness and that Xu guy. If we do…the Xiang family will probably flip the table over.”

“That Xu guy?” Eldest uncle’s wife pressed.

“Who else could it be if not him? How else could the Xiang family have such great capabilities? If not for him, would the Xiang family have to sneak around and hide things to this extent? This is them wanting the perks but then still their reputation too, get it?…”

“To be honest, these prospects should actually have belonged to my family! That Xu guy and my daughter Li Meng hit it off right away at first. But in the end, this was forcefully hindered by them. Aren’t I still lowering my head now, though? Circumstances dictate it so…money, money, money. It’s all about the money.”

‘Comrade cousin’s’ words really distorted the facts. Actually, it was very easy to spot the flaw in her logic. About almost anyone would be able to retort immediately that if this was really what Mrs Xiang had been thinking, couldn’t she simply have not arranged that meeting in the first place?

“We won’t mention it then,” Eldest uncle’s wife ignored these off-topic things as she hastily asked, “But how are we supposed to ask if we can’t mention this?”

“Just plain plead with them, requesting their help. We needn’t say anything more than that.”

“That works?”

“Maybe not today. We’ll be going to offer our congratulations today. Still, what about tomorrow, or the day after? Can’t we go then? And…” ‘Comrade cousin’ secretly pointed in the direction of the living room, saying in a hushed tone, “If all fails, the two of you can just pour out your troubles to the old woman and get her involved…”

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