Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 435

Chapter 435: Randomly intruding

Xu Tingsheng too was laughing as he shared this animated clip.

It really felt quite interesting sometimes. At this point in time, who would think that this unknown, ordinary-looking person might be a king of acting with a 6 billion net worth in the future?

Discounting his looks, there was just so much that the heavens had bestowed this guy. IQ, EQ, acting skills, and even talent in singing and dancing.

Xu Tingsheng himself had liked Huang Bo a lot in his previous life. If it was possible, he hoped to be able to propel him faster forward, even.

A conference request appeared on the computer screen.

Having been waiting for its arrival, Xu Tingsheng clicked accept. A moment later, on the screen appeared an image of the meeting room of Xingchen Technologies within which were Hu Chen, He Yutan and most of Xingchen Technologies’ higher echelons.

This meeting was evidently very important as Xu Tingsheng should be attending it in person. Still, who asked them to have this meeting during the weekend? Not even allowing it to be delayed for just two days too.

Really, Xu Tingsheng had more important things to do during the weekend…like cooking.

He Yutan reported the progress on Weibo’s external instant communication software to Xu Tingsheng while Hu Chen took out a proposal for the expansion of operations. Following that was more than an hour of heated discussion.

There was already no problem with the software functionality itself.

The problem that ultimately stumped them was something that seemed minor at first glance but was actually quite major. It was the name of their new software. For instance, Xu Tingsheng felt that MSN was already destined to lose to QQ just in terms of its name alone. It was much more comfortable to vocalise and rolled off the tongue.

This was always a major factor when promoting products.

As for Xingchen Technologies’ instant communication software, it could not be called Weibo as well but had to be related to Weibo. It also had to roll off the tongue and be easy to popularise…

Xu Tingsheng was actually at a loss over this too. After all, there had not been any famous instant communication software besides QQ in his previous life that he could copy from.

His employees reported the names that they had thought of one by one, such as Hengheng and Haha…then, these were rejected one after another…

The door of the study was pushed open.

As he was wearing a headset, Xu Tingsheng did not notice this.

Little Xiang Ning entered with a bag of potato chips, saying even as she munched on them, “Xu Tingsheng, I’ve thought of it. I know why I like eating snacks so much now…it’s because I’m still in the process of growing.”

Xu Tingsheng looked back at her and removed his right earpiece, asking, “Hmm?”

“I said that I’m still in the process of growing. So, it’s really very natural that I love to eat,” Little Xiang Ning said earnestly.

In Xu Tingsheng’s left earpiece.

“What, in the process of growing?”

“Who’s this?”

“Boss Xu’s little sister?”

“Boss Xu…”

Only then did Xu Tingsheng remember that he was still in the middle of a meeting. He put a finger to his lips and made a shushing noise before pointing to the screen to indicate that he was busy…

“Hm? What is it? You should be cooking, Xu Tingsheng, and you’re still playing the computer. And you still complain about me sometimes…”

Little Xiang Ning curiously glanced at the screen.

“Hey, why’re there so many people? Oh, are you in a meeting? Munch…munch…”

Xu Tingsheng nodded helplessly.

His employees were already laughing uproariously into his left ear at this young girl who had suddenly intruded randomly.

“Boss Xu, who is this pretty young lady?”

“So Boss Xu knows how to cook too? How about you go cook first? Haha…”

“Yeah! Stop playing the computer and go and cook. We want to eat too.”

“Cook? This isn’t lady boss, right? Wow, keeping a little lady at home?”

“Hi, pretty young lady? Nice to meet you, I’m…remind Boss Xu to work hard, please!”

“Get him to raise our wages…”

Little Xiang Ning could not hear their voices. Still, seeing someone waving as if to greet her, she well-manneredly waved back rather nervously towards the camera and smiled before going off to the side and sitting down…

As this was the first time she was seeing Xu Tingsheng having a meeting and it was a novel video conference too, Xiang Ning felt it to be very interesting as she decided to spectate it.

While those people were no longer able to see Xiang Ning, they could still hear those noises outside of the screen. Munch, munch munch…

Everyone looked like they were trying hard to suppress their laughter.

Xu Tingsheng sighed and made a serious expression, coughing once before he said sternly, “Alright, let’s continue the meeting…if anyone has any suggestions, just say it. The one who comes up with the name we ultimately use will get a reward sum of…

“How much?”

“Ten thousand.”


“A hundred thousand.”

The topic finally returned to the matter of choosing a name. Still, everyone’s thoughts were clearly restricted by QQ’s naming scheme as they basically revolved about some repeated syllables. It was the same for Xu Tingsheng himself too…

Another limitation was Weibo.

Xu Tingsheng had to constantly remind them, “Remember, our instant communication software is established upon the foundation of Weibo. It’s best if the connection is visible from the name.”

Everyone groaned and sighed. Naming could actually be a very difficult thing sometimes.

Xu Tingsheng felt helpless too, but nothing could be done when there was no inspiration, “How about we end it for today. Let’s go back and…”

Partway through his words, a voice resounded from beside him, “Why not call it Weixin(Wechat)? Weibo, messaging…call it Weixin then.”

Little Xiang Ning had been listening by the side all this while. Xu Tingsheng had repeatedly emphasised Weibo and communication software…maybe she had heard it as messaging technology instead…

Xu Tingsheng was still in a daze.

Meanwhile, his employees were already beginning to quietly recite it in their minds or animatedly discuss it.

“Sounds good, Boss Xu. It rolls off the tongue and has the ‘Wei’ of ‘Weibo’. For communication, it’s through the transmission of messages…”

“It feels like a very good fit…”

“I agree. I wouldn’t be able to think of anything better, anyway.”


“Those who agree, raise up your hands…”

This name had already passed through by an unanimous vote over at Xingchen Technologies’ meeting room.

Xu Tingsheng smiled wryly. There had actually been a fundamental error in his thinking earlier. As this was still not the age of smartphones and Xingchen Technologies was working on a PC based instant communication software, he had never even considered that this software could actually be called Weixin too.

In his subconscious mind, Weixin was something that would only happen when the age of wireless internet arrived. Therefore, he had never even considered this possibility earlier…

Whoever said that computer based software could not be called Weixin?

It was very fitting for Weibo’s communication software to be called Weixin, actually.

This would not hinder Xingchen Technologies from also releasing a chatting software called Weixin during the wireless internet era. Not just that, it would even help with its propagation…

“We’ll call it Weixin then,” Xu Tingsheng said with finality.

Everyone cheered in joy. This troubling question had finally been resolved.

“Thank you, little lady!”

“Come out and say hi, little lady…”

When Xu Tingsheng had confirmed that they would use the name she had come up with, Little Xiang Ning had already scooted over triumphantly once more, wanting to see if the people over there liked it.

Everyone smiled and waved at her.

Little Xiang Ning smiled and waved too. Still, while they were clearly speaking, she couldn’t hear anything.

She plucked the headset off from Xu Tingsheng’s head and put it on herself.

“You’re welcome! I just randomly chose it,” She said rather embarrassedly.

“Does Boss Xu know how to cook?” Those people there got enthusiastic.

“Yes,” Little Xiang Ning answered.

“Is his cooking good?”

“It’s pretty good.”

“How old are you? You’re still studying, right?”

“Yeah. I’m sixteen. I’m in tenth grade.”

“Right, you’re still in the process of growing. Erm, then, you are his…”

Xu Tingsheng had a bit of a guilty conscience as he saw Little Xiang Ning chatting with the guys from Xingchen as he reached out to grab the headset…he said into the microphone, “Alright, no more talking. The meeting’s over…”

Little Xiang Ning was denied the chance to answer that final question.

A bunch of people reminded her over the earpieces:

“Don’t forget about the reward money…”

“Right, a hundred thousand. You must get it from him!”

“Come over to Shenghai to play when you’re free!”


As Xu Tingsheng was cooking, Little Xiang Ning was looking at him from the side.

“Xu Tingsheng, where’s my reward money?”

“What reward money?”

“You used the name I came up with, so I’ve a reward sum of a hundred thousand.”

“Was there such a thing?”


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