Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 448

Chapter 448: New VP

Most enterprises would have it harder for a period of time in their initial stages. During this time, intelligence and diligence aside, a kind of romanticism was generally needed too.

Such as Jack Ma and the other seventeen founders of Alibaba, squeezed and striving together in a small house. Without the fulfilment derived from the process, it would actually not be as easy to persist.

If Xu Tingsheng’s presence was representative of Hucheng’s romanticism, even heroism, Lu Zhixin was representative of Hucheng’s solemnity and steadfastness, even strictness. Such was her prevailing image and management ideology.

Recovering from her daze, she reiterated to herself that Xu Tingsheng had already completed his farewell, for which she was also ultimately responsible.

Sitting amongst the audience, Old Wai, Li Linlin and the others could freely let their emotions run their course, shedding tears at their reluctance to see him go.

Still, Lu Zhixin could not do so, even though it was really the ties between she and him that had been completely severed. There would still be contact between Xu Tingsheng and Hucheng, with Old Wai’s lot and even some of Hucheng’s former employees…all but her, Lu Zhixin. With that unconditional transfer of shares, a sort of ‘redemption’ had already occurred as no longer would Xu Tingsheng owe her anything at all. All that had happened between them was, effective from that moment, void.

She actually very much wanted to say a little something to Xu Tingsheng, also imagining weeping like a frail maid…still, she had to properly conduct herself in overseeing the overall situation. She was very clear-headed, because she was Lu Zhixin. Xu Tingsheng’s own words: Lu Zhixin, the one and only.

Standing before the podium, Lu Zhixin maintained her calm, a smile hanging on her face.

“Hucheng will encompass the majority of China’s cities within a year and will get listed within two years,” This was the first thing said by Lu Zhixin in the capacity of Hucheng’s succeeding CEO as it was concise and firm. It instilled in everyone’s minds the image of a domineering female CEO.

Yet, it was due to this very sentence that she now remembered that guy cheerily popping back into the meeting room that one time, saying, “Right, I’ll take you all to ring the bell at NASDAQ.”

Her mind drifted off for a moment.

“Also, one more thing. Xu…Boss Xu once had a dream regarding Hucheng. He hoped that in the future, Hucheng will be able to establish at least fifty actual educational training institutes. Here, I promise that this will definitely come to fruition.”

Actually, Lu Zhixin herself had once been most against Hucheng establishing too many such training institutes. There was even a period of time during which she had interfered with Xu Tingsheng’s training institute acquisition plan. Now, however, this appeared to be the sole remaining connection she could find which remained between herself and Xu Tingsheng. Henceforth, she would complete his dream for him…

Having finished saying this second thing, Lu Zhixin found that everyone was looking at her with rather unusual expressions on their faces. The reporters were clicking their shutters like crazy.

“Next up, I will…”

An inadvertent sniffle cut her off. Only now did Lu Zhixin realise that…she had been choking back on her emotions a little earlier. Feeling her eyes stinging somewhat, Lu Zhixin looked downwards and wiped them with the back of her hand before forcibly composing herself.

She said, “Next up, I will be announcing a couple of changes with regard to personnel.”

“Originally the operations director and business director of ‘Are You Hungry’, Wang Tuo will be assuming the role of VP while retaining the role of ‘Are You Hungry’s’ business director. The former CEO’s secretary, Tang Yufei, will be taking charge of the operations department. In addition, the company’s shareholders, Wa Aiyi and Li Linlin, will be returning to management. They will be temporarily in charge of the soon to be established internal supervisory division.”

Lu Zhixin announced the reshuffling of positions following her inauguration. Old Wai and Li Linlin, soon to enter their next semester in their third year of university, would normally have gone the route of internship, finding a job and writing a thesis. Yet, they had evidently already deviated from this track.

It was not Xu Tingsheng who had requested for their return. Instead, it was Lu Zhixin who had proposed it and sought Xu Tingsheng’s approval. As for Old Wai and Li Linlin, both possessing a sort of determination to guard Hucheng to the bitter end for Xu Tingsheng, they did not reject the offer out of pride or whatever as well.

Such an arrangement, while being perfectly reasonable, also conveyed Lu Zhixin’s intent: She would not ostracise and suppress those loyal to Xu Tingsheng.

Still, forming an internal supervisory division? …Everyone now began heatedly discussing this amongst themselves.

Lu Zhixin said nothing and waited for silence to resume before she continued, “Next up, let us all welcome Hucheng’s new shareholder, Mister Jin Shengxing.”

Amidst polite applause, Old Jin got up and greeted them.

As Little Jinshan was tugging on his arm, Old Jin could only lift him up too. Little Jinshan was not nervous in the least as he waved and greeted the thousand plus people present. A father who lived as he liked, a son just as unique. He had never feared anything since he was born.

Someone passed Old Jin a microphone.

Old Jin took it and said, “In the future, with me around, Hucheng will never be in need of money. If I alone am not enough, it’s okay. I still have around 30 bros over there, half a city of bosses of mines…”

He smiled.

Little Jinshan leaned over and chimed in, “Yeah, my family’s especially rich!”

Everyone burst out laughing.

After this brief episode, Lu Zhixin coughed lightly and continued, “Next up is the final thing on today’s agenda. I’ll be introducing everyone to a new colleague of yours, who’s also to be the second VP of Hucheng…”



Hucheng’s middle and higher echelons and everybody else released startled exclamations as a buzz ran through the room. Who? Did you guys hear anything about this? Everyone shook their heads.

Hucheng had only ever had a single VP at once before. It had previously been Lu Zhixin, and now it was Wang Tuo. While this was rarer in big companies, everyone was already used to it.

Now, they suddenly had an additional VP, and it was a newcomer too…everyone inevitably felt surprised and curious.

Lu Zhixin continued calmly, “Everyone, please put your hands together to welcome Hucheng’s new VP…Zhang Xingke.”

Having called for applause, Lu Zhixin was leading by example up on stage. Yet, there was no applause amongst the audience as everyone was questioning either inwardly or out loud, “Who? Could I have heard wrong? Zhang Xingke? Same name? …No, right? Not that bastard?…”

Amidst the racket, a person walked over from the side of the stage, waving as he was full of smiles. He looked pretty ordinary in terms of stature, looks and clothes…most of Hucheng’s employees did not recognise this face. So, was it really him?

“It really is him, Zhang Xingke. That’s right, it’s him,” Old Wai looked back and affirmed the suspicions of Hucheng’s middle echelons with certainty.

So, it really was Zhang Xingke who was to be Hucheng’s new VP.

He had once been Hucheng’s number one enemy as he had nearly driven Hucheng to the brink of the abyss in its initial stages. He had even swindled Xu Tingsheng afterwards. He was the most hated, detestable, teeth-gnashing-worthy enemy for everyone of Hucheng doubtless.

“Hello, everyone. My name is Zhang Xingke. I’m very happy to be joining Hucheng,” In a manner that rendered all emotions that might presently be directed at him invalid, Zhang Xingke calmly gave his first official greeting as Hucheng’s VP.

“I guess you all must have heard of me before?” He smiled and enquired.

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