Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 410

Chapter 410: Surprise inspection

Clicking on the profile of ‘My Sensitivity All The Way’, Xu Tingsheng told Xiang Ning, “Look at the stuff that she has posted first. After that, register an account and chat with her. When the two of you have gotten familiar with each other, get a mode of communication with her. With that, you’ll be able to discuss anything you want with her in the future.”

Puzzled, Little Xiang Ning asked, “Who is she? Is she very old? How does she know so much? Will she chat with me?”

Xu Tingsheng had no way of explaining all this as he could only feign certainty, “You should be able to become friends with her very easily.”

It turned out that his guess was right. Just an hour later, as Xu Tingsheng was reading a book, Little Xiang Ning who had been using the computer suddenly ran over and told him, “You were right, Xu Tingsheng! We’ve already added each other on QQ. We’re getting along really well. She’s actually the same age as me, did you know that? She really knows a lot…it’s so fun chatting with her…”

Perhaps some people were just fated to hit it off and become good friends as soon as they met.

Xu Tingsheng felt happy on Little Xiang Ning’s behalf. No matter what, however he doted on her, Little Xiang Ning would sometimes need someone she could pour her heart out to with regard to her feelings, whether it was because she felt troubled and wronged or could not understand something.

“Have you asked her what anything else is yet?” Xu Tingsheng teased.

“No! I can’t ask something like that so quickly! Also, she’s gone offline. I’ll ask her about it next week,” Xiang Ning said rather self-consciously.

“Right,” Xu Tingsheng nodded, then asked, “In that case, will you be sleeping or studying now?”

“I’m so tired!” Little Xiang Ning exclaimed before glancing at Xu Tingsheng, pointing first at her own room and then at his room, as if to ask where she should sleep.

“Anywhere’s fine. I’ll be reading,” Xu Tingsheng said.

“Right, right,” Whether deliberately or not, Little Xiang Ning misconstrued the meaning in Xu Tingsheng’s words as she pulled him along by the hand, “Come on! You can read, I’ll sleep…”

This time, it was to Little Xiang Ning’s room that they went.

Resting on the girlish bedsheet, pillow propped behind his back, Xu Tingsheng half-sat as he tried his best to ignore Little Xiang Ning who was lying sideways across the bed with a hand resting on him and concentrate fully on the book which he was reading, Civil Disobedience.

Just when he was fully immersed in the book, believing that Xiang Ning had already fallen asleep…

“The way you look when reading like this, it’s so nice…” The young girl suddenly told him.

Xu Tingsheng turned to find her eyes fixated on the side of his face even as she smiled. Miss Xiang from his previous life hadn’t been very liberal with her praises. Xu Tingsheng felt happy.

Still, he feigned a strict tone and told her, “Hurry up and go sleep! You still need to study later.”

Little Xiang Ning pursed her lips, “Okay. Yes, Mr Xu…student-teacher relationships really are troublesome…”

Xu Tingsheng stifled his amusement and his despondence too as he just ignored her.

Not long afterwards, some light laughter resounded from behind his book.

Xu Tingsheng put the book down to reveal that pretty little face.

Little Xiang Ning puckered up her lips in a kissing motion, saying shamelessly, “I want a kiss. Just like last time…can you kiss me? I still haven’t gotten used to it yet.”

Her little tongue neared his lips, venturing a greeting.

This…little ruffian.

Xu Tingsheng pressed her shoulders and drew her closer in.

Ever so inexperienced, still trying to flee, with a sense of rejection audible in those occasional light noises. Yet, she was clearly trying hard to suppress her shyness and her embarrassment, trying hard to learn and to coordinate with him. Once in a while, she would even work up some courage and take the initiative to ‘challenge’ him.

As their breathing deepened, Xu Tingsheng exerted greater force and drew her in as she came to rest entirely on his body.

His hand slid down her body, going into her clothes to touch Little Miss Honey’s Little Pert Waist.

This was Xu Tingsheng’s first time reaching in on his own initiative.

Perhaps she sensed his intense passion and inability to stop himself as well as some physical sensation too…Little Xiang Ning’s body suddenly tensed.

Xu Tingsheng sensed this but could already do nothing. All he could do was control that hand, preventing it from moving elsewhere, from randomly wandering.

After acclimatising to it a little, Little Xiang Ning bit down lightly on Xu Tingsheng’s lips, burying her heatedly blushing face by his ear. She looked like she wanted to say something for a while but resisted it in the end.

Xu Tingsheng hurriedly suppressed his instincts and drew his hand back.

Little Xiang Ning grabbed that hand, saying into his ear, “Wait, don’t be scared. You must be feeling very agonised now, right? I’ve discovered it.”

Xu Tingsheng could say nothing to this. With their current close proximity, he had no way of denying it.

“I’ve been feeling a bit strange too, actually. It’s like I don’t want to stop…” Little Xiang Ning trailed off for a while before finally mustering her courage and saying, “What we talked about just now-besides that, anything’s fine. Don’t be scared.”

Xu Tingsheng thought inwardly, “The hell I’m scared of! It’s you being scared that I’m scared of…fine, I’m scared.”

Any more of this and he would really lose control. Xu Tingsheng clambered off from her bed with all his might, abandoning the ‘resentful maid’ and fleeing her room. After taking a cold shower and resolving the issue, Xu Tingsheng righteously marched back and knocked on that door, asking Xiang Ning to put on her own clothes and go to the study.

Perhaps she was expressing her dissatisfaction with Xu Tingsheng as Xiang Ning remained in the study that entire afternoon, not talking to him.

Xu Tingsheng would not dare to aggravate her. After finishing the book in the living room, seeing that dinnertime was fast approaching, he went out and bought some more groceries before putting on an apron and beginning to wash the vegetables.

The doorbell rang. Xu Tingsheng gazed through the peephole and saw…Mrs Xiang.

“Tingsheng? Open the door!” Mrs Xiang called.

Xu Tingsheng dared not allow for the slightest delay.

Entering the house, Mrs Xiang first sighed in relief as she saw Xu Tingsheng’s apron and the vegetables in his hand. Next, after walking around the house and seeing Xu Tingsheng’s own room along with the room that he had specially prepared for Xiang Ning, she heaved a second sigh of relief.

“Where’s Little Ning?” Mrs Xiang asked.

“She’s in the study, studying,” Xu Tingsheng gingerly opened the door.

Mrs Xiang took just a single glance inside and turned to look at Xu Tingsheng. Xu Tingsheng took a look too…studying? Pfft! She was sitting in front of the computer with earpieces on and mouse in hand, listening to music while going through farm after farm…catching pests she met, stealing cabbages she encountered…

So immersed she was that she had not even noticed their presence at all.

“Sorry, auntie. I will set a password on the computer next time,” Xu Tingsheng said awkwardly.

“It’s fine. It’s her fault for not being self-disciplined, not yours,” While this was what Mrs Xiang actually said, Xu Tingsheng clearly saw her sigh in relief for the third time as she could finally feel completely reassured.

After going in and chastising Little Xiang Ning a whole bunch, Mrs Xiang exited the room and told Xu Tingsheng rather awkwardly, “Little Ning told us that you stay here on weekends. It so happens that we just opened a small restaurant, and so I thought that maybe I’d deliver some food over…look at me, forgetting that you’re already such a good cook yourself.”

Mrs Xiang somewhat awkwardly put down those two packets of food and enquired after Xu Tingsheng’s health for a bit. Next, she reminded him to supervise Xiang Ning in her studies, explained that things were busy over at the restaurant and took her leave.

Launching a sudden assault without calling Xu Tingsheng or Xiang Ning beforehand, coming inside and interestedly observing the place, only remembering her excuse for coming right before she left. That along with the changes in Mrs Xiang’s facial expression from earlier…

Xu Tingsheng could be certain that her primary purpose in coming here had not been to deliver food. It was a surprise inspection beyond the shadow of a doubt…see, I knew it! How would they have been able to feel completely reassured so easily.

He felt a lingering, fearful relief now: Whew…it’s fortunate that we stopped earlier! It’d have been difficult to assuredly keep anything from showing, otherwise.

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