Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 384

Chapter 384: The young miss who’s come to see Xu Tingsheng

There were presently many people both inside and outside the sick ward.

Besides the ten odd people who had already been there initially, Mrs Xiang had already come over following the IV drip the previous night. Old Wai and Li Linlin had learnt of this incident rather late as they had rushed over and only arrived not long ago. Fang Chen had arrived slightly earlier than them. After returning home for the night, Wu Kun and Ye Qing had come again early that morning.

Them aside, because of Huang Yaming, it was really inevitable that Tan Qingling and Chen Jingqi knew about this incident as the two of them were currently also present.

When Huang Yaming returned to the sick ward, a nurse was in the midst of conducting a checkup for Xu Tingsheng.

As Xu Tingsheng could not be shifted carelessly considering his current condition, Chen Jingqi went up to assist that nurse. Tan Qingling went over too, acting all concerned and also zealous.

After watching for a while, Lu Zhixin frowned, saying, “The situation now is that Xu Tingsheng is injured. Now isn’t the time for you to fight for affection in front of your man. Jingqi was a nurse in the first place. Don’t you go brewing additional trouble here.”

Knowing how important Xu Tingsheng was to Huang Yaming, Tan Qingling was indeed trying to score points in front of him.

Hearing Lu Zhixin’s words, aware that her relationship with Chen Jingqi was not bad, Tan Qingling shot her a slightly venomous glare. She then turned, her expression immediately different from before as she gazed at Huang Yaming with a very innocent look on her face.

Huang Yaming said rather helplessly, “Just sit down. Otherwise, you can just go home first.”

Despite that remark, Tan Qingling was unexpectedly not enraged at all as she did not flare up and storm off in a flash. She did not even try to defend herself as she apologised with a guilty look on her face before going back to sit down in a quiet, obedient manner.

Tan Qingling had always been this sort of person who determinedly strove towards her goal.

After more than a year with that small-time boss, this had not changed. Still, she had learnt how to appraise the situation and formulate a plan accordingly, utilising various methods to actualise her goal.

Huang Yaming was her current goal.

If she had only known that Huang Yaming would change so quickly in a truly qualitative manner, changing by so much too, she would surely not have acted this way back then. Still, she did not regret this one bit, because there was no need to. Tan Qingling was very confident that so long as she wanted to, even with Chen Jingqi standing in her path, Huang Yaming would ultimately be hers regardless as it would merely mean having to spend some more time on him, utilising some more methods.

Furthermore, Chen Jingqi was not a difficult opponent at all.

Wu Yuewei arrived a little before noon. She had taken a plane from Yanjing to Xihu City early in the morning, next having commuted to Yanzhou before taking a taxi to the hospital.

Xu Qiuyi went downstairs and guided her over.

The specialists had just finished their first session of diagnosis as Xu Tingsheng had just been sent back to the sick ward.

Everyone was gathered outside the sick ward as Mr Xiang recounted what had been said by them. Things appeared very optimistic as Xu Tingsheng’s vital functions were all extremely stable. It could firstly already be confirmed that his life was not in any danger whatsoever.

At the same time, the specialists had virtually agreed unanimously that Xu Tingsheng should be waking up very soon.

Everyone collectively heaved a sigh of relief, Mr Xiang himself included.

Wu Yuewei heard the good news as soon as she arrived as much of her worry was thus dispelled. However, she still wished so much to take a look at him.

Wu Yuewei went up and told Mr and Mrs Xu, “Uncle, Auntie, I, I’m here to see Senior.”

Mr and Mrs Xu both recognised Wu Yuewei. Mr Xu smiled and nodded in approval.

Xu Qiuyi accompanied Wu Yuewei inside.

At the instant when Wu Yuewei saw Xu Tingsheng, Xu Qiuyi could sense how the hand that she was holding tightened so much all at once, becoming both cold and stiff. The way Xu Tingsheng currently looked was really just much too heart-wrenching a sight to behold.

Brushing Xu Qiuyi’s hand aside, Wu Yuewei walked over to the side of the comatose Xu Tingsheng, crouching down and carefully gazing at his body that was riddled in wounds.

She reached out, yet knew not where to place her hand as she could only retract it.

She had already constantly been so afraid to meet this person again, fearing that her heart would ache as a result. Yet, while her heart clearly ached so much right now, she just hoped so much that he would just open his eyes and take a look at her.

The way she saw this man was different from how everyone else saw him.

The Xu Tingsheng in Wu Yuewei’s eyes was not as capable and mature as others saw him to be. The Xu Tingsheng she recognised was childish, unruly, rash, a little bad, always messing around and getting fun out of it like a little kid.

He was the Xu Tingsheng who had shamelessly refused to perform eye calisthenics in order to attract her attention, having tried to flirt with her time and time again. He was the rash fella who didn’t even know how to be afraid in the face of SARS. He had told her some dirty anecdotes, even having requested her to tell him some back…and in the end, she had really still done so.

One must know that she was the first Qingbei University student from Libei County over the past thirteen years, Wu Yuewei.

She always called him Senior, yet saw him as a little boy…it was even more so with the frail him currently in front of her.

Returning before Mr and Mrs Xu, Wu Yuewei requested, “Uncle, Auntie, I’d like to stay behind until Senior wakes up. When arranging for shifts to look after Senior, please count me in too.”

Knowing that they should not stand on ceremony here although they actually already had sufficient people, Mr and Mrs Xu replied, “Okay. We’ll be troubling you then.”

Huang Yaming, Fu Cheng, Tan Yao and Fang Yuqing were watching on from the side.

Because of the results of the specialists’ diagnosis that Mr Xu had just announced, their worry had been replaced by relief all at once as they were already in a much more relaxed mood than before. It seemed that all they had to do was wait for Xu Tingsheng to wake up.

Along with that came the mood to think about some other things as well.

“There’re already three now…” Stealing a few looks at Lu Zhixin who had originally had a stern look on her face and was also exhibiting some joy at this moment, Apple who stood at a corner with a mask over her face and Wu Yuewei who had just arrived, Huang Yaming said with a few meaningful glances at the other three.

“Only the final, crucial one’s still missing. I wonder if that one will come,” Fang Yuqing said with a greatly anticipatory look on her face, “If she does come, it’ll be enough for a table of mahjong. Say, who do you think will win?”

“Let them fight out a few rounds first,” Tan Yao said.

Fu Cheng smiled, joking, “I think that if he were to wake up and see what’s going on now, he’d probably wish that he could stay unconscious for a few more days…”

As the foursome was in the midst of their conversation.

A young girl who wore a white hospital gown with light blue stripes walked over.

The girl was thin, her hair rather dishevelled and her eyes reddened. She didn’t seem to be doing so well. Even as she walked over, she was even coughing out loud from time to time.

Also, she appeared rather fearful and anxious too, with her mouth constantly pursed and her lips tightly pressed together, trembling slightly…it was like she might just burst into tears at any moment.

“Hello,” The girl said fearfully to all these people whom she didn’t recognise in a sobbing tone, “I’d like to see Xu Tingsheng.”

Little Xiang Ning had just awoken. She had not been able to learn of Xu Tingsheng’s current situation, yet had already learnt from her father that no one was being allowed in to see him.

Still, as she had insisted on coming, Mr and Mrs Xiang had only been able to escort her over to the nearest bend. After all, Mr Xiang had already tried to visit Xu Tingsheng a lot of times. Were he to appear now, not only would it just be useless, it would only bring additional trouble instead.

“You…want to see Xu Tingsheng?” Huang Yaming questioned rather blankly, “Could you be the person he saved?”

“Yes, I am,” Feeling anxious, Little Xiang Ning nodded forcefully.

Mr Xiang had already tried to use this very reason several times, but Huang Yaming had simply refused to allow him in nonetheless. The reason given by Lu Zhixin aside, he was currently also filled with suspicion as he believed that this incident was abnormal and intended to investigate it as soon as Xu Tingsheng had awoken.

“You should go back,” Since this was a young girl, Huang Yaming tried to keep his tone cordial as much as possible.

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