Still, Wait For Me / Still, Wait For Me Chapter 459: What no one knew 2

The recovery period afterwards was blissful and heartwarming. Fang Yunyao let nothing slip. She made herself look happy, filled with hope and certain of their relationship. She wished to leave Fu Cheng with only the happiest memories of their romance.

The time eventually came for her to be discharged. This also meant that the destined parting was nigh.

Upon leaving the hospital, Fang Yunyao made a trip back to Libei and Libei Senior High along with Fu Cheng. That was the place which had bestowed her what she most cherished, yet had also brought her the most harm.

It was time to say farewell to the fairy tale that had begun there.

Having stared death in the face, in the face of that imminent parting, it seemed that there was really nothing to be afraid of. She decided to be wilful for once, telling everyone that yes, Fang Yunyao had fallen in love with her student, that boy called Fu Cheng…who cared about Mr and Mrs Fu, who cared about whatever gossip flying around.

She had never been this brave before.

That day, Fang Yunyao walked gracefully through the entire Libei Senior High with her arm latched onto that of her student, Fu Cheng. That day, the two of them traversed the campus together hand in hand, also traversing the rumours, traversing the years.

Afterwards, in Yanzhou.

Fu Cheng moved Fang Yunyao’s belongings from the hospital as well as Libei upstairs to that hotel room they had booked. Fang Yunyao poured him a cup of water. Being alone together in this sort of place, looking at the big bed before them, they were both overcome by nervousness.

Fu Cheng downed the water in one gulp before getting up a little awkwardly and saying, “I’ll go book another room.”

Fang Yunyao tidied up the blanket, saying nothing.

Fu Cheng stole a few glances at her face, finally venturing very hesitantly, “Ms Fang.”


“Can I, can I sleep on the floor tonight? I won’t do anything, I’m just afraid that you might be afraid alone, and…I want to remain by your side. There’s a rug here, really, a rug.”

Fang Yunyao did not look at him as she focused on tidying up the blanket…

Fu Cheng just looked at the beautiful her from the side, waiting…

She bit her lip before nodding lightly as she said, “Ok.”

That day, they ate dinner together and then watched a movie. Fang Yunyao had her arm linked in Fu Cheng’s as they walked, conversing happily. They were like any other happy couple on the street.

She bought a set of couple pyjamas at the pyjama store.

Fang Yunyao took a bath first.

When Fu Cheng finished bathing and exited the bathroom, there they were, wearing the same style of pyjamas in the room yet both saying nothing. Even the flow of time in the room seemed to have slowed as all that remained was the barely audible sound of breathing.

Fu Cheng opened the wardrobe and found a spare rug which he promptly spread out across the floor.

Fang Yunyao turned off the lights.

The silence of the darkness and the sound of two people breathing persisted for ten minutes, or maybe more.

“Come up here and sleep,” Fang Yunyao said.

Her tone of voice was just like when she would say during lessons: Student Fu, you answer this question. Fu Cheng could not help but laugh.

Ms Fang said, “No laughing.”

Lying on the same bed, covered by the same blanket, Fu Cheng was shivering slightly, nervous.

Fang Yunyao’s tinkling laughter resounded by his ear, as if feeling a sense of accomplishment at his panic. She was indeed feeling much less out of her element than him, even though she too had zero experience in this.

This could be because she had already made up her mind long beforehand to give him the utmost that was within her capabilities, to grant him whatever fleeting happiness she could.

“Fu Cheng…”


“I’ll never fall in love with anyone else.”

“Yes, me too.”

“You’re still young. In the future…” Fang Yunyao trailed off.

She was actually thinking: After I’ve left, you’ll meet someone else. You’re still young, you definitely will. You should love her well.

“I won’t. I’ve never liked anyone else at my age, and this won’t change however much time goes by…” Fu Cheng hastily defended himself in great earnestness, till he felt the person beside him suddenly approach.

Fang Yunyao did not continue discussing this topic. She had actually only said those words to tell Fu Cheng that he could have her.

Still, that guy was an idiot.

A kiss was underway amidst the darkness, the two parties both inexperienced.

Fu Cheng’s hands involuntarily sought to investigate places.

He hastily tried to withdraw them…

Fang Yunyao pressed down that slightly trembling hand that was already beneath her clothes, consoling in a low tone, “It’s fine.”

The sound of breathing grew heavier and heavier.

“Fu Cheng…”


“Do you like it?” She asked despite her shyness.

“Yeah,” Fu Cheng dared not say that it felt great.

“In that case, go on…I’m willing,” She whispered into his ear.

At this moment, Fu Cheng was wholly certain that this woman beside him was his bride-to-be. And so…he did not stop…

“Ms Fang…” Fu Cheng was breathing heavily.

“Hey…you…still with the Ms Fang…” Fang Yunyao was the same, though her voice was also filled with a vexed embarrassment.

“I want to turn on the lights.”


“I want to look at you.”

Fang Yunyao hesitated for a moment. She thought: Alright, so you can remember me by it.

“Hold on a second,” Fang Yunyao groped for a pillow and covered her eyes before saying, “Done.”

The lights clicked on. A slight glow permeated her eyelids…

Slowly and cautiously, Fu Cheng lifted the blanket.

“I’ll give you my everything.”


Another day passed.

The morning of the third day came…

They were like the happiest, most blessed couple that day, trekking, strolling through a park, going to the seaside…

That night, Fang Yunyao cracked a rare joke, “Where’s your rug? Why aren’t you sleeping on the floor now?”

Looking at her, Fu Cheng smiled.

“What, what’s with that?”

“You’re going to be my wife anyway.”

“…And you still always, always call me Ms Fang.”

“Ms Fang.”

Despite two days having been the original plan, Fang Yunyao had deliberately tried to avoid thinking about it. She had already stayed for an extra day. In truth, how she wished that these days could continue forever. How she wished that she would never have to leave…

In the end, she still made Fu Cheng go back to his university.

Not daring to look at him, she deliberately spoke to him through the bathroom door, “Fu Cheng, you’ve got to properly attend lessons from today onwards. I’ll feel guilty, otherwise. Also, you’ve got to learn how to take care of yourself from today onwards. I’ll worry, otherwise…”

Enveloped in a bubble of bliss, Fu Cheng sensed nothing unusual at all. He knew not that the person speaking to him through that door was leaning back against it with her head upraised, the tears gushing uncontrollably down her face.

“I’ll listen to you then. I’ll go to school and come back in the evening.”

After Fu Cheng had left, Fang Yunyao numbly packed up her belongings in that empty room. That couple pyjamas of his, she brought along with her too.

The train was on the move.

Fang Yunyao sent him a final text:

Goodbye, my little boy. To me, this risk of a lifetime has thus come to an end. The story is already beautiful enough. Promise me not to look for me. Your Ms Fang. Your Fang Yunyao.

And she took out her phone card and flung it out of the window, into the neighbouring winds…

“Thereon severing the past,

To allow a proper tomorrow…”


She ultimately never revealed why it was that she had to leave.

That day, a boy who could not understand why he had suddenly been abandoned wept sorrowfully, wondering unceasingly, “Why?”

He could not know of the greater pain that the one who had chosen to leave had suffered.

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